Millenium Promise

Millenium Promise

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Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Miyuki Hanamoto is a timid and modest Japanese highschool student with a single oddity: she has spiritual awareness. What's stranger though is the curse carried by her family, which can be traced all the way back to a royal family which fell during the Heian era under tragic circumstances. Despite this, all she hopes for is to live a normal yet fulfilling life.

So when Murai Kenshin - a boy of similar age who is also a priest, comes into her life - Miyuki's hopes of living a normal life takes several drastic turns, and the truth of her ancestry is revealed. Will Miyuki ever get the life she desires, or is she fated to become the sacrificial offering needed to break the curse that has plagued her family?
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Miyuki Hanamoto is a timid and modest Japanese highschool student with a single oddity: she has spiritual awareness. What's stranger though is the curse carried by her family, which can be traced all the way back to a royal family which fell during the Heian era under tragic circumstances. Despite this, all she hopes for is to live a normal yet fulfilling life.

So when Murai Kenshin - a boy of similar age who is also a priest, comes into her life - Miyuki's hopes of living a normal life takes several drastic turns, and the truth of her ancestry is revealed. Will Miyuki ever get the life she desires, or is she fated to become the sacrificial offering needed to break the curse that has plagued her family?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 1 - Miyuki Hanamoto, the Highschooler With Spiritual Awareness

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 26, 2017



In modern day Japan, a history teacher continued to lecture from the textbook while forty or so students listened. At least, some of them were. The rest pretended to be.

“-The war ended in the fall of the year twelve forty-nine shortly after the fall of Omeji Castle, the ruins of which this school is built on…”

Before he could continue, an obviously bored student groaned loudly. “Geez, we already know this since primary school, teacher!”

Some of his classmates murmured their agreement. As for the teacher, his nostrils flared at the youth.

“That may be so, but this is a very important event in the Heian era of Japan. It marked the beginning of the-”

“Aye, we learned all that already. The country was appalled that Lord Kyurobarashi broke his promise, so a degree called ‘The Virtue of Honesty’ was written, which later became part of the Bushido code.”

The teacher could only sigh, since the student was correct. It didn’t help that this student was the top in the class and its rep, Kimura Ryuji. Not only that, he was a member of the student council. The boy was a prime example of a model student, though too vocal. Gone were the days when students stayed silent when teachers taught.

“Not only that, the descendant of the Hanamoto line is in our class!” Kimura continued and turned to the right.

Everyone in the class turned towards the person in question, who wished she could disappear right now. Even the teacher couldn’t help but release an awkward smile.

“Well… You are correct. Miss Miyuki is a descendant of the honorable Hanamoto clan, and a distant relative of the royal bloodline.”

Another boy in the class sighed. “But Miyuki looks nothing like a noble. I mean, they don’t braid their hair back in the days.”

“Oi, don’t tease her!” One of the girls came to her defense.

The teacher cleared his throat loudly to regain the class’s attention. “Now then, let’s move on. In thirteen eighteen-”. Just like that, class resumed without a hitch.

As for Miyuki Hanamoto, she released a drawn out sigh. This wasn’t the first time her lineage to the ancient noble family had been brought up, and neither will it be the last.


When the school day ended, Miyuki went straight to the gates where a light gray car waited for her.

“Good afternoon, Miss Miyuki.” The driver greeted coolly after she entered the vehicle. The man wore a suit and tie, and looked more like a secret service agent than a chauffeur.

Miyuki greeted him good afternoon while fastening the seat belt. Once she was done, the driver started the car. He noted her more-forlorn-than-usual expression through the rear view mirror.

“Is something the matter, miss?”

For a moment she considered denying it, but quickly realized that there was no point trying to hide it.

“The Hanamoto name.” She answered plainly.

The man hummed. This was not the first time he had heard that from her. “It’s a great name, a noble name.” He stated respectfully. “Some say you look exactly like the princess herself.”

Miyuki blushed and shook her head vehemently, making the driver laugh out loud. The girl had been the same ever since he started driving her to pre-school.

“Well, no matter if you do or do not, you are Miyuki Hanamoto, and that’s that.” He concluded with a nod.

The girl looked up at that. All she could see was the back of his seat and the top of his shaved bald head, but she could imagine him wearing a lofty smile while saying that.

“Thanks, Hamura.” She said. He hummed, then started driving.

As the teacher had said, the school was built on top of the hill where the castle used to stand. Other than the school, dense forests surrounded the hill with a single road leading to and from it. It took ten minutes by bicycle or thirty minutes on foot to descend the hill and reach town, where most of the students lived.

