merged souls

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
they live inside us as an enemy or as a friend , the war between human and gen is coming in their world under ground ,if you will fight only your soul will do not your body

Submitted: March 26, 2017

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Submitted: March 26, 2017



One second where iam it is astrange something dark around me

I cant see

Another voice : you still new here go for his eyes idiot

Me : what?

The voice : his eyes you don’t under stand you inside a man

Me : no iam free jen I did not choose to live inside this man

The voice : you just don’t remember as entering is hard for first time to hunt a man and you may loose your memory for a while

Me :last thing I remember I was coming back from my work in jorahia my small town under ground then the solders of the king called my name and I went with them

The voice : you came here for a job some sorcerer made deal with your king to use one of his people to do something to this man

Me : wait a second where are you?

The voice : go up to his head merge your head with his brain and eyes and you will see me

Me : oh I see through his eyes and who is this ?

The voice : this is his wife that I live inside her and by the way iam zakem and you ?

Me :iam sharm

Me : wait my head hurts

Zakem : the human sorcerer sending you reminding of what you should do

Me : and why it came with all this evil I hear words in my head destroy his life make him drunk all time spending his money in nothing make him separate from his wife and finally make him kill himself why all this?

Zakem : don’t ask me ask your king who take all what he need from the human sorcerer with your life to leave all your people and live inside human

Me : no I will leave how to go out from here ?

Zakem : even I tell you this will burn you trying as sure you tied with this human with magic spells till you do what they want


While this james and his wife were eating dinner and james feels something wrong in his body

Leta :james why you don’t eat ?

James : you remember when you told me that you hear noise in your head ?

Leta : yes

James : I hear it now and I cant eat

Zakem to sharm : stop moving inside him or he and you will get tired

Sharm :so how I will hurt him if iam not moving fast ?

Zakem : the main weapon is whispering to him but not like you talking with me now just talk as your voice is his mind and if he refused the idea just little press on his heart and lung he will accept to get rest of pain as you will remove your press when he only do what you make him think

Leta : now better james ?

James : I just need some sleep

Zakem : now it is your first chance to hurt him

Sharm : I don’t want to hurt any body just want to go back to my life iam only 200 years old and I have my life and family

Zakem : iam 600 years old and still living in humans as my king sold me to a devil human and I cant escape but my advice if you will not obey orders you will be killed

James leaves his wife alone and go bed room saying to himself :

What is happening to me?

Zakem shouting : prepare when he sleep you must appear in his dreams as his soul become easer to talk with , make him suffer or you will suffer

Sharm : iam not sure what I ill do but we will see

James already slept and sharm enterd his dream walking slowly

It was old street in londen and walls are black from factories disposal it is 19 century and james walking in fog and sharm watching and thinking what shape he should take man woman child animal , good or bad , nice or ugly finally he go out to james with his original face shaped like human but with eyes of bees , white or colorless skin and golden hair

James frightened : who are you and where  am i?

Sharm : don’t be afraid I will not hurt you it is only a dream and iam not real

James : why iam here?

Sharm : don’t know it is your dream

Suddenly black woman go out from one building and angry man chasing her shouting I will kill you

The woman came to james and sharm and she begged : please save me mister from this man

The angry man shouted louder : who you ask to help I cant see any one idiot woman

He grapped her arm  and pull out a big knife from his clothes getting ready to kill her

James : no don’t and he tried to catch his hand but like a ghost his hand passed through the angry man hand but sharm was their his colure changed to orange and he moved like thunder and hit his hand the angry man screamed from pain

Angry man : ohh I cant move it

The woman to sharm : thank you and don’t hurt him you cant be manged by sorccer .  then she ran a way and every thing melted like water

James waking up : oh that was very strange dream

Leta :you was talking while sleep but I did not understand any thing

Zakem : what happened sharm ?

Sharm I couldn’t hurt him and I saved I woman

Zakem: did not you show him how you are scary in his dream ?

Sharm : he did not afraid of my face

James :leta what did you hear ?

