The 13 Kingdoms

The 13 Kingdoms

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Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



No one can predict when war is about to break out, not in the thirteen kingdoms anyway. Tesha and Kale had no idea their worlds where about to be torn down. Why would they of? They where living picture perfect lives, no matter how much they complained about it.
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No one can predict when war is about to break out, not in the thirteen kingdoms anyway. Tesha and Kale had no idea their worlds where about to be torn down. Why would they of? They where living picture perfect lives, no matter how much they complained about it.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The End

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Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 24, 2017




Screaming, all I could remember was loud, terrified screaming. That's how it had all started. 
Layla Valentine had fallen to the floor, dropping her glass. She had coughed, crawled, clawed and died. 
It was her own dinner party, so no one knew who had poisoned her, we all just knew that the former Queen of half the first Kingdom had died and she had been poisoned in her own hall. 
Her Son had been the first one to move, knocking the table and spilling expensive wine over everyone. Ladies, Lords, King and Queen screamed, cried, wept and frowned. Sorrow filled the hall as they watched a young Prince mourn his Mother. That young Prince was my fiance, Kale Valentine. 
My Father, Alaric Decar was the first to notice the killer. Bray Hungenson fled the room in such haste, he had painted a target on his back. 
Little did we know, that Bray hadn't done it out of sheer foolishness. He knew, he wanted us to know it was him. He wanted to be known as the Queen Killer, and would soon earn the title King Slayer and Traitor. 
When the Dinner Party had ended due to the tragedy, we all retreated to our respected Kingdoms and Castles. 
The Decar and Valentine family had always ruled the first Kingdom together, and had a well known truce after the first war of the thirteen Kingdoms. Kale and I were expected to symbolise this unison with our marriage, as it had been our Grandparents who started the Alliance and won the Great War of the Thirteen Kingdoms. It is believed, that in the sky there are one hundred more Kingdoms, and so we prayed to the one-hundred and thirteen Kingdoms. 

Pray I did when the next day, a loud knock rang through our halls. I knew it wasn't Kale, as we had taken him home with us. We housed all his staff as well. It had infact been Ash and Ember, Brays parents. They where, ironically, covered in Ash, Embers and Burns. They belonged to the fire Kingdom, where it was common to name your children after such things, however Ash and Ember had found the tradition to be ridiculous and had named their children Bray and Liarna. 

'He killed her' Ember sobbed, as she practically fell into our hall. 'His own sister'. 
She was hysterical, and I could not make out another word of what she was saying, her Husband, King Ash, was much more calm. He had to be. Without Him, Ember would be lost, completely besides herself. She was a wreck. 

'Bray set fire to the Castle. Liarna didn't make it out' he explained the tragedy with sorrowful eyes. His eyebrows where forrowed and stress lines had planted themselves deep within his forehead. 

My father set out on horseback and rode towards the towers to ring the great Tower of war, Ash at his side. They made haste, but they didn't quite make enough. Neither of the returned by nightfall, and I was left to gear up and set out. 

I took a sword, I couldn't use a bow for the life of me, and an Axe is simply to heavy for my small frame. I dragged Kale out of the damn Castle, since he was able to use a bow. Nothing could of prepared us for what we found. We spoke no words when we came across Ash, their was an arrow through his chest, and his horse's throat had been slit. There was nothing we could do for a dead man, and with what had been going on around us, we had no time to stop. 

The hundred and thirteen forgive us, we left that man on the side of the road. 

We rode faster, desperate to find my Father, dead or alive, I needed closure. We reached the War Tower to find no one inside. We know it was never rang, it sets of every alarm in all 13 Kingdoms, and not a single one had rang out. I scaled the many steps in a pace few could match. I didn't tie the horse, I didn't wait.

Somewhere out there was a boy who murdered his sister, his servants, his people and a Queen. He had possibly murdered his own Father, who was himself a King. 

I jumped up and harshly tugged at the bell system. It rang loudly and a bright light shot into the air. Even the warring six Kingdoms would know what had happened in a matter of hours. 

