Insect's incredible journey

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Insect's owners move house, but Insect wants to be with them so he goes looking for them

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017




(This story is the sequel to “The six-legged cat who became a hero.”)

Insect had been living with Ingrid and her family for about three years now and he loved them, Ingrid especially as much as ever. One day, Ingrid’s father announced to the family that they would have to move house and he felt it would be better for Insect to live with Mrs Applethorpe, who was a close family friend than come with them. Ingrid did not agree at all, she had a very strong feeling as to what would happen; Insect would want to live with the people he had lived with for three years, especially her, so he’d sneak away from her and go looking for them but she knew nothing she could say would make any difference, so a few days before they were due to go, she tearfully handed Insect over to Mrs Applethorpe. They had not been in their new home for very long when Mrs Applethorpe had to ring them to break the terrible news that Insect had run away. Everyone in Ingrid’s family was very sad to hear that, and it was all Ingrid could do not to say “We should have taken Insect with us, Mummy and Daddy. I knew this would happen; I knew Insect would want to come with us and now he’s out in the street, probably starving, cold, lonely and miserable, and it’s all thanks to both of you.”, and that’s certainly what she was thinking. Mrs Applethorpe made flyers which bore a photo of Insect and both the new address his owners were living at and her address and Ingrid’s family’s phone and mobile number and email address and also her own and promised a reward for his safe return. For almost two years nobody heard a word about him, but one afternoon, the phone rang and when Ingrid’s father said “Hello, Mr Bergenheim speaking.” a man said “Well, Mr Bergenheim, I may have found your cat, Insect; he is in my house, along with a beautifully-marked brown tabby cat that seems to have four ears. I logged onto Facebook a few hours ago, to see if any of my friends had sent me anything interesting, and there was nothing of that sort, but there was an article about a missing, six-legged cat, and I was curious and I read it and a few minutes ago I was going out to check my mailbox and I saw this cat with six legs and a beautifully-marked brown tabby cat with four ears in my yard so I called them both over and they came pretty readily and when they were inside I rang one of the numbers that had been listed with the article.” “Well” said Ingrid’s father “do your utmost not to let him go anywhere until I go and see if it is Insect.”, “I will shut both cats up in my bathroom; it’d be well-nigh impossible for them to escape from there.” and he went to the man’s house and as soon as the man let the cats out, he recognized the skinny, dirty, six-legged cat as Insect. He did not need to summon him over; he instantly jogged over and jumped into his arms and began purring, and the beautifully-marked brown tabby, four-eared cat did too. Ingrid’s father examined the four-eared cat and found it was a female, so he said “Looks like you’ve found yourself a girlfriend, Insect. I’ll take her home with me and decide whether or not to keep her.” He then offered the man a reward, but he would accept no reward and soon he, Insect and the four-eared, beautifully-marked brown tabby cat were home, and he showed the cats to his wife and then hid both the cats in the laundry. He and his wife then discussed the cats’ fate and they decided that they were not going to take or send Insect back to Mrs Applethorpe; they were going to keep him with them for good and the four-eared cat should also stay with them permanently. Neither of them knew how Insect had managed to find his way so close to home; the house where he’d picked him up from was only about two-and-three quarters of a kilometre from where they lived let alone survive on the streets; they reckoned he must have met that four-eared cat pretty early on in the piece and she must have looked after him; must have provided him with food and shelter and kept him safe on the roads he would have had to cross all through his journey back to them The very next day was Ingrid’s birthday and both her parents knew just what they were going to give her. They were going to give her a cat carrier with both Insect and the four-eared cat in it and the tag hanging from Insect’s collar was going to bear the words “HI, INGRID, I’M HOME FOIR GOOD.”, while the tag hanging from the four-eared cat’s collar was going to say “AND I FOUND A GIRLFRIEND AND SHE’S GOING TO LIVE WITH ME FOREVER; THAT’S WHAT YOUR MUM AND DAD DECIDED.”, and so after birthday cake, which to Ingrid somehow didn’t taste as good as usual, they gave her her presents; a necklace made out of purple acrylic beads and a purple t-shirt. Her father then came out with a cat carrier. “INSECT!” cried Ingrid in delight. She then noticed the beautifully-marked brown tabby, four-eared cat and she said “Oh, Insect you found yourself a girlfriend and she’s to stay here permanently! Oh, Insect, she’s so beautiful! Oh, Mummy and Daddy, I’m so happy again; well, I’m much happier now that Insect’s home. Let’s call his girlfriend Yoda, because she looks like him”, and Insect, Yoda Ingrid and her family lived happily ever after.


(By Shelley Goodman. Written on the 24th of March 2017)

© Copyright 2018 Bill Shakepear. All rights reserved.

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