Mirror of Dimensions

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Submitted: March 25, 2017

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Submitted: March 25, 2017




Here I stand entranced
and at the mercy of my spirit's fire
beneath this vast and jeweled sea
I am taken in my dream
to a starry Elysium

And there may I be always
and never to return to this world
this world that I do not see
as I see the heavenly infinite
this world to me is obscurity

And the fire of the stars to me is clear
clear and bright
and I will go toward these immortal realms
I shall pass through this gate of Night
then be in celestial light




The moon is risen
like an island of solitude

the night is dark
alight but by celestial fires
that proclaim the eternal

all that is between us
is a mirror of dimensions
reflecting a distant creation
like a mirage in still water

and which reflection
is of my truer spirit
this astral sky
or this placid sea

this sea upon which
I thought myself forsaken 
yet I have sailed to a place
where worlds entangle

where horizons vanish
into realms of stars




A light of dimensions
reaches these eyes
that want only solitude

through such a radiance
of realms and dominions
I awaken in a palace of mirrors

I find corridors
filled with statues
in their eyes
in their gaze
I find spirits

I hear their whispers
when the wind breathes
these immortal ashes
they who knew
the Oracle's voice




Do you not see this shadow
it is from within
where the mind conceives its visions
where the horizon ends
and the constellations once more ascend

It is a shadow of the soul
born of lorn nights and winds
that wear down our pretending illusions
to what unknown end
where the serpentine streets go

Knowing its fragmented form
in a mirror
this partition of deceiving light
but in your realm
would I seek sapphire stars
to break the shadowed dark

and to masquerade
that I were upon a mirrored island
where marble forms
stare out to the ages
beyond remembered days
how it was the same then
beneath the Sun's affixed fire




When the moon strays from me
the sea grows dim
waves become invisible
and the shore is obscured by the veil
of a star adorned infinity

And I drift
I drift here alone
where dreams rise
from the onyx fathoms

And from the abyssal dominion 
I am left marooned
within my own visions

Where my thoughts conceive
sirenic isles illumined 
once more by the lucent orb
of the Night




A prisoner of voices
my prison
is every horizon
every sky at dawn
false in its serenity

all is not as real
there are voices in the breaking light
that steal away the stars

the moon and I 
are now as one
full of dust, desolation
and oceans only imagined

I seek it out
at every hour
both of us
imprisoned in our orbits
circling in the darkness

the moon has shown me
where to be

a thousand voices
pierce like invisible arrows
I seek not to dream again
but of silent nights
beside solitude's throne

to be alone here
within a prison cell
that is of everything

the prisoner seen
in every mirror
they speak of serpents
these muses of sharpened deceits

they are the very ground and air
now abandoned to the withering rose
that keeps its thorns
to pierce the mind




The serpent's voice
spewing venoms from the wires
tonight, there are minotaurs 
out for the kill

from the depths of veiled chasms
and the most wicked of radios

invisible tongues deceive
our gilded television stars

there is no true oasis
in this monitored city
every street light watches
dossiers are compiled

the occult electricity stations
fuel our digital alchemy

the serpent fiddles
upon a tower of steel

slithering voices lie in wait
beyond perimeters of neon signs

tonight, the Hades Belt draws near
descending like a haze of ashes

muses of the mirage
television pharaohs in their palaces
of hypnotic ornaments

receive their scepters 
and wield them over nations
of transfixed eyes

an obscure horizon of corporate altars
consumes the oblivious
and ancient moon

the serpent's voice pervades 
heard upon the wires




Silence is my salvation
distant from me, at sea
the horizons edge
where galleons disappear
into celestial oblivion

I cannot venture far
shackled in chains
in this dungeon of wind

Hurricanes of voices
Mithras is roaming and angered
spilling blood this very hour
leaving behind pale figurines of bone

I am not alone here
there are many others
by the astral rupture

withered orchids scattered
upon the once moon bathed altar

tides of dark ocean rise
and swallow our brighter dreams

a cacophony of piercing voices
like radio distortion consciousness
electric spirits

signals of prophecy and mantras
in the ether

our steel antennas receive
the decrees of invisible dominions

they stir about in the mind
like visions of eternal heavens and hells

our golden idols stare silently
upon our masquerade 

now fallen into shadow
beyond the fires
of the worshipped Sun





Imprisoned within a mind

seen in mirrors
where the glass
is a thin veil

these eyes staring
back at me

what have they seen?

visions of electric epiphany
golden stars
and moons of ice

destinies reflected forward
now entangled
in the power lines
of cities just awoken to the Sun

a totem pole forest
each face
ascends into the mist
that enshrouds this place of my omens

I have no recollection
of the silent past

the imprisoned mind
now tosses like a corked bottle
carrying its message across the sea

shall I be received?
shall I be cast down?
to fathoms dark
amongst the coral tombs

the imprisoned mind
gazes within itself

who is he?
this stranger that my mirror conjures 

he does not speak
but he hears
a tempest from within

the mind
walled in by these reflections

time clocks sound their purpose

telling the hours
when only shadows
inhabit these streets







I sense only

the abyss of voices

their meaningless words

like cannonballs

striking my shadow

rendering me

without my own reflection

these choirs

of daggered callings

piercing me

through to my marooned spirit

upon this desolate island

of reminiscence

where I have dreamt

of the radiant palace

in that city brighter

than an ocean of gas lights

invisible, yet near

where stone pillars of industry

are now reborn

and consumed by tapestries

of vines and forgotten

where ancient urns

speak of lost creations

in their noble form

trumpets heralding the darkness

sound in the ether

symmetrical dreams

of vast nautical mirage

thrones dreamt of

and ascended on the tide

a colossus of illusion

the nights dark threads

filling the theaters of shells

moonless hour

when crystalline stars

proclaim their luminescence

I behold

the aurora ablaze

and listen

straining to hear

the plateau of silence





© Copyright 2018 Brian Edwards. All rights reserved.

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