Leta : you was talking with someone but I couldn’t hear any thing

James : ok iam leaving to work when mark wakes up kiss him to me

Leta: ok see you baby

Sharm first time walks on ground not under it, looking  for sun is was most strange thing he said

James works in wall street his company works in money trade

He entered his office with big smile to his manage who met him at entrance

Then he said : thanks god he did not blame me for yesterday loose

He sets beside his disk started his computer to see what happens in money market

Sharm felt pain : what again I will not hurt him in his work

The pain more powerfull ok I will just stop please

He entered his memory seeking a problem in his work

Aha I found it is  small mistake , he forget to replay with acceptance to this deal ok I will make him forget it all

Wait  a minute how do I understand this

I think I can use his memory and knowledge as mine but does he can use mine too  ? I don’t think so

The secretary entered : good morning mr james

Good morning mady

Another woman voice : good morning sharm

Sharm : who is this?

The voice : iam nohal I live in mady as she entered  our cave when she was young and I found her nice I was almost alone as my father died in the great war with sea daemons

Sharm : that was 1000 thousand ago

Nohal : yes iam 1100 years old

Sharm :So how you know my name?

Nohal : we are jen sharm when we gets old we get more powers

Sharm : I know more stronger faster more knowledge can read human mind easly but read another jen mind this is new

Nohal : my mother was like me it is in family

While this james was reviewing papers mady gave to  him

James : so how is your luck in horse races?

Mady : I win a little loosing much

James : and your child?

Mady : still waiting for a donor and his kidney start fail more

James : iam sorry for this

Sharm : nohal what means kidney fail ?

Nohal : humans harm them self with bad food even chiled get sick the poor boy loosing ability to purify his blood from toxic

Sharm : and what donors should do ?

Nohal: humans can use each other organs some times free some times for money

Mady : any thing else mr james

James : no thank you

James thinking hard askin him self : what I forgot something I should do what is it ?

Now we move to home and leta preparing some perfume in her small lab in basement remembering what her mother thought her about how to feed good souls with nice perfumes and fight bad soules also with it

Zakeeeeem , she shouted in her mind

Where are you in my body ?

Zakem : in your left leg leta

Leta : ok don’t move much I feel some pain

Zakem : iam sorry but you know if I left your body haryngar the king will kill me and that human sorcerer will kill me too

Leta : I know since I use my cure perfume to relief your pain

When you refuse to hurt me and I decided to hide you inside me to help me take revenge from this sorcerer who killed my mother and my grand mother before to stop our tries to create the protection perfume

Zakem : and I accept to help you to find a way to kill this sorcerer and kill the bloody king deals with him haryngar and my friend from resistance faked sharm name as most evil jen in the kingdom so the king sent him and he don’t know that we depend on him

Leta : I still not believe that he can do what you said

Zakem : his grand father did it before he merged him self with a human soul and he became very strong as  your souls are immortal and he led the secret resistance to fight haryngar father but this evil human the sorcerer split him from his human friend soul and he was killed

Leta : ok silence in my head now I hear something it may be james back


She goes up the stairs with big smile she said to james : how was your day my love

James : not bad but I start to forget important things

Leta in her mind :zakem make sure that he will not damage my husband memory

Zakem : ok but you will pay me

Leta : the feeding perfume bottle all yours

Zakem :great ,hey sharm what happened today ?

Sharm: I coudnt take the pain so I had to do something bad

Zakem: you make him loose some memories ?

Sharm : yes

Zakem : but don’t do it much or you will make him crazy and you will not like to be locked with him in a hospital

Sharm : ok I will take care

Leta : zakem start the offer

Zakem : you know sharm iam from town near yours

Sharm : really

Zakem : yes and I heard about the last revolution  and the jen who united with a human to kill the king

Sharm : that was my grand father but the sorcerer forced him to leave the human then the king killed him

Zakem : and don’t you want to revenge ?

Sharm : yes but what I do the king torture our family for 100 year after my grandfather died and we all are afraid

Zakem : you know why king choosed you ?

Sharm : no

Zakem : we make him think that you’re the best for this job

Sharm : and you are?

Zakem : we are the resistance

Sharm : and why you are here?

Zakem: king dosent know iam from resistance and her sent me to make leta suffer and I discovered that she also want revenge from the sorcerer and more

Leta at this time was watching tv with james and without doing any action

Leta : sharm do you hear me

Sharm : oh how you speak to me?

