Escorts On The Journey

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The journey made by a creative child, assisted by the creativity of generations before her.

Submitted: March 26, 2017

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Submitted: March 26, 2017



Escorts On The Journey


As a magical child they were there

Knowing before I somehow

That the gift was carried within

Instinctively sensing

I and they were one


A gift that grew as we journeyed, 

  Through the windblown tempest that led to Oz

  Took a flight of Peter Pan

  Went rafting with Huck Finn

  Traveling ever traveling


They escorting me on one leg of my journey,

Knowing that our time together was fleeting

That soon this child with the gift

Would have to be turned over to the next tutor

To learn lessons that only they could teach


They carried me along

This magical child, protected

Through the dangers of a Leviathan by Ahab

While escaping the London streets with the Artful Dodger 

Guarded by Buck in the cold of the Yukon


Bringing me to where I now arrive safely

On the edge, the precipice

With pen and paper in hand

Continuing the stories they began

Assuring that we all survive for yet another generation


They then take their leave

As they must

For I have my mission

And they have theirs

These escorts of the next magical child


© Copyright 2018 Carla Charter. All rights reserved.

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