Reminiscent Awakening: 1 -Beyond our Boundries

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How did they all come together from the different corners of the earth? Where did the adventure begin?

It could be said that it all started to come together in the Occident, as they traveled for the exotic land of Twarlot

Twarlot; a nation once lead by their Priest-King had rejected industrialization and the use of fire-arms to live in commune with their pristine wilderness. As the rest of the world is destroyed by consumerism and conflicts, Western Imperialist nations saw this as prime source of resources and set to conquer it. But rumors say that with their advantages of terrain and arcane arts, it is one of the only nations to maintain its cultural heritage and sovereignty against the Imperialists.

However, when a tenacious young Twarlotion girl ventures from her family ranch into those Western nations on a quest to find her father to help her prepare for her Coming-of-Age Ceremony, she becomes the target of a Dark Cult.

She is rescued by an altruistic Scholar and a playful Merchant; uncertain of what they got themselves into providence provides guidance under the occult Priestess of the Sacred Fire. They take the airship to the far off mysterious land of Twarlot, with their pursuers not far behind them.

On their journey they all learn to appreciate the world through different points of views, reflect on their place in it, and invoke a greater power from within.
The altruistic Scholar realizes that he must be stronger to protect those in need. To be that voice for the voiceless, that light in the darkness, he must pay penitence to cut ties with the mischievous malevolence distressing him. Only through atonement may he realize his dream of becoming a true Knight of Righteousness.

For the tenacious Twarlotion girl she realizes things are not what they appear and her family faced many challenges to raise her in these uncertain times. Along the way she comes to accept more of her mixed cultural heritage; the family traditions of her mother (and her espionage skills), while understanding more about the spirit of the Occident, where her father hails. Unfortunately she learns the hard way about the consequences of her actions in a world bigger than she grasped.

Despite the addling difficulties, the playful Merchant struggles to stay faithful to his friends, brokering deals and gambling on his charm along the way; still hoping to find the next big financial opportunity so that he may someday be with his bedazzling beloved.
Through trials and tragedies they traverse, pushing themselves, beyond their boundaries in a struggle to survive.

** This series is Educational Fiction; learn more about your own world and its multitude of magnificent and mysterious ancient and modern marvels. Inspired by real life; all characters are fictiously superior to most people and to think that they libel you is pure vanity. Paradoxically everything is from the author’s imagination, to protect the author. **

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