How Harry ended up living with the Hendersons

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Harry, a friendly bigfoot's forest is destroyed by fire and he must return to the Hendersons for help

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017




It had been a year since the Hendersons had said “Goodbye” to Harry, but Harry still remembered them fondly and sometimes came back to visit them and nobody in the family discouraged him; they rather enjoyed the visits and one day he was to end up living with them permanently. It all happened when George read in the newspaper that most of the forests in their area were on fire and had been totally destroyed. George was immediately concerned for Harry; in fact he contemplated driving to the forest to make sure Harry was all right, but he knew he was already late for work, and his boss got annoyed when he was late and he would not be too pleased if he was any later because of a Bigfoot. That evening, when they were having dinner, George said “I read in the paper that most of the fires here are on fire. I just hope Harry’s okay” and Nancy said “I hope so too, but we can’t let Harry disrupt our lives. Sometimes you’ve got to let nature take its course” “I know” replied George “I can’t help worrying about him, though. I feel like going to see if he’s okay.”  Ernie couldn’t help hoping that it would mean Harry had to come back because he had no forest to live in. Suddenly they heard a knock at the door “Yay, it’s Harry!” cried Ernie in delight and when George answered it, it was indeed Harry. George said “So your forest has been destroyed, huh?” and Harry said “Yes”. Suddenly George noticed this monster about the same size as Harry that was covered in luxuriously long, blonde, tipped with black fur “Oh, heavens, Harry; you’ve found yourself a girlfriend”, exclaimed George and Harry nodded “She really is a sight for sore eyes. I assume her name is Harriet.” continued George, and Harry said “Yes, she’s Harriet”. “Well, I suppose you and Harriet had better come and live with us until we find you a new forest to live in. Come on in.”, said George and Harry and Harriet did so and sat on the two unoccupied spots on the sofa, remembering to sit down very gently so they didn’t distort the sofa. Harry said “Well, I guess you’ve heard on the news about the forest fires?” and George said “Well, I read about it in the paper.” Sarah heard this voice that didn’t belong to anyone in the family and came in to investigate and saw it was Harry. She said “Well, Harry, even I’m glad you’re visiting us.” and Harry said “Well, we’re not really visiting; we’re looking for a place to live. Our home was destroyed by fire, and my girlfriend, Harriet is…”  “Oh, my God! She’s pregnant!” shouted Sarah and Harry said “Yes” and Sarah heaved an extremely long groan. “Well, you two can stay here, but only for as long as it takes to find you a new forest.” she said. Nancy nodded “I hope that’s not for a long time, in fact I hope that’s not for forever.” said Ernie. Finally they set up two beds for Harry and Harriet to sleep in and discussed where they could take them. They tried out every national park, but each time, they found out that the forest had been too badly burnt there or they didn’t allow Bigfeet, also known as Sasquatches there because they were too big and boisterous for the wildlife there, and that they’d put humans off. A few weeks later, it was the end-of-year-school holidays and therefore time for the Henderson family’s vacation and they decided to take Harry and Harriet with them. Ernie was delighted, but his mother warned him that they had an ulterior motive and the ulterior motive was that they were going to find them a new forest to live in. When they got to their vacation spot, they were pleasantly surprised to see that the forest had not been destroyed and they decided that it would be a good place for Harry and Harriet to live. They told Harry and Harriet to stay where they were and went up to talk to the ranger there about leaving Harry and Harriet there and the ranger agreed. He said “It seems a hard thing to do, but it’s for the best, really.” Ernie nodded. While George and Nancy were talking to the ranger Harry noticed a man sneaking into the forest with a huge red bottle. Harry jumped up, motioning for Harriet to stay where she was and went to investigate. Harry came up just in time to see the young man pouring some fluid with a very unpleasant smell onto the ground and Harry became suspicious. The man pulled a box of matches out of his pocket and lit one of them, but Harry quickly realized what the man’s intentions