Into The Darkness: The Phoenix Kids

Into The Darkness: The Phoenix Kids

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Koga gets to Silvermount a couple towns from the one he left. Now meeting up with the animal orbs. James the phoenix orb, Jenny the cheetah orb, and Nick the wolf orb. He learns there was a evil sorceress who made evil animal orbs. Now the four must work together to finally beat the dark orbs and Chiyo the dark sorceress.
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Koga gets to Silvermount a couple towns from the one he left. Now meeting up with the animal orbs. James the phoenix orb, Jenny the cheetah orb, and Nick the wolf orb. He learns there was a evil sorceress who made evil animal orbs. Now the four must work together to finally beat the dark orbs and Chiyo the dark sorceress.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Koga's New Adventure

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 24, 2017



Chapter One: Koga’s New Adventure

Koga walked up to a town sign seeing the name of the town as he entered leaving his friends behind.

“Okay Silvermount. Let’s hope this is the right place.” Koga sighed walking up to a fourway road.

“Left or right? Right or left?” Koga wondered to himself before walking straight.

“Incoming!” A stranger shouted out as Koga looked to the left seeing a car speeding towards him. Koga’s eyes glew orange before he jumped out of the way as the car came to a holt. Koga grunted running off as the two in the car looked at him as he ran off. Koga got to the center of town after a while of running pulling out his phone seeing it was midnight before someone came out of nowhere tackling him.

“Who are you?” The kid questioned pinning Koga down.

“Nick, off!” A girl shouted running up to Koga and the other kid as the boy got off of him. Koga jumped up making his hands glow white as the girl and two other boys backed up.

“Whoa, calm down. We just want to talk.” The second boy calmly told Koga walking towards him slowly.

“My name is James. The one who tackled you is Nick and that’s Jenny. What’s your name?” James asked as Koga back up from him.

“Koganei Hanabishi, mind telling me why Nick attacked me for no reason?” Koga asked as James tilted his head looking at Koga.

“James, that power, the way he moves. Could that be the other?” Jenny asked whispering to the leader.

“No, it can’t be. Aaron told us he’d been killed by the god of hell.” Nick growled taking a step forward as Koga moved another step backwards getting more into a fighting stance. James shook his head looking over at Koga.

“Fox orb. I demand to know if that’s you.” James spoke out as if he was ordering an animal around. Koga grunted as glowing fox ears appeared on his head and his tail.

“Oh my god. It’s him, it’s the fox orb.” Jenny gasped as Nick backed up whimpering lightly.

“Back the hell up.” Koga growled looking at them backing up more.

“Calm down. Go to sleep.” James whispered as a light purple streak flew across Koga’s nose as his eyes began to get heavy before he fell asleep as James caught him.

“Okay, now that we have him asleep. What now?” Nick asked looking at them as James smiled at him.

“Let’s get him to the base.” Jenny told them as they put Koga in their car. James sat in the back with Koga as Nick got in the driver's seat.


Koga woke up yawning out looking over seeing James, Jenny and Nick staring at him as he sat up about to run before realizing he was bound to the bed he was in with chains.

“Sorry bout the chains. We were hoping we could talk.” James told him as Koga nodded as Jenny walked up to him giving him a chicken sandwich.

“What did you want to talk about?” Koga asked eating the sandwich.

“Well, we were wondering if Aaron was the one who sent you?” James questioned and Koga nodded in response.

“Okay, do you know who we are?” James asked as Koga shook his head looking at them.

“Well, Jenny is the cheetah orb, Nick over there is the wolf orb and I’m the phoenix orb.” James explained to him as Koga looked at them nodding.

“Can you please untie me now?” Koga asked holding his arms up as James unlocked them. Before anyone could do or say anything Nick's phone went off. He answered his phone nodding and hung up.

“Okay, time to get to school.” Nick told them as Koga looked at them confused looking around.

“What time is it? How long was I asleep?” Koga asked as James grabbed his bookbag and Jenny smiled.

“You were asleep for about six and a half hours. It’s seven in the morning.” James told him as Koga pulled out his phone seeing a text message.

“Son of a bitch.” Koga groaned out standing up before James blocked the doorway.

“Where are you going?” James asked looking at him.

