Excerpt "Why I Teach" from Thoughts of An Urban Teacher

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Reginald Grant writes a powerful realization of the why and how of the Urban teacher. His mastery and lifetime dedication to inner-city education identifies the social impact and struggle the urban teacher faces. In a world where the unfair distribution of academic resources plaguing young learners and traps both teacher and student as victims of a post-modern Jim Crow.

Mark Campbell
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Submitted: March 25, 2017

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Submitted: March 25, 2017



“Why I Teach”

For most of my career as an English teacher, I have worked with students in challenging urban environments. Though with each scenario their backgrounds varied, I have excelled in preparing them to matriculate to colleges and universities across the nation.

I see education as a force for change and individual empowerment.

I clearly understand that “critical thinking” is the primary skill that needs to be developed in students and professionals. The ability to think on ones feet and problem solve is directly tied to “critical thinking” and I always work diligently to develop that skill with my students. With the focus in American schools on test preparation as a result of NCLB and college entry exams, critical thinking in this age of spin is a difference maker. When I say “critical thinking” skills I am speaking of the ability in specific domains, i.e. responses to literature, reading text for academic purposes, etc. 

No matter the level of the student my mission and primary goals are to empower them with the skills to improve, to help them grow academically and as people.

I believe that all students can achieve given the right motivation and guidance. I teach because I can touch student’s’ lives in a positive way and reach some students others can’t.

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