The beautiful game

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A story about a person who was racially abused and lived in poverty, but stood in the face of all of that with football, the beautiful game!

Submitted: March 25, 2017

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Submitted: March 25, 2017








Jack Fostick was born on the fifth of November,1987, he was born to an American father and a Canadian mother , long  before  Jack was born, the cold war broke out ,and the USA, where his parents used to live was not safe anymore, so the family fleeted

All the way to the United Kingdom, specifically to the city of Oxford.

The youngest of five, his family was poor due to them being immigrants, so Jack never went to school and had to work full-time as a floor sweeper to support his family, but he found a road to happiness, and that road’s name was Football!

He used to make a ball with a bunch of papers he’d found while sweeping by gluing them together to make the form a ball since he was not able to afford to buy an actual football.

Every kid in the neighborhood that Jack was living in loved to play a match with him in his team, because he had so much skill with the ball, he used  to dribble past every kid and past the keeper then kicking the ball into an open goal.

As every kid in Oxford, his biggest dream was to play for Oxford United , for Jack, that came to his mind when he was 8,as he and a bunch of his friends sneaked into a match between Oxford United And Shrewsbury Town, an Oxford striker managed to score a goal to ensure Shrewsbury’s defeat, while celebrating, the captain spotted a little kid celebrating with joy, and that kid was Jack, the captain gave his armband to him and said:” Here, you’ll be the captain someday”.

In 2001,his dreams came true, as the Oxford United scout was just walking around the streets of Oxford when he spotted Jack playing Football with his friends, he was scoring from incredible distances, so the scout, and his name was Josh Matthews, approached him and said :”Hi boy, you seem to know what you what you’re doing. What’s your name?”. So jack responded:” My name’s Jack, hey, aren’t you Josh Matthews? The scout of Oxford United?” Josh said: “Yes indeed it’s me, you seem to be a huge fan of our club, how about you come and practice with us?”

Jack’s heart missed a beat out of happiness, and he ran into his house to tell his parents, they could not believe it, but when they say saw Josh they were truly happy for their son and agreed to take him for the practice after a week, that week felt like ages for Jack as he was wondering if he’ll actually play for the club or not.

It’s the twenty-third of August 2001, the day of the practice.

The whole family is nervous and excited both at the same time, they see Josh who takes Jack and bring him to Oxford United’s youth manager, MR. Seth Robinson, Josh tells Seth that Jack’s the boy he was talking about the whole week, Seth welcomed him abroad and told him to go join the other kids, but the others were not very friendly with Jack because of being an immigrants and poor, with one of the kids even telling him to “Go back to the ghetto where he belongs to” ,jack calmly responded by saying:” Football is not a sport where being rich or poor matters, what matter is how good you are and how much you love the game, I’ll show you what I mean when start playing”. Seth then said “OK kids, it’s time to see who actually has the skills to become a professional footballer and who doesn’t, let’s get going!” A mini match was to follow where Jack was in a team and the other kid in the second team, Jack out bet him in every single aspect, the kid walked out ashamed and Jack was accepted into the academy trials, meaning he might actually become a footballer for the team, Jack felt like he was the happiest and luckiest man alive.

A couple of days later he entered the academy as a trainee, Jack wondered if he’ll ever play for the actual team or not when he grows up but he told himself:” let’s keep future projects for the future and focus on what’s happening now, the present”.

Seth told him:” Jack, this isn’t just a game anymore, your career might be here, this is business, look, I’m not telling to not have fun, enjoy the game the way it’s supposed to be but take it a bit more seriously now”.

His roommate’s name was Alan Johnson, he was a nice guy and managed to become good friends with Jack, every training day, they mostly were playing against each other, so Alan and Jack would both wish good luck for them both before each game began.

Alan was a goalkeeper, and a very good one, when Jack shot and Alan saved it from going in, Alan would tell Jack:” Good shot, mate!” Then Jack would respond by saying: “Indeed, but your save was better than my shot”

After a couple of weeks had have passed, as they were about

to see who will qualify to Oxford United’s academy when a tragedy struck, as Alan was hit by a car, which broke both of his arms and dislocated his right shoulder, effectively ending his career as a footballer, Jack was in tears.

Before Alan left the academy for good, he told Jack:” Don’t be sad, things like this happen, just don’t forget your buddy when you become a world-famous footballer”.

3 months of hard work and nothing but concentration on his dream later, Jack was an official part of the academy, Seth told him:” You boy have a big future, as I told you when you first came that this might be a beginning of a promising career, and here

we are, you have taken my advice and here’s the reward for your patience, hard work and love for the game, good luck!”.

Jack couldn’t believe the way his life’s changing, he turned from a poor immigrant who everyone hated to a graduate of Oxford’s United’s academy, and it was the best thing to happen to him in his whole life.

The team signed an amateur contract with them, they got Jack and his family a neat house near Oxford’s stadium and provided them with all their needs, from food and drinks to clothing and health care, as long as he stayed in the club for at least 4 years, until he is 18 years old.

Jack was more than happy with the contract he club had offered him, to improve his family’s life and to play in his dream team for a minimal of 48 months was everything he could’ve asked for!





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