Dr. Dosr

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A unique story about a mother, her son, a gift, the end of the world, and a special doctor.

Submitted: March 26, 2017

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Submitted: March 26, 2017



Pan Dosr

The turkey was big. The people were small. Literally and figuratively. Worth Hector was six years old and already broken. Heaven Hector was thirty-two, five foot two inches, and beyond broken. Two people, three place settings, and one missing father: Bryan Hector.

With little money it was the unborn infant residing in Heaven, or Bryan’s medical treatment. When the boy was born Bryan smiled because the child was worth it. But one year after the birth of a beautiful baby boy, the new father was dead.

Heaven’s words were hardly even muttered: “Eat your-” and then disappeared.

Although Heaven’s thankful eyes never looked up from the sparkle on her finger, the boy played with his food as he was watched.

The November air drafted through the little house on the handle of the pot: Cimarron County, Oklahoma. Predictictions were made and rumors swirled. December, 2012 was supposedly the end of the world.

Although the air was down to 45°F, Panther didn’t shiver, and he didn’t move. He was cold, frightened, and excited. He was cold because of the air, frightened because of the two shattered people in front of him, and excited because he could see the germs inside them.

He was legally Panther Dosr, professionally (at the hospital) Dr. Dosr, and unprofessionally Pan. He was like Peter Pan, in that he never aged; although, he couldn’t fly, only steal germs from other people's blood streams.

His mouth was like a stethoscope; cold and round. However, it didn’t listen to heartbeats, but sucked out bacteria. On most every occasion, the victim's body would be fighting off the germs inside them, and Dr. Dosr would engulf the white blood cells with the bacteria. His mouth was deadly, leaving behind a disease much worse than any original, because with no white blood cells to stop it, the poisoned killed within seconds.

If only they had an apple; an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is a saying, but also very accurate in this case. An ingested apple would have killed this creature.

Dr. Dosr’s eyes were big and steal. They inspected Worth. His blond hair framed his pale face. His dark eyes were filled with loneliness. His mother was always there, unless she wasn’t. Unless she was at work bagging cans and bottles.

He needed a father. He needed two parents. He needed whole people to keep him whole.

Dr. Dosr knew his victim well. Although not his usual tactics, this family made him want to know more; he had been watching. He had seen a lot of families in his days at the hospital, always worried for whoever brought them there. The worry overshadowed their other issues. Pan assumed everything else in their lives was perfect. They wouldn’t mind one loss that may have came without any help from him anyways.

Seeing the Hectors’ loss widened Dr. Dosr’s eyes. Their issues were more clear and his prey seemed more alive. Just like humans he had to eat and live, and this was the only way to do that. The bacteria he lived on needed to be fresh from a human bloodstream.

Worth would understand.

Anyways, his mother wouldn’t matter when the world ended.

Dr. Dosr touched his fingertips to the glass of the window. He was hungry and sorry. Three days of observing this duo and not once did they properly sit down for a meal. Until that night when Heaven managed to save up and snatch a turkey from the dozens of hands at the supermarket.

His hand seemed to be at the glass divide for hours before Heaven closed her eyes and began saying a prayer. She formed words in her mind, something she had never done before but always wished she could,“Please forgive me for not being the best mother. I give you my life for these last couple of days. Do through me as you please. I know I need you. Worth needs you,” she opened one eye for a split second and saw the innocently damaged soul across from her. “I know you can love us both. I can’t wait to meet you. Tell Bryan thanks for telling me about you. Amen.”

Worth fell limp in his oak wood chair. Heaven ran to his side. The exhaustion got the best of him. She carried the child to his bed.

The stars on the ceiling glowed, shining down on Worth’s face. The possibilities were far away. His eyes closed, his mouth slightly curved up, and his mind dreamed of his father. He pieced together the little he knew about the man and created a wonderful image. It was exactly how he really was. As wonderful and as perfect as he could possibly be.

Heaven, Worth, and Bryan all sat together around the turkey. They were like any other family in that they couldn’t think of anything significant to be thankful for. It’s not until you lose something that you realize you were thankful for it. But they were different. The women and child at the feast were not whole. Still only pieces. But, strangely, the man was full. Completely and utterly happy because he had a true father.

Heaven,  perched on her queen sized bed,  gazed into the mirror blankly. The space was too big for one person. Especially only a fraction of one. She wiggeled her left set of fingers. The cold metal danced around warm flesh. Heaven had a tattoo. It wasn’t ink. It was metal and diamond. It could never come of her finger. It was definitely not regretful.

