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This poem was inspired by the Cover Painting; unfortunately I do not know the name of the artist. Whoever they are, Bravo!

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017



I was raking up some leaves when one whispered,

"I am your mind's open window, look through me."

So I picked it up and held it towards the sun

And a different world of habits, I did see.


I saw a garden where everyone was welcome

And the earth had brought it forth for all to share.

I saw a girl offering carrots to some rabbits

And there were happy creatures --- everywhere.


I pondered what that meant and then concluded,

"There is no meaning there, just pictures to be seen.

Perhaps it's just a vision for the sadness in my soul

A way to lift my spirits, in my world of in-between".


So I whispered to the leaf, "Thank you kindly.

Looking through that window helped. You know?"

It whispered back, "Would you like to join us?

We have an opening, for one more saddened soul."


So I ask, "How would I ever get there?"

It replied, "Just get yourself a book.

Pick the kind that fills your soul with wonder,

Then open --- and have yourself a look."



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