How Harry became a hero to the Hendersons

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Harry saves the family from a potential fire

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017




(This story is the sequel to “How Harry ended up living with the Hendersons”)

Harry had been living with the Hendersons along with his girlfriend Harriet and their son Harold for about 22 months now and for the most part, the humans felt they had really made the right decision to let them stay at their house for good and one day he was to prove the most useful thing that could have happened to them. One night, when everyone was asleep, Harry smelt a slightly smoky smell and when he went to investigate, he noticed palls of smoke coming out from under the bathroom door and when he touched the door, it felt rather warm and Harry felt extremely uneasy. He raced for George and Nancy’s bedroom and began banging on the door. George and Nancy felt that Harry was telling them something was amiss, so George went over and opened the door. “What is it, Harry? What’s wrong?” he asked. Harry jogged back to the bathroom, with George following him and George noticed the smoke billowing out from under the door and smelt the most horrible smell; it smelt like burring plastic “Oh, my God!” said George, rushing to the power board to turn the power off to the whole house, then rushing for the kitchen to wet a towel to put over his face before he went in to see what had caused the problem. He soon found out that the charger for the battery-operated toothbrush he used had caught fire and he was so relieved that Harry had woken him up; if it had been allowed to go on much longer the poisonous fumes could well have killed everyone in the house, so he turned to Harry and said “Harry, you did exactly the right thing. Thank God you acted so quickly. As it so happens, the toothbrush and the charger are no longer useable and we will have to replace the sink, but if you hadn’t woken me up, things could have been a million times worse.” Just then Sarah and Ernie came onto the scene and George told them that the charger for his electric toothbrush had caught fire and Harry had taken exactly the right course of action. Everyone was so relieved and so proud of Harry. The next evening, there was a report about certain models of electric toothbrushes that had caught fire and/or exploded and Nancy grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and when the model numbers came up, she wrote them all down. She then rang Irene, the lady they used as a puppy sitter and housekeeper when they went away on holidays and warned her and she said “Yeah, I had one of those and yesterday it went BOOM!, in my face; it nearly singed my eyebrows and it scared me out of fifty years growth! I’m going to ring Herbert and warn him as soon as this conversation is finished.”, and that’s just what she did, and for about ten days shops everywhere in America were full of people taking their potentially dangerous toothbrushes to the store and getting a safe replacement and a refund and Harry was glad he’d made himself so useful, and later that year, when George found a new job and had to move the family to Miami, he had to assure everyone, especially Harry, Harriet, Harold and Ernie that it was definitely NOT going to mean handing Harry, Harriet and Harold over to a zoo or returning them to the wild; though it was likely they would have to stay at a sanctuary for Bigfeet for a few months, while they got the house properly sorted for them, and that is what happened, but the Hendersons visited them once or twice a fortnight. After some delays and minor problems, they were all settled into the new house, and for the most part everyone liked the new house better, the only thing they had against the new house was that it was a somewhat longer walk to get to the laundry, but that didn’t matter terribly much.


(By Shelley Goodman. Written on the 13th of March 2017)

© Copyright 2018 Bill Shakepear. All rights reserved.

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