How Harry, Harriet and Harold came to live with the Harrigans

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Harry realizes he, Harriet and Harold must find new humans to live with when the Hendersons go; he knows they won't be around longer than he will be

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017




(This story is the sequel to “How Harry became a real hero to the Hendersons”)

Harry, Harriet and Harold had been living with the Hendersons for over 5 years now and loving it as much as ever, but one thing was beginning to worry Harry and that was that he knew the humans he was living with would never be able to outlive him; humans did not normally live longer than 100 years and the youngest bigfoot who had died of old age was 90 years old, and he had been living with humans so long that it would be very difficult for him to readjust to life in the forest, and Harold hadn’t even seen a forest in his life, so he wouldn’t know how to cope, so he knew they would have to find new humans to live with when George and Nancy were gone, because Ernie and Sarah would have to move house because the house they were living in now would be just too big for two people and he reckoned it would be a very good idea to find some new humans who would be willing to let them live with them and have them get to know each other before they had to move in with them in the not too distant future, so that evening he said “I need to have a serious chat with all of you about our and your futures. You are not going to be on this earth for as long as we are; humans only live for about 90 years; 100 if they’re lucky whereas Bigfeet live for at least 120 and we have lived with you so long that we would find it extremely difficult; if not impossible to readjust to life in the forest and Harold would certainly not be able to cope, so when George and Nancy eventually die, we will have to make very serious moves in the direction of finding new humans to live with, because really, Ernie and Sarah are going to rattle in this house; it’s just too big for two people; so they will have to move within a month or two of your passing and it is a vague possibility they will not be able to accommodate us in the new house and there is a very vague possibility that even Ernie will not be willing. I know that that is supremely unlikely, but it is not an impossible eventuality.” George and Nancy knew that Harry was right. Harry was looking a very long way into the future; at least that’s what they were hoping, but there was no way they could predict how long they’d be on this earth, and George was secretly a little bit glad Harry had broached that subject with them, because he had been feeling exactly the same way, but had not liked to say anything because it was a rather hard topic to discuss, but Harry had brought it up for him. The next day, Harry started looking for humans who would be willing to take three Bigfeet in. The first family was called the Buckstons and he told them that he had been living with a family called the Hendersons; he had been hit by a car and he had initially returned to the forest and had finally found himself a girlfriend, but not long after he’d met and fallen in love with her, there had been a fire and he’d had to enlist the Hendersons’ help to find a new home for them and it had finally been decided that they would be better off living with them permanently and when he’d finished telling them his life history they told him theirs and while they seemed nice, most of their family lived in France and that made Harry decide against them, because he reckoned that they would be likely to move back to France within six months, and that just wasn’t satisfactory for him. He told them that he would go back to the Hendersons and discuss the matter with them. He tried other families but he got the same impression about them but he finally found a family called the Harrigans that fitted the bill almost perfectly. The family consisted of a young man and a lady who was a few years older than him, two children, one boy aged around six and a girl who was around eight whose relatives lived two or three blocks away from their house and they told him they would be quite happy for him to move in when the time came, and Harry told them that they were his top pick so far, he said that their relatives living so close to them made it so they weren’t likely to move a million miles away. When he got home, he told everyone about the family who was his top pick, and everyone agreed that the Harrigans would be the best family for him to live with, so when George and Nancy eventually passed away, Harry, Harriet and Harold lived with Ernie in his new house for about two years; the landlord of the rental property Sarah chose would not allow any Bigfeet to live there but when Ernie started high school as a residential student, they began to spend more time with the Harrigans, but they quite frequently visited Ernie and/or Sarah in the weekends and the three Bigfeet spent most of the remainder of their lives with the Harrigans


(By Shelley Goodman. Written on the 13th of March 2017)

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