The Tower system only had one flaw, once you had rang the bell, everyone in the thirteen kingdoms knew someone was in that Tower. I had neglected to think about the consequence of ringing that bell, I had not thought about who might still be lurking around after the murder of King Ash. I soon found out. 

A man who met my hieght almost double was waiting for us at the bottom of the Tower. We ran back up the stairs, Kale letting a few arrows loose as we ran. 
'Tell me you have a plan' he shouted at me. 

'Do you trust me?' I asked. He shot me a quick glance as if he where unsure. 

'Tesha?' he questioned.

I ran to the highest floor and jumped off. Kale looked at my sceptically, and for a while watched my free fall, before I could hit the ground I shouted a word into the sky. 
'Valisio!' I shouted before. I had to wait to the last moment. I suddenly stopped mid air, before falling onto my face. I yelled at Kale and told him to jump. We had to run, and we had to be quick. It would not take them long to run back down the flights of stairs. There where many, but not enough. 

He took a deep breath and looked behind him. He knew he'd die if he didn't jump and our years of cliff diving had given him a courage many other simply did not have. He jumped and held my stare as he fell. 
'Valiso' I repeated, catching him before he hit the ground. 

Knowing the other could not follow, since Magic was no long practise in the thirteen kingdoms I made Kale sprint beside me. 

'What was that' he demanded as we ran. 

'Breathe now, talk later' I huffed, as my limbs burned in protest against the running. I had changed into more battle equip clothing it is true, but I am a Princess, and a Princess is not trained for war. We fled into the trees, ducking and weaving, so no arrow could meet its mark and no pursuer would have an easy job. 

When we could run no more, I forced my aching body to climb into the dense canopy of the forest. We sat, hidden from our enemy. We talked in hushed whispers. 

'What did you do?' he asks, drawing in a heavy breath. 

'Magic' I told, looking around as if my Father was here to remind me the practise was forbidden. 

'You can't do that' Kale tries to scold me. 

'We thought Bray couldn't go to war with his own Kingdom!' I almost yelled, attempting to keep a hushed tone. Kale sighed in defeat. 

'You two are really bad at whispering' A voice tells us, before I'm confronted by a face inches away from mine. It was upside down. The owner of the face had his legs hooked around a branch above we, and swinging in front of us. 

I looked at him and recognised him as Ace, Prince of the War Kingdom. The Seventh. 

'What are you doing here?' I asked. I had not seen him since we were small children, ten years ago six kingdoms went to war with each other, much to the disapproval of the first Kingdom, my Kingdom, The Alliance Kingdom. 

'Someone ran the bell' he said, 'I'm a scout, so I was close by, I saw you run in here. Have to say the following party is quite slow. They decided not to pursue. They're trying to tear down the War Tower. Fools, once the bell has tolled it's already to late'. 

'They aren't following us?' I ask, for clarification. 

'Not even close, do you recognise a single one of them?' he asks. 

'No... I don't' I mutter, suddenly confused. I thought I knew almost everyone in the thirteen Kingdoms, anyone worth knowing the name of anyway. 

'You should, your Father exiled all of them to the forbidden fourteenth Kingdom. The waste land. The Kingdom that started the first War'. 

I gasped in horror, they where criminals, the worst criminals known to mankind. They'd been sentenced to a fate many considered worse then death. They where people more heinous then simple thugs, murders and lowly criminals. 

'What are they doing here?' I asked. 

'I was hoping you could tell me' Ace admitted. 'What in the thirteen is happening?'. 

'Bray killed the First Queen and his Sister' I frown deeply, 'he burned everyone in his Castle'. 

'He's killed more then them' Kale sneers, charming Prince or no, everyone has anger inside them. Some burn brighter then others, but it is there. 

'What are we going to do?' I ask the two of them. 

'Get you two back to your Kingdom, and bar the doors, the windows and more. You have people to protect' Ace commanded. 'I have a lot of information to return to the scout leader. Do not leave your Castle until someone comes for you' he orders. 

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