Leta : I just used the voice perfume so we can talk in my mind while  zakem is silent , any way we don’t have time the sorcerer scout will pass to check what are you doing and zakem tonight and if they found us not suffering you and zakem will be punished

Sharm : and  what to do ?

Leta : before they come  I will use some drug for me and james and zakem will show you what to do

James laughing : this guy make it fun all time

Leta : sure baby he is the best , do you want mango juice will make some

James : ok your juice are nice give me some

Leta moves to kitchen and she start preparing juice with drug to make james sleep

Sharm : so what I will do ?

Zakem :she will used the fake suffer perfume it makes the scouts see their souls suffering , you and me will act was we tourte their bodies while they are sleeping

Sharm : like what

Zakem : press on muscles , get inside bones put your self in any place makes pain

Out of leta home two huge jen 5 meters tall with long swords and ugly Whips flying around the roof

Scout 1 : this the house

Scout 2 : yes leta and james

Scout 1 : lets go

Inside house leta and james were sleep sharm an zakem doing painfull actions inside slept bodies but drugs make them feel nothing

Zakem they are coming just act normal

The scouts came down through the roof looking with big item like glass ball into slept bodies

Scout 1 : zakem why they are slept ?

Zakem : they are tired from pain sir

Scout 2 : and you sharm ?

Sharm : he cant sleep all night I made him frightened in his dreams

Scout 1 : good for the next check it should be seprated next time

Zakem : sure sir

The 2 scouts left through wall to out side


In another place far from leta house in dead jungle there was under ground cave with old man his body coverd with names and spells in front of small fire

The man : haryngar your jen not strong like before

Sound came from fire : sorcerer we do for you what you want but my jen hurt humans with wisdom as if they discovered religion people will try to kill them

The sorcerer : any way I get you what you want the deer blood

Haryngar : great leave it here and go

The sorcerer : where is my reward ?

Haryngar : what you want I just led you last week to a small treasuer of gold

The sorcerer : I want my health back

Haryngar: I told you before no one from jen will help you not any human jen can merge with his soul to give him power and vision in jen world and last one did it tried to kill me and you

The sorcerer: I did every thing and searched every where for the secret of merging and nothing

Haryngar : I have something to you go for new shine street block 19 enter the garage you will find a Mercedes benz with keys inside it , its owner killed him self 10 minutes ago and this work of my jen that you don’t like , take the car you will find 100000 usd in bag under the seat

The sorcerer : this good for now , see you later or in hell haryngar

Haryngar : see you same sorcerer

Now we go back to leta house she wakes up first and james still sleep but this time he was waiting for the dream but this time it was roma and small child running from a man , the child has an apple in his hand , the man caught him start beating

Man : you stool from my shop I will show you the meaning of pain

James trying to talk to the man : wait I will pay you

But the man cant hear him

Sharm: you still has no existence in dreams I cant understand why but your soul is too light

James : I saw you in other dream when you helped a woman

Sharm : wait a second

His colure turns into human skin and his face became just like james ,he talks to the man

Sharm : stop don’t punish the boy I will pay you

The man : ok 1 silver coin

Sharm gave him the coin and the child said

Child : thank you mister I know you are not human but please don’t hurt the owner of the face

And he was aiming to charm face which same as jemas face

Leta : wake up james wake up

James : oh what happened this first time I sleep in day light like this

Leta: you must exhausted your self in work

James : I saw another strange dream , this time it was a child and the same freak guy

Zakeem : it looks like james and sharm memories blending

Leta : be quit now I think sharm can hear you

Zakeem : ok what next

Leta :I don’t know if my husband will accept this all and merge with sharm or even sharm can do it we need a test

Zakeem: how?

Leta : what is the ability of sharm kind of jen ?

Zakeem : it is a glassy jen they change their colure according  to the job they are doing and their abilities are many but different from one to another and some times they don’t know with it unless they forced to use it

Leta : tell me one I can explan to james

Zakeem : healing is common

Leta : ok we will try

While this conversation in her mind she was talking with james about his work

Leta : I have a gift for you

James : show me you always surprise me

Leta : it is a new perfume

James : and what its name

Leta : relax

James : nice

Leta : please use it now I want to smill it on you

Zakeem : this is pain relief

Leta : yes

Leta : and how is mady son

Jaems : iam sorry for hims still no donner

Leta: why don’t you use your grandfather technique and give it a shot

Jaems :you want me try to heal the boy with my mind, my grand father was a crazy man are you believing in this ?