“Aaron sent me a message. I’m meeting him at a Silvermount cafe?” Koga explained to them.

Koga ran into the center of the town to see Aaron sitting at a bench smiling over at him holding a cup of coffee up for him.

“I figured you wouldn’t be able to find the cafe. My fault, I should have sent directions.” Aaron told him as Koga sat next to him taking the coffee.

“So, you sent me here without names of the phoenix kids. How stupid.” Koga muttered sarcastically sipping the coffee as Aaron chuckled looking at him.

“I knew they’d find you within a couple of hours from when you entered the town.” Aaron told him as Koga nodded leaning back on the bench.

“Yeah, had a run into the wolf. He’s an ass.” Koga frowned looking over at Aaron who was looking at the ground trying not to laugh.

“Yeah, the fox and wolf never really liked each other. Only time either of them would stand each other was if the other was in life danger.” Aaron explained to him as Koga took another sip of coffee.

“Okay, why are you here? What life and death threatening situation is coming to Silvermount?” Koga asked looking over at Aaron.

“Hades, he made found some people. Dangerous people.” Aaron responded to Koga as he looked at the ground.

“Okay? How dangerous?” Koga questioned as Aaron shifted around on the bench taking a deep breath.

“The evil animal orbs. The evil fox, cheetah, wolf and phoenix orbs.” Aaron whispered to him as Koga’s eyes went wide.

“There’s more. Who else did he find?” Koga asked getting more stern.

“Her name is Chiyo. She’s the one who created the evil orbs.” Aaron explained as Koga gulped looking at him.

“But you’re the original sorcerer.” Koga told him as Aaron nodded looking at him.

“Yeah, the original good sorcerer. Chiyo has all the dark magic I expelled from my body.” Aaron told him as Koga looked around making sure no one over heard them.

“How well do the others know about controlling their powers?” Koga questioned as Aaron looked at him confused.

“Why do you care?” Aaron asked looking at him as Koga got up throwing the coffee away.

“Cause, the evil orbs are probably going to want to be the only powerful source of magic. Which means they’re going to be coming for at us.” Koga told him as Aaron got up following him.

“So, you’re going to turn them into warriors? You don’t understand. Koga I want them to stay hidden under the radar.” Aaron told him as Koga scoffed walking down a street.

“Aaron, they have the animal orbs in them. Trust me, they aren’t under the radar at all.” Koga explained to him as they got to the base.

“Hmm, looks small for them.” Aaron sighed seeing the building.

“Wait until you get inside.” Koga chuckled opening the door and Aaron saw the inside was a lot larger than it looked from the outside.

“Wow, they did good for themselves.” Aaron chuckled as Koga looked around.

“Yeah, this is their house/headquarters.” Koga explained as Aaron nodded clearly impressed before a loud alarm and flashing red lights.

“What the hell?” Koga shouted looking around covering his ears seeing a large monitor. Aaron went up to the keyboard hitting random buttons before the alarm went off.

“What the hell was that for?” Koga asked seeing an explosion on the monitor in the center of the town.

“So much for them being under the radar. They’ve been keeping track of crime in town.” Koga sighed walking towards the exit.

“Where are you going?” Aaron asked looking over at him as Koga turned around smiling.

“I’m going to find out who made that explosion. You stay here to make sure the others stay here in case I’m not back.” Koga told him as he opened the door closing it.

“What? Oh god, let’s hope this isn’t the Chiyo.” Aaron sighed taking a deep breath looking at the monitor sitting down in a chair as he saw Koga getting to the center of the town.


Koga ran up to see cops blocking off the town center as Koga looked around for anything he deemed suspicious.

“Ah, the fox orb and the source of all magic. You must have some juice.” Koga heard a girl speak out as he turned around just to get blasted into the blocked off area.

“I’m Jessica by the way.” The girl giggled as Koga looked at her as two other girls walked up behind her and a boy.

“Meet, Crystal, Maxwell, and Carolyn. The evil wolf, cheetah and phoenix orbs. I’m the evil fox orb.” Jessica chuckled walking up to Koga.

“Crystal you hate foxes so much right? Why not take this ones orb.” Jessica chuckled as Crystal smirked walking towards Koga as wolf ears began to glow on her head.

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