The Doppleganger

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A police sketch artist breaks off his relationship with a vengeful stalking make up artist. She is determined to get revenge.

Submitted: March 26, 2017

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Submitted: March 26, 2017



The Doppelganger

By Carla Charter

Ed  let out a happy sigh as he opened the door to the police station and headed toward his desk. He  had had a weekend alone, blessedly quietly alone. He hadn't seen another soul which was what he needed right now, solitude. After the Lucy break up. 

Lucy the make- up artist, how could you not fall for such a beautiful woman.  A woman who spent her days, transforming everyday people into movie monsters.  The make- up artist and the police sketch artist it all fit so nicely, they both transformed faces, hers into something beautiful, his into something ugly, something hideous, a nightmare of a victim's mind.

Sadly though over the past couple of months it had become obvious they were not right for each other.  Dating had been a mistake.  Moving in together an even bigger one.  They were just too different or maybe just too much alike.  Ed wasn't sure which but something didn't feel right about them together.

It was more than that though.  Something had changed in Lucy.  And that change scared him.  She had gone from fun-loving and spontaneous to  suspicious and watching his every step.  Waiting for the least bit of proof, the least provocation that something was wrong between them.  The problem was the evidence was not there, it had never been there.  Yet still she envisioned the clues pointing to their supposed demise, she stacked it up in her mind, and accused him of it at every moment.  It was as if Lucy wasn't Lucy anymore.  As if she had become someone altogether different and scary.

So Ed decided to break it off.  To give Lucy space to realize her suspicions were hers alone and had nothing to do with him. He had moved into this new place, away from her.  He was done with Lucy.  He had to be done with Lucy for both of their sakes.Still as the weeks went by, there were episodes of  stalkings and ringing phone calls with no on the other end.  Nothing he could pin on her, she was careful about that, but it made him realize for her it was not over, it would never be over.

Which is why, despite Ed's feelings for her, he had filed the restraining order. Surprisingly she had abided by it for a week now. Maybe she too realized that the break up was for the best

It was going to be busy at the station today, he felt the buzz around him as he got his coffee.  There had been a spate of attacks over the last two months all over town.  No one could find a common denominator but the detectives were sure there was one.  Different people mugged., different descriptions of the assailants. 

Which is where Ed and his pencil came in.  Despite the looming threat, the ever persistent rumor that computers would soon make his job obsolete, so far it hadn't happened.There were nuances, Ed suspected, shades of faces, looks in the eye,  that only a pencil held by a talented artist could pick up.  Layers of being that a non-human entity could never begin to understand or replicate.

He was quickly called to a detective’s desk almost immediately after arriving, to begin sketching. The woman in front of him was obviously nervous, yet staring at him with an odd look.  All looks he supposed would seem odd if you'd just been through what this poor woman had been through. Trauma does that too you he supposed. 

Ed’s  non-work life thoughts intruded once again. The girl in front of him was in her thirties, was about Lucy's age.  This could have been Lucy.  But Lucy before she got angry, before she got bitter.  Before she sought revenge for every perceived mis-step.  Before he had to leave her for his own sanity and hers.  Her last words before revenge had become her last word .  The word which had defined their relationship. The last words Lucy said to him the night of the break up still rang in his mind, Revenge my dear sweet, revenge.

Throughout these thoughts Edward kept drawing, kept questioning like he had for the every day of his career.  Asking the victim about the shape of the face, the size of the ears, any detail she could remember.Although the details weren't much, still Ed filled in his drawing with every scrap of information she had and as he sketched, as the person on the paper became true to life, he became ashen.  There on his pad was his own face staring back at him and.  His Lucy nightmare that he thought had ended, he now knew had only just begun.

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