Leta : why not get his book and give it a try

James: ok lets go at night to see mady at hospital

After dinner james and leta left to see mady in hospital

In the car inside mind of leta :

Zakeem: why pain reliefe now ?

Leta : I quest on sharm kindness may push him to try to heal the boy

Zakem : but he must get at least his hand out of james body in same time james trying his grand father way by moving his soul hand out of his body

Leta : and this what iam looking for they may merge and to avoid the sorcerer pain effect till we finish

While this conversation in leta mind another one but vocal was there :

Leta : you know james I think that your father had a clear soul

James : he was kind heart but his ideas about souls and ghosts was very up normal

Leta : just give him a try

James : I will do as he said in his book relax imagine that your body is a bottle and your soul can move partially outside it then but your soul hand inside the ill body and you will see the damage as a black area in white body catch it and think in making it white again –sure he was mad

Zakeem: what you feel sharm now

Sharm : I don’t know something strange after james put this perfume

Zakeem :did you think before in hurting humans

Sharm  : no I was forced to come here and iam thinking inmy family , I know that king paying them well but it is not my manner hurting any body for nothing and I hope some day we get our freedom from haryngar

Zakem : soon very soon my friend

James : here we go this the hospital

Leta : lets go

James and leta walks in the hospital and a white soul light comes out from james only zakem can see

Zakem : leta sharm turns into white

Leta : good  my idea is right

James : this is the room

Leta entered first mady was craying in silence and the boy was a sleep

Leta : mady what happened?

Mady : doctors said that his kidney fails so fast and no donor

James : we came to help

James get his grand father book and take a final look on steps

The he set beside the bed and his hand above the kid closed his eyes

Zakem : sharm can you help ?

Sharm : may be I see my colure turns to white this first time happens this may means something but you know I cant move my hand outside him without pain

Zakem: just try

Sharm : ok

James closed his eyes trying to move  his soul hand out of his body he sees him self like green light in the bottle of his body

He tries to move it but no use

Suddenly a white light shines and james saw it

James : what who is this?

Sharm : james I locked your soul ears to prevent you from hereing me unless I want to make you think iam your mind

But now we must help this  boy

James : iam sure mad like my grand father but ok

Sharm : now move your hand with me

James: ok

They moved their soul hands together out of james body the new hand become shiny green and white

Zakem: it works

Leta : tell me what you see?

Zakem : merging their hands

James : this should be kidney now I must think in making it white

Sharm : tighter

James : iam talking to my self again but ok

The new hand start chaning colure from green to blue then shines like sun inside the kid body

James :this is amazing  imagination

Sharm : almost done

The hand came out from the boy and back to  normal green and white 2 hands

Nohal : this is first time I see healing with merged human and jen souls

Zakem : and who are you ?

Nohal : sharm friend

Leta : mady can you call doctor to test ted blood

Mady: ok

The boy opend his eyes

Ted : mom

Mady smiling : my son you waked up thanks god , tell me what you feel

Ted : the pain is gone

James : I think my grand father wasn’t mad

Leta : sure now lets go

Leta  : mady tell us test result when you get it




James : leta I hear voices what happens to me ?

Leta : your soul ear working now I have to tell you every thing

She started to tell the story from beginning , her grand mother was a good spiritual doctor helping people to get red of bad spirits then she met maleka the good old neighbor which also was working in similar carrier she was a jen disease doctor ,jen is not like spritis and ghosts they can destroy your body and life in silence they hurt people as a task they must do by their king order , or just for they want to do it , leta grand mother take from maleka all what she knows and start making perfumes to pain relief , curing bad side effects of jen on body , jen poision but it was very danger as it also effect human and finally the protection perfume but the great kingdomof jen jorahia had a bloody king his business with the human sorcerer would come to end if my grand mother made the protection perfume they killed her and also my mom after her

James : and who is this guy that helped us today

Leta :this sharm he is listing to me now as zakem unblock him of my mind and we wiats from him much

Sharm : like what

Leta : I plan to kill haryngar and the human sorcerer from long time but we need a fighter can do it


Zakem : hi james by the way iam zakem  I live in your wife body and you and sharm should be that fighter

James and sharm : us

Leta : yes today you merged your souls to cure the boy but we need you to merge totally to fight haryngar

Sharm : but how we can be one this is can happen only for few seconds like what happened today then our souls split fast

Leta : sharm we choosed you as your grand father did it before you must have a way to do it

Sharm : I will try

They reached home they go up stairs

James : leta how we would sleep with these guys with us

Leta : and why you think we drink juice each night it has a blocker can block vision of them

James : ok

The night passed with no problems but leta saw in her dream an old man with arab clothes aiming with his stick to her

Leta : who are you ?

