Viscid Sweetness

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" The maggots have devoured her glassy eyes, leaving her sockets exposed".
Based on a torture method called scaphism, Viscid Sweetness is a story about a man who is forced to watch as his wife is slowly consumed by vermin. During this time, is when his love for her destroys him.

Submitted: March 26, 2017

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Submitted: March 26, 2017



She knows no evil. I pleaded with these foolish men many times but they do not listen, for I am her husband. The elders of the tribe accuse her of summoning the dark spirits to prey on the tribe, so they demand my love to return to the goddess Assintmah. I am helpless, forced to watch as they strip Nala, and put her between two mossy, hollowed-out tree trunks. Her hands, head, and feet have been exposed, dangling in the water. She's looking at me, and leaking fear. They've made her consume soo much of that vile mixture of milk and honey. Her hellish shrieks of worry are slaughtering me. They've poured that viscid liquid on her body and face, making sure to even cover her delicate lashes. I want to break their necks for touching her soo, but each time I try to break free, they beat me and threaten the little ones with their mother's torturous punishment.

She's been in that stagnant pond for five days. The smell around us is putrid, filled with the scent of sweat, sorrow, and human feces. Her cries have turned into whimpers, so now "my brothers" have moved me closer. I think I can see why. Around her swarm mosquitos, draining her blood and leaving swollen bumps behind. Dead bees lie at the site of their crimes, and worms squirm around her finding refuge in her wounds. I try to call out for her; I have lost my voice.

I've awoken to the worrisome sight of a large spider nesting on her face. Meanwhile, vermin buzz around her. All I can hear is the vexatious sound of buzzing. She isn't making any sounds; she can't. Her prison has floated near me, and from my enchainment I can see her cracked, colorless lips. In doing so, I remember my own. The thought of her dehydration defeats the last strength I have, and so I cry staring at the oozing lumps on her arms and legs. Hopefully she hasn.t lost too much blood.

Some days have passed, but I do not know how many. I've started humming along to the buzzing in defiance. Asintmah will not take my love. No she won't! Yes! When the insects free her, we will go far, far away. Her beauty will put all in awe! The maggots have devoured her glassy eyes, leaving her sockets exposed. The deep red holes they've left form connecting tunnels. It is no matter though, no matter at all. My love for her will heal.

I am free! I began to laugh hysterically upon release. They say Nala is dead but I know she is sleeping. As the sun begins to illuminate the earth, I make my way to the waters edge. Nala refuses to wake but her lips are trembling. An indescribable joy washes over me. I shake her over and over until finally, my heart begins to hurt. My lips meet her trembling lips. The buzzing begins to get louder until at last, Assintmah grabs a hold of me. 


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