my highschool story

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I wanted to share the true story of when i was bullied at school for wanting to be a youtuber. please enjoy and leave a review

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017



My high school story.


Part 1 diary entry

20th August 2016


So this was the date it had all started. This was the date my high school life would change forever.

The day before, I had gone camping with my cousin and our friends. I had really enjoyed myself aswell. We had marshmallows around the campfire, we told scary stories and even ordered a takeaway to the campsite. I hadn't really slept that night, maybe for one hour or two, so when I came home on the next day (Saturdayrevealed messages from my 'friends'. My friends had finally found my old YouTube you-tube name. They changed my snap chat name to my YouTube name. At the time of the messages, it was the summer holidays (UK) so I wasn't in school for another two weeks. After receiving these messages from multiple people, I started to get panicky and scared. I didn't leave my bedroom. I would even sometimes cry. I knew it would change me. I just knew it.


5th September 2016 (the day after my birthday)

It now came. The day I started year 9 at school. I got dressed as I would normally. I was even ready by 7:30am. I was a bit scared to go back but I knew I had to. 8:00am came along and my mum had told me to get my trainers on because we was ready to leave. I had gotten into the car. I got dropped off by the shops. I went in as per usual and bought a bottle of water and a packet of chewing gum. I strolled up the final street to school with lots of thoughts jumbling through my head. I walked in to school and everyone that looked at me, I considered they knew. The canteen was just down the corridor and as soon as I walked through the doors of the canteen I could hear the YouTube name being called out. I could hear people laughing at me. I could hear my supposed 'friends' laughing at me.

Later on in the first day back, I was sat in R.E when I could hear the boys behind me talking about it and sort of mocking what I had said in the YouTube videos. I knew this was going to be permanent.

It was now last lesson and I had been singled out all day. Nobody made room for me to sit on the table. Nobody let me stand by them. It felt like the hell. The only word I can describe the situation as was hell. My best friend, by this time, had joined in with what they all called 'banter'. The only person who I thought wouldn't join in, did.







Part two








After being bullied for three months(up until the Christmas season) it was starting to calm down a bit. The name called stopped a bit. People started to lay off about it. It had such an unexplainable effect on my school life aswell as my personal life. I wasn't asking questions when I was stuck on my work, I wasn't going to some of my lessons in which the bullying had carried on. I had felt like I was letting my family down. I was put on a report to manage my truancy and behavior. I was being naughtier and naughtier. Made a new friend, maybe this was a mistake because this new 'friend' persuaded me to truant, he persuaded me to be naughty. My name started to get by staff at my school. My head of year pulled me out of lesson once and asked me what was the issue because I was skipping the same lessons all the time. I never went to science, french or English. Science and English are two of the most important subjects in your school life. I couldn't afford to miss them. I felt like I didn't fit in with the class so I talked myself into believing that.

So the Christmas Holiday period went. Again, I didn't go out with my friends because I was scared I would get bullied out of school aswell as inside of school. After I had thought all of this was over and I started to get confidence back, the name calling came back up. I was starting to loose friends. Because I was loosing friends, I started to become friends with naughty people. I was truanting a lot more. I was truanting about four out of my five daily lessons. It wasn't just English and science anymore. It became maths, welsh, P.E, art and even I.C.T which was what I wanted to choose as an option in a couple of months.


I wrote this whilst the bullying is still going on. I still haven't told a teacher about it. Or a parent, or a real friend. This may sound hypocritical to some people, but if you are facing the same problems as me, don't skip class or become naughty. That was my worst decision. I still believe its too late to tell anyone now but it has completely calmed down. The odd name calling now and then but its manageable when its only in a 'small dose'.






Sit them down and have a talk


Request a private meeting


Call 0800 1111 or visit



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