As for Miyuki, she lived on the outskirts. It takes an hour to drive to and from school. It was because of that reason that she wasn’t part of any after school clubs. At least, that was the excuse she gave.

The real reason why she couldn’t was much more complex and way too sensitive to reveal. Suffice to say, there was more to her than meets the eye.

When they arrived outside her house, they were greeted not by her parents, or even servants, but by Buddhist priests. They chanted a blessing the moment she got out the car, and then retreated to their temple situated a stone’s throw away. This was a daily routine that had endured since she was six.

It would be more apt to call her house a mansion, a modern three storey mansion with eighteenth century Japanese architecture design. Save for the kitchen, toilets, dining area and living room, all the other rooms had tatami mat flooring and sliding wooden doors. A spacious wooden veranda faced a large, well-tended garden, complete with a shallow pond where several Koi fish swam.

Miyuki was kindly greeted by the nanny-caretaker when she entered. Besides the middle aged woman and the driver, there was the chef-butler and the maid, amounting to four household servants in total.

As for the girl’s parents, they were rarely home due to work. And when they do, it felt more like receiving guests than welcoming the masters of the household.

After having dinner at half-past six, Miyuki retreated to her bedroom for the night. It was huge, the size of twelve tatami mats. Other than the wardrobe, desk, bed and nightstand, the rest of the room was bare.

There was no TV or computer in the house, so she read. Novels and encyclopedias were her favorites, but magazines weren’t bad too. Other than that, she completed all her school assignments in a tidy and meticulous fashion.

Just as the clock hand approached nine, which was her usual bedtime, the nanny-caretaker knocked on the wooden frame of the sliding door.

“Miss Miyuki? Your mother is on the phone.”

The girl shot up from the desk and rushed to open the door, where the kindly middle-aged woman passed her the cordless phone.

“Just leave it outside when you are done. Good night, miss.” The fifty-something-year-old woman bade and left with a wave.

After replying good night, Miyuki closed the door and placed the phone against her ear. “Mom?”

“Ah, my dear Miyuki! It’s been a while!”

“Mmm, it has.” She agreed while going to sit on the bed.

Her mother started by asking how was she, how was school, how was the house, how was everything. Once the woman was satisfied, she approached the main agenda of the call.

“Just wanted to let you know that Mister Fuyutsuki called to say he will be visiting tomorrow morning. I’m sure you remember him, right?”

Miyuki replied that she did. The man was like an uncle to her. “Is there a reason why he’s visiting?” She asked out of curiosity.

Fuyutsuki’s occupation was very different compared to most adults. The best description would be that he was a counselor, but only for people with certain problems, like her.

“Hmm, I’m not sure. It’s a little too early for your next check-up, and he wasn’t very clear when we spoke on the phone earlier. Anyway, I’m sure he’ll tell you tomorrow. So make sure to sleep early and wake up early to be ready for his visit, alright?”

The girl chuckled lightly. “Mom, I’m not a child anymore.”

“But you are my only child.” Her mother calmly replied. “Call me next time, ok? Goodnight. I love you.”

After bidding her mother good night, Miyuki ended the call, went to place the phone on the wooden floor outside the door, then prepared to go to sleep.

As she did, she wondered why Fuyutsuki was coming to visit all of a sudden. Their next appointment was scheduled for next month.

After pulling the covers over herself and closing her eyes, her thoughts drifted to the history lesson they covered today.

Rather than focusing on the military, political or cultural impact, she focused on one particular aspect.

And that was the suicide of Princess Miyukira Hanamoto.


The next morning, Miyuki woke up a few minutes before sunrise, just before the alarm went off. After visiting the toilet to wash up, she changed into her school uniform and went downstairs.

“Good morning, miss.” The maid greeted when they crossed paths on the stairs, and she replied in kind.

When she arrived at the dining room, the nanny-caretaker and the chef-butler were already waiting for her with breakfast on the table. Both of them greeted her at the same time.

After wishing them good morning, she sat down to breakfast. She would have, and used to, invite them to dine with her, but they have already eaten, having woken up almost an hour earlier in order to begin their daily duties.

Some may consider the lifestyle of such servants old fashioned, even degrading, but none of the servants in the Hanamoto household felt like that. There was a clear distinction of social class between them and the young lady, and they were proud, honored to be in her service.

That said, Miyuki still found it difficult to eat in peace knowing the preferential treatment she was receiving. While eating, she informed the nanny-caretaker of the guest they were going to receive.

The guest in question arrived shortly after she finished breakfast. The girl received him in the living room after the maid escorted him in.

