Sinking the Unsinkable: A Titanic Story

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This is a story about a teenager named Anthony Jones who is boarding the RMS Titanic to go back to America. But he is in for a surprise...

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017




Sinking the Unsinkable

Everything turned to darkness as I took what I assumed would be my last breath…

I snapped myself back into reality. I realized I was on a walk in Southampton, England. These days, my mind has been going over the same thing. Ever since I moved here two years ago, I’ve been having dreams where my dad was dead and a strange man and I were being torn in half by a dark ship. As I had another creepy daydream, I saw a soldier walking towards me. “Are you Anthony Jones,” he asked. I nodded. Why would this guy be talking to an ordinary rich kid like me? “I have some terrible news. Your father, Joe, has died in his sleep. Your mother has sent you money so you can board the RMS Titanic to go back to America for his funeral,” he said. The words hit me so fast that I almost fainted. But then I realized, that daydream… was starting to come true.

Two days later, I waited in line to board the Unsinkable Titanic. As I looked around at the other passengers, I recognized one of my old friends, Peter, from school with what I assumed was his girlfriend. “I wonder what he’s doing here,” I said to myself. Once I noticed him walking into the hallway that goes on forever into the Titanic, I heard other passengers angrily yelling at me.

“Hey, get your head out of the clouds,” one said.

“Keep moving, boy,” yelled another.

Then I saw what they were talking about. As I was thinking about why Peter was here, I didn’t see the line move up. The person in front of me was now at the front of the line, a few yards ahead. “Oh! Sorry,” I said as my face turned as red as a tomato with embarrassment.

“Next,” the ticket seller said.

“Hi there! I’m Anthony Jones. I’m a first class passenger.”

The man looked at me puzzled. “O…k…”

Again the embarrassment washed over my face. He just stared at me like I was the dumbest person in the universe. Next, he just asked me some questions about myself.

“Yeah… Your ticket is four thousand, three hundred fifty dollars,” he exclaimed.

I grabbed the money my mother sent me out of my pocket. The man counted the money and handed me a ticket. “Welcome to the Titanic!”

As I walked into the main lobby, I was amazed of the beauty of the Titanic. It’s sights were like nothing I had ever seen. I could see people exploring around in the main lobby and more walking up the stairs to find their rooms.It smelled like a mix between chlorine and Grandmother’s old croissants. The taste in my mouth made me crave those delicious pastries! I could hear all the noises and still heard nothing but my own heart beat. The breeze from outside was lightly blowing on the back of my neck. As I took in that beautiful scene, I remembered that I still needed to find my room. I looked down at the card the ticket seller had given to me. It read:

Name: _Anthony Jones___  Age: _18_

Date of birth: _1/8/1894_

Room address: _First class/Room 12_

As I quickly studied the lobby one last time, I said, “Room twelve,” to myself. I walked up the stairs and found the first class rooms. A little ways down the hallway, I could see Peter and his girlfriend walking into their room. I tried to say hi but they were already in their room. Oh well, I thought, I’ll see them around. I looked at the room numbers on the doors until I found number twelve. Then, I looked over at Peter’s door and saw that his room is number thirteen, the room across the hall from mine. Then, I thought, Maybe I can meet my new neighbors. I walked over to room fourteen and knocked on the door. Nobody was home. So, I walked over to room ten and did the same thing. Again, there was no body home. Because none of my neighbors were in their rooms yet, I decided to go back into mine. I flopped onto my new bed and started unpacking my briefcase. Suddenly, I jumped when I felt a jerk in my body and heard a strange noise. I glanced at my watch, it said it was noon. I looked out my window and saw that the RMS Titanic has just started its journey.

About an hour later, I had already unpacked my briefcase filled with clothes, a book, and pictures from when I was little with my dad. There was also some stuff I would be using to pass time. (I have been known to play pranks on people.) I remembered most of the things in the photos. I saw one from my eighth birthday. And another one we took in front of our new house we got when I was eleven. The last photo though, made me need to stop. It was a picture of Dad and I in front of the ship before I left America. “I love you, Dad,” I whispered right before I heard a faint rumble. I looked out of my window and saw that we were stopping. I checked my pocket watch. It said one thirty. I couldn’t see much with the tears in my eyes but I could see a crowd waiting to board the Titanic. But as I moved closer to the window, I saw that people were already getting on. That’s when I heard a pound at my door, like gorillas pound on their chests.

As I wondered who was at the door, I shouted, “Come in.” I was scared that it was the captain or a worker that found out my plans to play pranks. But thankfully, it wasn’t. It was a man with brown, curly hair who was about the same height as me.

“Hello, there! My name is Niall. I just got on this MASSIVE ship. I’m in the room next to yours, room fourteen.”

“Hey. I’m Anthony. Where are we?”

“We’re in Ireland. Or at least outside of it,” he said with a laugh. His laugh made me smile. It somewhat reminded me of Dad’s laugh. Then, I thought to myself, Wait! He looks like that strange man from my dream! “Do you have anything to do tonight,” Niall asked.

“Well, I was going to… Nevermind.”

“Is it bad?”

“No, don’t worry about it.”

“What, are you going to play pranks on people? Come on, let the cat out of the bag!”

“Actually,” I said, “I was. I need to have some fun to get my mind off of something.”

Then he just looked at me like he was going to do the same thing. “I was going to do the same thing,” he said. I’m a psychic, I thought. I could already tell we were going to be friends…

As we snuck around the first class hall, Niall asked, “Do you have the bucket?”

“You know I do,” I added with a smile.

“Good. Now, which room are we going to do this to?”

