Keep it in the Family - Act 2

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As shocking as it may seem, this is the second act of a true story. Something that happened to me 20 + years ago but only now talking about. Enjoy...

Submitted: March 26, 2017

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Submitted: March 26, 2017



Act 2

I sat there motionless after I said those faithful words, and then my body collapsed against the steering wheel as I passed out ...I'm very sure this is the first time I experienced shock.

I came to...damning God this wasn't a dream and then all I wanted to do was run! I wanted to run as far away and as fast as I could from the truth I had just uncovered, but I couldn't move a muscle.  My jaw just hung wide open as if it would fall if it weren't attached, I couldn't think of what to say...I kept spinning a "what" and "uh?" In my head.  I couldn't process what had just happened.  All I wanted to do was run but my legs were limp and uncooperative, they wouldn't take me anywhere my fucking legs!

For a while I kept hearing her babble in disbilief...For she knew how serious this was and what awaited my near future...and his.  From all her words that flew by me, I only  caught "are you going to kill him!?", Or maybe that was the only thing that made sense to me...KILL HIM! My vision started narrowing and everything turned red....

I remember thinking at that moment, 

'Of course I'm gonna fucken kill him!' but...I needed my legs first....

I can't kill em if I can't get to him'

That was all I needed, just to get there as no escape plan was necessary or rather, it was unimportant to escape...There was nothing to live for now so  I didn't care about tomorrow.  I was overtaken by grief... a sadness I had never felt before, that was then followed by a sheer and primal anger and a need to kill!  I was going to feed him his fuckin intestines!

I start putting words in my mouth, but they were only 'ha, hum, what the fuck!, And why!?', while she kept rambling about 'fucker!, How could he!' After a couple of minutes, I needed to act! I convince my left hand to open the driver side door and I come out the car.

I stand, take two steps and then I collapse on the concrete as my legs still struggled with the news and weighed me down like a ton of bricks.I would collapse again and again but eventually, almost crawling, I made it inside her apartment.  There, I start drinking, as I imagined how red that night would dark and red.  I wasn't a violent person then, so I needed that courage to help me do something righteous! Yes, a righteous murder!  I was going to do what bigger men only speak of doing! I downed a fifth of tequila.because that time had come and I needed to be emotionally strong for this.

I had planned all the details of my murder... Including the words of condolences I'd offer my grandma, even if my actions were justified. I knew I would spend my remaining days in prison, but I loved her soo much, she was worth it and I was OK with that.  I  start feeling the buzz as I get the liquid courage to make my legs work.  I start marching to my final destination...but his first.

Gushing tears and holding a contorted face to not weep loudly, I grab the slugger, put my blinders on, and start walking towards his place of work... He'd be out soon and I needed to get there before he left.

All I saw was one vision...swinging that bat as hard as I could.  My aim? The back of his skull!...

That night is unforgettable.

Five years later, Im sitting in my cell and I start reminiscing about that faithful night... Wondering how things got soo fucked up....

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