Strategically Played

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After this will he still be man's best friend?

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017



Strategically Played


You say I am your best friend but that might end today,

you got that chess board out and then you challenged me to play.


It takes a kind of logic to work out the best of moves --

can you really blame me when I make it look so smooth.


I’ll study all the pieces, look at all the vacant squares

and my canine instinct tells me which I should move to where;


those pawns of yours are falling, I take them one by one,

you’re starting to get cranky but I’m having lots of fun.


You’re really concentrating now but I can see your thoughts,

it doesn’t take so very long before your knights are caught;


your castles they are tumbling, your bishops are knocked down,

don’t be a sore loser – you know you shouldn’t frown.


Now just the royal couple and you know you just can’t win,

you concede defeat, lay down your king and let it spin.


Please don’t get too mad because I really could not fail --

for you I’ve got a massive lick and a wagging of the tail.

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