“Don’t ask me! You’re the one who asked if I wanted to do this.”

“I know. I just don’t want to say who…” Niall just silenced himself as if he forgot what he wanted to say.

“Who what,” I asked.

“I wanted to… play this prank… on… a pretty girl,” he admitted.

“A GIRL?! I’ve known you for about an hour and you’re already keeping secrets?”

“No. I just didn’t--”
“Niall, I’m kidding,” I said with a smirk. He looked at me like he was ready to punch me in the face. “Do you know what room she is in?”

“I think she’s in twenty eight,” he said. “Let’s go!”

As we snuck out of my room, I could tell Niall was getting nervous. But I didn’t say anything after the trick I  had just played on him. “This room is hers,” he said. I nodded. It was getting late but not too late. Not late enough that she would be sleeping unless, she had a long day. As we listened closer, we could hear her humming to herself. “Good, she’s awake,” Niall said with a blush. I grinned back at him before trying my best to open the door as quietly as possible. Fortunately, her humming kept her from hearing the door slightly open.

“Alright, you stand guard while I set up the bucket,” I said. Niall nodded and looked around to see if anyone was coming… no one was. Then, it was showtime! I stood up and quietly placed the bucket on top of her door. But then, I realized a small flaw in our brilliant plan. “Niall, do you know her name?”

“Yeah, it’s Anna,” he said. I grinned. This was going to be hilarious! But I realized that if we didn’t want her to find us, we had to act fast. So, I cupped my hands in front of my mouth and yelled,

“ANNA, COME OUT HERE QUICK!” I heard her gasp and start running towards the door as we bolted as fast as we could towards my room. But as we approached my room, we saw Peter and that girl on there way to theirs. “HI PETER,” I yelled, my heart racing after the stunt we had just pulled. Right before we jumped into my room, we heard a loud splash and Anna screaming. Before she could even say a word, we had already shut the door. “That was amazing,” I said, trying my best not to burst out laughing.

That night, I had trouble sleeping after all the fun Niall and I had that day. I could still hear the irritated grumbles from Anna after she realized what had just happened. It was hilarious! I couldn’t wait until I got home to tell everyone my stories from the trip there and just from being in England. I thought everything was going to end smoothly until I heard a loud rumble coming from the lower floors. What was that? Must’ve been the engines or something, I thought as I sat up in my bed. I peeked over at my watch sitting on the nightstand. It read eleven forty. I decided to check on Niall to see if he heard that noise too. When I opened his door, he was already awake. “Did you hear that sound”?

“Yeah,” he said, “I was just wondering what that was too.”

“I thought it was just the engines or something,” I said.

“Really? This ship must have loud engines,” Niall said with a puzzled and worried look on his face. “Well, goodnight!”


As I layed in my bed that night, I still had trouble getting to sleep. Was that actually the engines? Niall was right, that was really loud, I thought to myself. Fortunately, I fell back asleep after about an hour of thinking and worrying to myself. But a few hours and a few nightmares later, I woke up to Niall yelling in my face trying to wake me up. “Anthony, wake up! ANTHONY! Come on, the captain wants us to go to the dock with our life jackets on,” he said as tears ran down his face.

“What happened,” I asked as I got out of bed. Niall didn’t answer. He just walked out of the room. As I followed him, I could now see what was happening. There was water in the first class hall up to our knees!

“Remember that rumble we heard last night,” Niall asked.


“It wasn’t the engines…the ship hit an iceberg.” It all came in so fast like when I heard the news about my dad.

“So,” I didn’t want to ask but I had to, “we’re sinking?” Niall nodded and exclaimed,

“That doesn’t mean we’re done for. People are boarding lifeboats as we speak.” Now I could feel tears running down my face as I realized that my daydream I had back in England…was coming true.

As we walked onto the dock, everyone was in one big crowd.  Niall walked me over to where people were boarding the lifeboats. But as we started to get on one, a sailor told us that only women and children could board the lifeboats at that time. “WHAT,” we shouted in unison. The man just walked away from us. In case this would be my last day, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the pictures of Dad and I. “I love you, Dad. I always have,” I mumbled as more tears ran down my face. I heard people getting louder and louder as the lights started blinking on and off. As the lights fully went out, it was as if a large wave of screams washed over the RMS Titanic. Then, I remembered my daydream. Everything turned to darkness… the strange man, Niall… and the ship ripping in half. I realized that this would be my last day. “Goodbye, Mom…goodbye, Dad. I love you both so much,” I whispered. I heard a loud cracking sound as I turned around.

“THE SHIP IS TEARING IN HALF,” someone screamed. The ground seemed to raise quickly as the cracking got louder. I slid backwards and fell over the rail. I saw Niall falling a few yards away from me. I held my breath as I hit the water. The last thing I heard… was the splash.


Emma Jones, my mother, was on a walk in New York. I could see her walking to the New York Times newsstand, upset about her husband’s funeral and her son missing for a mysterious reason. But that reason… wasn’t a mystery anymore. My mom picked up the newspaper and read: Titanic Sinks Four Hours After Hitting Iceberg; 866 Rescued By Carpathia, Probably 1,250 Perish… She was as shocked as a power line in an electric storm when she heard that the ship her son was on sunk the day before her husband’s funeral. She saw a list of the first class passengers that died. The list was sorted by first name so my mom hoped that my name wasn’t in the first twenty. She read through the list and the paper flew to the ground as she dropped it when she got towards the middle of the A names. “Oh my… oh… Anthony,” she sobbed.

“Mom, I love you and I miss you. You mean the world to me. But I’m up here now. I’m in a better place…with Dad.”




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