Two Hoots

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Submitted: March 26, 2017

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Submitted: March 26, 2017



Two Hoots


You don’t give two hoots about your greater population,

choosing just to disregard the poorer of your nation.


Those that are in control of those massive corporations

are the ones that you see as in need of blatent compensation.


You’ll make the rich get richer at the populations cost,

ruling for the people – well, that’s a thought that’s lost


in the systems that are put in place all around the globe,

where more and more is given to the fewer to keep hold.


You’ll run down education and you’ll just hammer health,

for those that you do favour have plenty of that wealth


that will ensure that they don’t suffer from those severing cuts

which you’ll explain away with your lies and ‘Well then, buts....’


Don’t let the poor get richer or you might lose their compliance,

you need to keep them needing more, stuck firmly in reliance


of a system that is so flawed but will never be amended,

for it’s developed for the benefit of those that are befriended.


Maybe you should consider if it’s truly very wise

to put the bulk of population where they are cut down to size.


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