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Submitted: March 25, 2017

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Submitted: March 25, 2017



I'm looking at my younger self.

I remember so vividly

My face covered in tears and drowning in sorrow.

I remember running into my mother's arms

For I felt the safest there.

I walked through the corridors so lonely and scared.

The floor was all I saw.

All the snickering suffocated me

And I felt every word pierce through my fragile heart like daggers.

Oh I was so little, so vulnerable! 

My ingenuous heart was burdened with hate.

To my bully and many more,

Did calling me imbecile make you any smarter?

Did calling me ugly make you any prettier?

Did crushing my confidence make you any bolder?

Did ruining my happiness make you feel any better?

There is a story beneath what you see.

Are you looking down on her because she is already pregnant?

She was probably raped.

Remember the boy you called lame?

He is the backbone of his family.

Think of the girl you called fat.

She has been starving herself for months.

Find the scars on that old man's face funny?

He probably fought for your country.

You think you know it all

But the truth is, you have been so ignorant,

So devoid of feelings,

That you have forgotten how to be human.

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