Mouldilocks and the three bears

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A girl named Mouldilocks comes and works for the Three bears in her gap month

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017




One morning, Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear were sitting down to their porridge when they heard someone knocking at their door. Papa bear went to answer it and he found a young girl with mouldy-looking hair and the girl said “Hi, my name is Mouldilocks and I’m looking for some work to do in my gap month. What I mean by my gap month is the month that I have nothing to do until my study sessions start again, and I feel it would be good for me to have some work to do during that period, so I don’t sit round watching TV and eating chips all the time. I’d be quite happy if the work involved cleaning and I’d be delighted if the job was keeping any bubs you have busy and safe while you went shopping” Papa bear did indeed invite her in for an interview and said “I must say, the main thing I have against employing you is that if I employed someone from an official cleaning company, they wouldn’t be able to sue us a million dollars if someone on their team fell off a ladder and broke their ankle, whereas you or your parents could.” “I knew I’d get that response.”, replied Mouldilocks “so I brought these along.”, pulling out two pieces of paper and when Papa Bear read them, he found one was a very comprehensive insurance cover and the other was an indemnity form, which had been signed by both her and her mother and father. Papa bear felt a lot easier, so he said “Well, maybe I will give you a trial run this Wednesday; you can come and do some dusting and general cleaning.” Mouldilocks was delighted and she came next Wednesday and got stuck straight in, and when she said she was finished, all three bears were flabbergasted. Every ornament was bright and shiny; not one speck of dust had been left on them, the bathroom looked like nobody had ever used it; it smelt a bit “bleachy”, but other than that, it was perfect. When Papa bear asked how much they owed her, she said “How about ten dollars per the three hours I spent here?” and Papa bear was stunned “You deserve much more than thirty dollars, Mouldilocks.”, but she simply would not take more, so he gave her thirty dollars and she went. She came every Wednesday after that and left the place spotless, but one day, she came and said “My studies have started again, and don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’re going to lose me altogether, but it does mean that it’ll have to be some other day than Wednesday I come; I could even come on Saturday or Sunday if need be.” Papa Bear said “Well, I think Thursday might be the best day for you to come.”, and she agreed. One day, when she came, Little Red Riding Hood was with her. “Yesterday, I sustained a cut on my hand that simply must not get wet or even damp.”, she explained “so I had to bring someone with me to do the “wet” jobs, and Little Red Riding Hood is the most honest, careful girl I have ever known, so I decided on her, and don’t worry, you won’t have to pay her, I’ll just split the money you give me between me and her.” Papa bear agreed and the house had been left just as spotless as ever, and so she kept coming and working for them, and it got to the stage where the bears trusted her enough to leave her alone in the house while they all went shopping, but Papa bear told her that they were not going to leave her alone in the house if she brought any assistants unless they knew him, her or them very well, and she quite understood. One day, she did indeed break one of the ornaments, but as soon as the bears got home, she owned up straightaway, and she was relieved when Mama bear said “I never really liked that vase anyway; I got it from a friend who makes glass things as a hobby, so I never put it up for sale in case he recognized it, so I’m glad it’s been smashed.” She then said “Well, don’t drop anything heavy into the kitchen bin until you empty it, otherwise a shard of glass might ricochet up and hit you in the eye; that happened to one of my friends, Puss in Boots; he broke a glass and put the shards in the bin and a few hours later, he dropped a bottle of milk into the bin and one of the shards of glass flew up and embedded itself in his eye.” They thanked her for the warning and Mama Bear took the garbage out straightaway, so they wouldn’t forget and that Wednesday, Papa bear stuck notes all over the bin saying “CAUTION – GLASS FRAGMENTS. DO NOT HANDLE WITH BARE HANDS!” and when the garbage man read that, he put thick gloves on before he picked up the bin. Soon Mouldilocks found that the course for being a makeup artist wasn’t really her thing, so she decided to set up an official cleaning group, and she decided to call it “Golden Clean” and soon that came to pass and she and her friends were soon leaving lots of fairy tale character’s houses spotless, and she assigned a specific day for each one; it was Monday for the seven dwarves, Tuesday for Beauty and Pockface, Wednesday for Ali Baba, Thursday for Chicken Little, Friday for Tom Thumb and Saturday for the three bears; she didn’t work for anyone on Sunday unless it was an emergency and soon almost everyone who had been visited by her group recommended it most highly, and Mouldilocks was pleased.


(By Shelley Goodman. Written on the 10th of December 2016)

© Copyright 2019 Bill Shakepear. All rights reserved.

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