Chicken Nuggets

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this is a short story about a young boy who misses his absent mother.

Submitted: March 25, 2017

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Submitted: March 25, 2017



“Chicken Nuggets” By Charity May Cox

As he looked down at the tray his mind began to drift away, to a dusty memory in the very back corners of his mind. He was a child again. “Roy, are you ready?” little Roy laughs. “I bet you are!” said the women he knew was his mother as she placed a plate in front of young Roy. “It’s your favorite!” Young Roy began to pick up a-.

Roy shook his head and began to return to reality. He then was back sitting in the middle school cafeteria. The five chicken nuggets on his tray were oddly shaped things with fried bits falling off of the surface. He picked up a pack of ketchup and squeezed the red congealed liquid out until a corner of his beige tray was covered with it. He then took a nugget and dunked into the ketchup.

Roy had just gotten off of the bus when another memory overtook his mind. He watched his mother take his little hand as they walked into their house. Roy, however, wished that was how it was now. He almost never saw his mother. She worked so much that she was gone when he woke up in the morning and got back when he was in bed most nights. Roy entered the garage code 4-1-2-2 incorrect. “It’s not my birthdate?” Roy questioned as he walked to the back yard door.

All of a sudden he saw his young self and his mother playing on the slide… that was no longer there. The laughs of young Roy brought a smile to his mother’s face but, not anymore. When Roy got inside he began to the kitchen. He looked around for a snack. He decided on carrots even though he was tempted by the potato chips. His mother had taught him to eat healthy snacks. He doubted she would even care what he ate. He made his way upstairs to his room. The room was painted a dark gray color. The walls lined with posters and pictures. Roy had a fairly sized room with enough space to work with. His desk was black and so was his twin sized bed with bright red sheets and pillows.

As he crunched on his carrots he remembered a more recent thought, which was that his mother wouldn’t be home until very late that night. He remembered her talking about a meeting or something briefly last night when she called him from work. Roy took out a pen from his pencil pouch. He began his homework. He could barely focus on the math, for his mind was in another place. He then in almost an instant was transported years back to see his younger self-working on his kindergarten homework. Which seemed much easier now opposed to the work a seventh grader has.

Still back in time, Roy’s mother said, “Wow Roy you’re getting so good! High five?” Roy almost never got “high fives” much less from his mother. He was back to reality when he heard a voice. “ROY, where are you? I’m home!” Roy’s heart skipped a beat. Was his mother really home, or was it just another one of those memories again? “ROY?” It was definitely her Roy thought as he ran down the stairs as if a monster was chasing behind him. “Mom, you’re home!” He said as he ran into to his mother’s arms and hugged her until he was practically strangling her. “Aw bud, I missed you too!” “I hope you didn’t eat too much while I was gone because I picked up some dinner for you.” Roy’s mother said as she pulled out a small cardboard box. “Here.” She said handing Roy the box. Roy opened up the box to see ‘five oddly shaped things with fried bits falling off of the surface.’ “It’s your favorite!” his mother said as Roy picked up a chicken nugget. 

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