titanic, a love story

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this was a school project for 4th grade

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017



Titanic, A Love Story

Helen Atkins was a young and beautiful girl who loved to read. She was 14 years old, and she was boarding the R.M.S. Titanic with her mother and fatherin Cherbourg, France. As they were boarding, her nose was buried in a book. ¨You have beautiful blonde hair dear,¨ said another passenger boarding the large, “unsinkable” ship.

Helen lost her temper. “Why did you have to interrupt my reading? Can't you see that I am on the very best page of this book!” Helen exclaimed. She stomped her foot. The boarding dock creaked.

Helen's eyes got big. She looked to her mother and said, “The dock creaked! That's a bad sign. Maybe we shouldn't get on!”  

But Helen's mother disagreed. This was the way to get to America for her father's new job. Plus, the ship was supposed to be “unsinkable’’ and Helen's mother was sure that nothing bad would happen to them.

Later on, once they got their room, they unloaded their luggage. The room had a

old, musty smell. It was dark and cold. All of the third class rooms were very small with a set of bunk beds, a sink, and small wardrobe space. It was very hard to fit all of the family’s things in the room, but they made do. Helen didn't like it, so she went and explored the ship. As she was wandering around, she bumped into a young man carrying food. CLASH! The food flew at Helen like paint off a paint brush, splattering her dress, and worst of all, her book. Like always, Helen lost her temper and started to scream.

Then she stopped. She looked up at the young man and she put a smile on her face. Standing in front of her, holding an empty tray, was a short, brown haired boy who had the brightest smile on planet Earth. Suddenly, Helen forgot about her food-covered dress.

“Hi! My name Is Helen. And you are?”

The young man replied, “Hello, Helen. I am Pierre! I'm sorry about your dress. I'll be more careful next time.” He then bent down and picked up what food was able to be salvaged.

They walked around the ship as they talked. They were telling each other stories and jokes. After about 20 minutes of walking, they were trying to find their way back to their rooms. The ship was so monstrous it was easy to get lost. And lost they were! They knocked on random doors, hoping they would find their parents. But they had no luck.

“Where are they? There can't be that many third class passengers on board, can there?” asked Pierre. Then, at that moment, Helen went into a daze and started realizing that she and her new friend were both third class passengers, both from France, both the only child in their families and both 14 years old.


After knocking on many more doors, Helen finally found her parents. About 10 minutes later, Pierre found his parents too.

They met up again the next day and they decided to go up to the deck and remembered not to get lost. They talked and they walked. As they were nearing the stairs to get to the deck, they encountered a ship employee.

“I'm sorry, but I must ask you a question,” said the employee. “Are you third class passengers on the ship? If so, I can not allow you up on the deck for it is only for the first and second class passengers. Please go back to your room.”

And so they did. Then they walked back and remembered their way. SCRATCH! Helen and Pierre were having such a good time until they heard the scratching noise.

“What was that?” asked Pierre.

“I don't know,” replied Helen, “but that's another bad sign. I knew we should never have gotten on this ship.”

They forgot about the scratching noise and they kept on walking. In fact, Helen and Pierre stopped and talked so many times, they ended up walking along the hallways until about 11:30 PM. Then Pierre had a question, “ I was wondering if I could introduce you to my parents?”

That question lead to another 20-minute conversation and then their feet got cold. They didn't think much of it at first until they looked down and noticed they were standing in a puddle of water. But the puddle they were standing in wasn't small. It covered the entire hallway! They were running down the hallway, trying to get to their rooms, but thewater level kept getting higher and higher.

All they could hear were screams. More and more screams. Then they realized the ship was tilting. They were trying to talk to each other to figure out the plan, but their ears were ringing because so many people were screaming. All of a sudden, the screaming stopped.

They were still running trying to find their parents and they started to hear metal twisting. They knew that this might end up being the last day of their lives. And THUD! The ship had just split into two pieces and they were in the middle! As they were falling into the water, they looked at each other and waved goodbye.

Helen shouted, "I will always remember this day!"

"I will always remember meeting you!" shouted Pierre.

Once they hit the water, their faces were turning bluer by the second and their teeth were chattering. They were shivering as their lungs slowly filled with ice cold water. Helen gasped for a breath, but she had none left. It was the end for her. A short while after that, Pierre had sadly passed away as well.

In the meantime, Pierre's parents were also taking their last breaths. Luckily,  Helen's parents had made it up on deck and were safely getting on a lifeboat. But as soon as Helen's parents realized that their daughter wasn't with them, they both knew, she hadn't survived.

“How can we live without our daughter? She means everything to us. If she is in heaven right now, we should be there, too,” said Helen's mother.  

“I think we should jump,” replied Helen's father.

The next thing they did, they jumped and three minutes later they were taking their last breaths. And soon enough they were in heaven, happier than they have ever been. They were all in heaven: Helen, Helen's parents, Pierre, and Pierre’s parents. All had smiles on their faces. Then, they looked down, back onto Earth, they watched as the Titanic said its last goodbyes.

Helen's mother turned around and looked at Helen. “I'm sorry Helen. I should've listened to you. You knew that getting on the Titanic wasn't a good idea. I really should have trusted you.”

“It's okay, Mother. If we didn't get on the ship, I wouldn't have met Pierre and none of us would be standing here. Now we are in a much happier place. And all of us are together,” Helen replied.






100th anniversary edition titanic documentary Discovery Channel


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