How a cat ended up being helped by a mouse

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A cat spares a mouse's life and is later helped by the same mouse

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017




One day, a mouse came into a kitchen and the cat jumped up, chased it and when he’d caught it, he started batting at it with his paws. “Please don’t kill me” begged the mouse “I was looking for some cheese to eat to build up milk for my litter, and if you kill and eat me, you will also kill my children; they will starve and freeze to death without me.” The cat instantly let the mouse go, saying “You eat all the cheese you need to and then run back to your children; I could not bear to be responsible for the death of them.”, and the mouse thanked him, ate a few mouthsful of cheese and then said to the cat “Maybe some day I will be able to repay your kindness.” “Goodbye, little mouse” said the cat. As soon as she was gone, the cat chuckled to himself and said “A tiny, puny little mouse helping a big strong cat like me! Hah! How ridiculous!” For about a fortnight, the cat didn’t see the mouse again, but one day the cat went exploring, he visited the butcher who gave him a slice of ham, and then the greengrocer who gave him a saucer of milk. He then went into some strange house where the floor was made of concrete and he smelt something interesting in a large room, so he went in to investigate and got so engrossed in finding where the interesting smell was coming from he failed to notice a metal screen door slowly and silently coming down, and by the time he’d lost interest in his investigation, the door had come down completely, so the poor cat was trapped. He began to yowl and howl, hoping someone would hear, but nobody came to his rescue. A few hours later, he saw a mouse going by that looked very much like the mouse he’d spared the life of, and the mouse squeezed herself though one of the gaps in the door and said “I will fetch help for you. Just give me your collar.”, and the cat took his collar off and the mouse scurried off, with it in her mouth to fetch help. Finally she found his mistress and led her back to where the cat was imprisoned. His owner was at a bit of a loss as to how she’d free her cat; everyone seemed to have packed up for the day and gone home and the batteries in her mobile phone were completely flat, but she finally noticed a big red button that had the words “PRESS THIS BUTTON ONLY IN EMERGENCIES.”, above it and she pressed it, reckoning that might be the only way to free her cat, and the door rolled open and the cat was soon free. As soon as he was free, he said to the mouse “You were absolutely right. There are times when smaller creatures can help bigger ones, and if it hadn’t been for you, I might have been stuck in there till I starved to death, so thankyou.” They then went home and the mouse now lives in a luxurious mouse house, with all the cheese she could want and all the space she could need, and one day, when the lady reckoned the mouse might be lonely she bought her a companion in the form of a black and white mouse, which turned out to be a male, so she kept having babies which she kept selling and she ended up very comfortably well off, so both she and the cat were glad he’d spared the mouse’s life


(By Shelley Goodman. Written on the 20th of January 2017)

© Copyright 2018 Bill Shakepear. All rights reserved.

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