The man did not look more than thirty five years old, and carried the confidence and mysteriousness of a mature adult. Long brown hair fell in thick locks to the collar of his shirt, and the casual suit he wore fitted his tall frame perfectly. One might consider his looks to be a lady-killer, but Miyuki felt he resembled a dignified hawk more than a charmer.

“It’s been a while, Miyuki.” He greeted coolly with barely a hint of a smile. “Please, sit. I have some things to ask, then tell you, and there isn’t much time.”

One thing she appreciated about him was his straightforwardness. The man never beats round the bush.

“First, have you seen any more of ‘them’, lately?” The girl shook her head in answer. “I see. I presume that’s because other than school, you’ve been at home?”

“I’ve been to town on a few occasions.” She replied. “But it’s only in crowded places where I sense ‘them’.”

Fuyutsuki nodded. “That’s to be expected. ‘They’ tend to be drawn to crowded places, even more so if you are there.”

He hadn’t intended it in a threatening manner, but the girl felt trepidation none the less. While she looked and seemed like a normal girl from a privileged household, she was far from ordinary.

“You have a unique gift, Miyuki, one that has been passed down the women of the Hanamoto line since the old days.”

She grimaced at that. “I feel it’s more of a curse than a gift.”

The handsome adult smiled with sympathy. “That may be so, but with the right guidance and a calm, tranquil environment, you will be able to live a peaceful life filled with blessings. That’s the reason why your ancestors chose to live here, next to the temple.”

It was true that the place was calm and tranquil. Other than the sounds of rustling leaves and chirping birds, they could faintly hear gongs echoing from the temple as the priests said their morning prayers.

“Um… Is there a reason why our meeting is earlier this time?”

“Hmm, there is, but there isn’t enough time to explain it now. Isn’t it about time for you to head to school?” The man said instead.

Indeed it was, but Miyuki still wanted an answer to her question. She may have been brought up in a sheltered home and lived a quiet life, but she can be stubborn, and remained seated.

Fuyutsuki couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the small act of defiance. “Well, suffice to say, your class should be having a transfer student arriving today.”

She was surprised by that answer. What did that have to do with their early meeting?

“Like I said, there isn’t enough time to explain. Off you go now. I’ll explain everything later when the two of you return.”

With the meeting concluded, Fuyutsuki escorted her outside where Hamura waited patiently beside the gray car, along with two priests. After being blessed with a short prayer, she was driven to school.

Along the way, Miyuki pondered on his last sentence.

When the two of you return.


When homeroom started, the first thing the teacher brought up was what Fuyutsuki had told Miyuki about. “Erm… First off, I’d like to introduce a new student to our class, who transferred from Hokkaido.”

The class broke into gasps and murmurs at that. Hokkaido was at the opposite end of Japan compared to here, and having a transfer student at this time of the year was, well, quite unexpected.

“He is also a priest, so please get along. Come in, please.” The teacher called out, and the door slid open.

Most of the class didn’t catch the word ‘priest’, or believed they had misheard. But the moment he walked in, they realized they hadn’t.

The teenage boy, for he was still a teen of their age, was clad in plain brown robes and wooden sandals, and carried a wooden staff that was a foot taller than he was. They expected him to be shaved bald, but he had short brown hair and dark eyes, with features that seemed to appeal to quite a few of the girls in the class.

“Blessings be upon you. My name is Murai Kenshin. It’s nice to meet everyone.” He greeted politely with a deep bow.

The homeroom teacher nodded happily, excited to have a student-priest in his class. As a man of faith, it could only be a sign of heaven’s good will. “Then, please have that vacant seat on the far right, near the window.”

“Thank you.” Murai said and went to take his seat. The class watched him the entire time.

“Hideaki, could you share your textbooks with Murai for today?” The teacher asked of the boy whose desk was beside Murai’s.

“Of course!” The teen replied promptly and dragged his desk and chair closer to the transfer student-priest’s. “Hello! I’m Hideaki Shisui, call me Hideaki.”

Murai nodded with a friendly smile. “Nice to meet you, Hideaki.”

“Hei, hei! Don’t hog the new guy all to yourself!”

“Yeah! We also want to get to know him!”

The teacher chuckled at the light-hearted banter. It seems the new boy will fit in nicely with the class. “Then, let’s take register and begin the day.” He called, and the class replied in the affirmative.

Even as the homeroom teacher called out each student’s name to be registered, most of the class kept stealing glances at the new arrival.

As for Miyuki, who sat at the opposite end of the classroom, several rows forward, she did not take part in the mood. In fact, she felt troubled. While everyone else in the class may think this was some lucky twist of fate, only she knew this was planned.

And for some reason, she felt the intense gaze of the transfer student-priest on her back more than once, but did not dare turn around to confirm it.

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