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Just a short story for school :)

Submitted: March 25, 2017

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Submitted: March 25, 2017



Thunder, fills the dark quite room. Im in the corner huddled in fear. Im alone at school, I hear noises from the hallway and don't know what to do. Help! I’ve screamed many times to the point where it rings in my head. The shadows created my the lighting and trees move closer to me and I can’t fight. It’s dark but I can see, I can move around but I’m frozen in panic. 


Outside is a war zone. The trees and rain fight each other until one falls, of course it’s neither, it’s me. The feeling was ok before, I was willing to do things I shouldn’t, climb the wall, touch the electric fence, it was worth the pain. I can’t now, realising the stupidity of my friends who told me it was ok. Stay the night, you’ll be ok, we’ll meet you in the morning but thats only if I survive the night.


The door from across the room was calling my name, come closer it said. No! the temptations were much to strong, become one with the storm and climb out to freedom. I can’t! Am I going mad, is that what that feels like? Snap out of it! I calm myself down to the point where I can think straight and rationally. The storm can’t hurt me, can it? Surely not. The door opens to welcome me to the battleground in my school.


I have to fight through the storm without touching it or falling. Get to the phone, get to the panic button, get to the help awaiting me. Alone and fearless are different things. Im both but not at the same time. My legs shake as if having their own mind, I can’t control the shaking neither can they but I need to. 


Unsteadily I rush my self and mind to anywhere but where I thought was dangerous. The theatre! It’s the darkest room but the safest. I get to the room opening the door to an obis of which I felt haunted. “Just get in and lay down, think of things you like, not of things that aren’t there” I say so I don’t die from anxiety. Seconds felt like hours and the lighting that roared outside wasn't going to leave me alone.


“Is anyone in here?” I hear, I’m going mad, I already have voices in my head hoping for hope. “Hello?! Come out!” There it goes again but this time a light shines through the fear and darkness. Hope approaches but the trauma remains. I can’t heal from the fear, the lighting struck my confidence. 

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