The women laid down on her side of the light white bed. She tilted her ticking clock towards her face, squinted, and witnessed another day pass: twelve o’clock, midnight.

Dr. Dosr was still outside under the bright moonlight. He was now at the only window that looked into Heaven's bedroom. Time was ticking, but Pan left. With one final look he smiled. He was no longer hungry for germs, for now at least: he would return.


Dr. Dosr saw Heaven pass over the threshold of the grocery store out into the world. She passed the hospital. Her mind fixed on getting to her car.

The doctor had just finished his shift and was putting on his coat before stepping outside.

December 20th. It was cold, freezing actually.

Heaven was clutching a box close to her frame. She was protecting it with her life. The most precious thing in her life was Worth, and this was for him.

Dr. Dosr was glad to see she was able to get him a present for Christmas. He was glad to see she was still well. But he was sad to admit he was hungry, and that the gift was likely to last longer than the hands carrying it.

Pan switched his gaze to a whispering sign duct-taped to the hospital window:


The World Will

Come To An End

December 21st, 2012.

Every day the sign would go up. Every day the hospital sent someone to take it down. The day was approaching. The people were positive it was all over. This was of course according to some ancient Mayan calendar.

Every day Heaven passed the sign.  Every day she believed it more and more. The day was approaching. She was positive it was all over. This was, of course, because she wanted it to be.

Every day Panther Dosr was sent to take down the sign.  Everyday he believed what he read. The day was approaching. He was positive it was all over. This was of course what made him think his attack would be okay.

Pan tore down the controversial message, threw it away, and looked back to see snow falling on the forsaken ground. It didn’t look like the end. White flakes tumbled through the air.


Dr. Dosr was ready. He wanted this woman to be his last meal. He was at her front door by eleven o’clock: December 20th, 2012.  

He wasn’t going to go in through the front door, but he felt invited in when he stood on the space were a welcome mate should have been. Not that he was a vampire, but he was living a human life, trespassing was still breaking the law.

The window into Heaven's bedroom was the entrance point. She was already asleep while other believers were out living their last days. Dr. Dosr was ready to go out with one last feast when a small seven year old boy walked into the darkness.

It was Worth’s birthday and that’s what the present was for.

Dr. Dosr almost left right then when he saw the card:

Happy Birthday

You are my everything.

That was all Pan could read.

Worth was very smart. He loved to read and picked it up quickly and easily. He read the card one-hundred times before he cried.

Worth sat on the floor for a couple of minutes. Just watching his mother sleep. Tears silently streamed down his young cheeks. He couldn’t stop. He stood up and stayed standing for one more minute, then walked out. He didn’t know what was happening he only knew he was sad.

Dr. Dosr couldn’t wait any longer. Before Worth was even back to his room, the copy of a man slid through the now-open window and was at the bed’s side. The woman’s face was soft and clear. She was clearly ready for what was coming. Although, her button nose was as flush as a strawberry. Her eyes must have been leaking too.

“ Everything is going to be okay,” Pan’s groggy voice cut through the silence. His lips hardened, her neck called, and his mind prayed that he would be right.

The doctor slowly pressed death on the center of Heaven’s neck. Dosr sucked. He absorbed every last disease-causing-microorganism in Heaven’s body. With it every single white blood cell. He didn’t make a sound as Heaven’s face turned through different shades of death until it all stopped. The sucking, the colors, and the life.

In 1.076 seconds she was gone.


Worth Hector was alone in an orphanage. Alone in a orphanage in California on December 24th, 2012. Alone with dozens of other children. With no parents. They were all the same. The same, but different.

Panther Dosr was sorry in a hospital. Sorry in a hospital in Oklahoma on December 24th, 2012. Sorry with no regrets. With no hunger. He was happy for Worth and his new life in California with new possibilities. Better possibilities.

Heaven Hector was dead in a coffin. Dead in a coffin in Oklahoma on December 24th, 2012. Dead, but alive. With no worries. She was in heaven. She was with Bryan.

Worth sat on his new bed. New stars were shining above his head. The possibilities were closer, greater. He still held the present from his mother in both hands.

It was a watch. It was his father's. The card read:


Happy Birthday

You are my everything

So you always know the time.

It’s your daddy’s.

You have to listen to everything your daddy taught you.

We will see each other again.

In Love, Heaven

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