were and quickly blew the match out and wrestled the man to the ground. The Hendersons went back to break the news to Harry and Harriet that they were going to say goodbye now, but Harry wasn’t there. They asked Harriet where Harry was and she pointed to the left. Suddenly they heard what sounded like this young man screaming and ran in the direction the screams were coming from and they saw this young man draped over a tree stump and Harry smacking him. “Harry, stop!” cried George “Are you crazy? What are you trying to do, get us banned from here?” Harry stopped at once and indicated the bottle he’d seen, the matchbox and the match he’d extinguished. “Oh, I see” said George kindly “Well, you shouldn’t have been smacking him, but I’m glad you stopped him.” George turned to Nancy and said “Quick, Nancy, get the ranger!” Nancy did so, and he soon had the young man arrested. While the ranger was taking the man to the Jeep, George took Nancy aside and said “Look, I’m not so sure about leaving them here after all.” Nancy groaned and said “Well, okay, we’ll talk about it at home.”, although she knew what the outcome would be. When the ranger came back George said “Listen, we were going to leave Harry and Harriet here, but we’re not so sure about it now. I think we’ll talk it over and bring them back here tomorrow if we decide to leave them here after all.”, and to Ernie, Harry and Harriet’s delight they all went home. Ernie hoped that the family would decide that Harry and Harriet were going to stay with them permanently and as for Harry and Harriett, they didn’t want to live anywhere except the house where the Hendersons lived, and Harry knew he would be coming back to visit the Hendersons at least once a week if they decided to return them to the forest. As soon as they got home George and Nancy sent Ernie, Harry and Harriet down to the basement and George, Sarah and Nancy went into the living room and George said “Okay, do we send ‘em back, or do they stay here? Everyone put their cards on the table.” Nancy was still for sending them back but she was the only one. Sarah had disliked Harry intensely a year ago, mostly because he ate her 15th birthday corsage but seeing him defeating the young man had caused her to develop a great admiration for him, and she was beginning to feel that , if anything it would be best for them to stay with them. She said “Well, if we sent them back, they’d just continue to come here to visit us and be a danger to themselves, a nuisance to traffic and something that would scare people who were not used to Bigfeet. And besides, if we sent them back and there were another fire they’d come straight back here and we’d have to go through the rigmarole of finding them another forest; whereas if we keep them here that won’t happen.” and George said “Sarah’s got a point there. Besides, Harry in particular is almost part of the family now: he is to me anyway. Don’t you think it would be a little rough to send them back?” Nancy sighed and said “Okay, they can stay. You’re going to have to make a lot of changes to this house, let me tell you. For instance, you must reinforce the ceiling of Harry and Harriet’s bedroom; otherwise their snoring is going to bring it down eventually.” The next morning, Harry noticed a few changes to the house, for instance he noticed the sofa had been moved and said “The living room looks different. Why?” and Sarah said “Well, why do you think?” and Harry said “So Harriet and I are staying here, then?” and Sarah nodded. Harry was delighted and started beating at his chest and whooping in delight, and Sarah said “Shh, shh! Nobody else is awake yet; not even Harriet” and Harry looked ashamed and became quiet but as soon as Harriet and the rest of the family came out, he shouted “SARAH SAYS WE’RE STAYING HERE!” and Ernie and Harriet were delighted. Ernie rushed into Harry’s arms and said “Oh, Harry, I’m so glad you’re staying here! I just hope that you mean forever.”, and Nancy nodded and Ernie hugged him all the tighter. That evening, they found out from the news that the young man Harry had stopped was a serial arsonist and had burnt several houses to the ground and had been responsible for all the forest fires and he had been sentenced to six years in prison and was banned from all national parks and forests for life and they were very glad about that, and Harry, Harriet and their new baby, which they called Harold had a very happy life with the Hendersons.


(By Shelley Goodman. Written on the 3rd of February 2011)


© Copyright 2018 Bill Shakepear. All rights reserved.

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