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Is it possible to bring an end to terrorism?

Submitted: March 25, 2017

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Submitted: March 25, 2017



A newsreader saying, ‘another terror event in London,’ underrates the awful and cowardly atrocity meted out to the victims and to their families. For the families, in the moment it’s a little hollow to assure them that we all stand with them, because in their homes and throughout their future there is an unfillable gap. Even so, from afar I too offer my condolences, which again is a hollow expression albeit with modest sincerity.

We all know terrorism is used as a tool to inflict random unease among civilized people for gains that are at the very least, obscure. Terrorism will never defeat but as we have seen it achieves its purpose by crating chaos, unease as well as a huge cost, monetary and nuisance in security and prevention. But those entrusted with the honourable task of security and protection have an unenviable task because the rats they protect us from can slip through the smallest of holes.

So as well as offering condolences to the terror-bereaved, let’s put on our collective thinking caps and offer some ideas to the powers-that-be in the hope it might make a difference. Revenge is first instinct and maybe feels good, but it reduces us to the level of the perpetrator, keeping the cycle rolling. And anyway most of them self-destruct in one way or another, so to whom can any revenge be targeted? Think-tanking methods of preventing terrorism likely crosses some of the boundaries of political correctness, but maybe the pendulum has swung too far in that direction anyway.

It would be interesting to know what happens to the carcass of a dead terrorist. Most probably it is returned to the family. The present bunch of terrorists happen to be radical Islamists, so it is reasonable to assume their families, parents perhaps, are likely to follow Islam too. Therefore the carcass will be dealt with in the Islam way, with the underlying possibility of glorifying whoever the carcass happened to be. Thus encouraging others to carry out similar acts. So wouldn’t it be logical to deny them that right! Granted there is the possibility that the carcass’s family are humble, innocent people and had no input to the radicalism. The price for them is therefore may be high, but the cycle has to stop somehow! There is also merit in publicly de-personifying a dead terrorist, hence the term, ‘carcass’. They seem to like their names portrayed in the media.

The perpetrators sure enough are radicalised Islamists, but their indoctrinators, the lice on the goat, are politically motivated using religion as a means to an end.  They are shadowy, covert, and difficult to track down. They target people who have been disadvantaged in some way, who are bristling with resentment and so are readily radicalised. These string-pullers believe that a cowering civilian population will somehow force political change. It is difficult to know even what is meant by that, other than the obvious, USA and its allies’ policies. And at least in the short term that’s not going to change. So do we have an impasse? The battleground may well be on the internet.

As always understanding another’s point of view only comes when you’re in their shoes. But most of us are not, so we wonder, where’s the sense? We see killing, hatred, the destruction of historical sites and atrocities. But didn’t Islam have a worthy past? The Great Mosque of Damascus, the Umayyad Mosque, or the Great Mosque of Cordoba, all are great and beautiful works. Islam contributed hugely in the fields of chemistry, astronomy, botany, cartography, medicine and more. What a comparison to today!

We all know there’s no logic behind terrorism! But here’s the thing, they call out in the name of their religion! All religions have their deity, revered because he or she is recognised in that particular religion as the Creator, so isn’t it logical that destruction and killing is actually destroying their Creator’s good work? So is it not time for preachers, even scholars, to shoulder their responsibility and preach that there was no glory in suicide? That killing, destroying lives and wreaking havoc is indeed sinful!

It is the fallen victims who should be glorified! They are martyrs against the terrorist cause! Those maimed, their families and the families of the martyred will need ongoing support, financial, moral and counselling. Not just in the short term. At an appropriate time all victims should be encouraged and assisted to write their victim statements, not only about what happened, but also how they feel and how it has impacted them. If you like historical records. Sometime in the future there will be change, because change is the one constant. When that time comes victims or even victims’ descendants should have the opportunity to publicly read aloud those statements.

Maybe this is all a tip-toe approach, even unworkable, but right-thinking people need to get on with their lives without the threat of violence and mayhem. Solutions are out there. Ideas should be welcome. Of course there are other approaches, perhaps hobnail boot approaches!  

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