The man : iam abed don’t be afraid I did not choose to be here your soul called me

Zakem appeard with his face like eagle and body coverd with soft brown hair with sowrd in his hand

Zakem : tell me why realy you here or my sowrd will hurt you ?

Abed : try if you can

Zakem rise up his sword and try to hit abid but the old man moved so fast and his stick turned to light hits zakem sword

Made him shout from pain

Zakem : oh what is this

Abed turned and walked saying : see you later leta

Morning came and sune shines on leta and james house

Leta : wake up james you have a training

James :what training ?

Leta : merging and fight

 James :fighting who?

Leta : haryngar you forget what I told you?

James : no I did not but needs break fast to startup my brain

Leta : 10 minutes will be ready

After break fast leta and james went downstairs to basement where leta pefrum lab is

James :oh what a nice smell

Leta : not all are nice

James :  now what to do?

Leta :we need full merging not only hand with hand

James in his mind : are you here sharm?

Sharm : yes and ready

Leta : zakem can you show sharm and james this vedio vision of last battle between haryngar and sharm grand father

Zakem: just but your hand on james head and I will start

Leta: james first you must see last battle of your enemy

Leta puts her hand on james head and she said

Leta : relax and don’t think you or sharm in any thing

James : ok do it

The vision started james saw himself with sharm on a mountain and two armies in the valley fighting the sky is red and haryngar about 10 meter length with head of goat has long horns red eyes his muscles huge and his sword is black with red liquid inside it you can see it come out the sword , his army few looks same as him but not same huge size , snakes with human arms , dragons breath fire ,knights rides hyenas with human like head but red eyes

Haryngar was roaring like a lion hitting has shield made of bones with his sword

On the other side raven the grandfather of sharm merging his soul with  a human their face human shaped but eyes more like sharm eyes five meters tall on wonder full white giant horse with wings , their shield from gold , big sword of silver their army has many kinds of jen eagles, flying human like gen with arrows and golden clothes , big cats double size a lion , knights on horses like humans , gen like sharm their skin changed to red , small jen with big heads

The fight started not like human fights every body Is so fast so strong swords sound like hell raven attacked haryngar but harygar shied so strong they fire come out from haryngar sword but raven and human knight flight up with the flying horse then fall down like a stone on haryngar head he block them with shield but this time the shield broke the human knight said to raven full emerge now

Their souls shines and become one totally and with one hit haryngar sword broken

Suddenly the human sorcerer soul appeared as a black hallow

Haryngar : help me sorcerer they are merged I cant defeat them

Sorcerer : flay up start saying a spell with black smoke came out from his body toward raven human knight they screamed from pain

Human knight : split raven you will die

Raven : no they will kill us both after this

Human : so we die fighting better

Raven : this is not you fight leave

Raven split himself and caught the human soul with both hands and through him up to sky

Raven : go back to your body kent

Kent : screaming nooooo

At this time james saw kent face  alone for first time

James : oh grandfather

Haryngar laughing : you saved your human friend , you know even he is alone we cant kill his soul as human soul is immortal and they died when she left the body

Raven: I know you would cause him pain till his soul cant go back to his body and he die

At this time resistance army saw what happen their courage failed down and they were defetd

Raven : I will not surrender

He attacked haryngar alone but haryngar was the stronger this time beated him down with one hand

Haryngar : without human soul you are nothing

The sorcerer : join us and I promise to make you my private servant

Raven : no

He attacked with his last power but this time haryngar sword went through his body

Sharm with tears falling on his face : my poor grand father he tried but couldn’t

Leta moved her hand away

Leta : james don’t worry this time will be different , lets start training  close your eyes and relax imagine that you are out of your body and also sharm

James : ok

Leta : try to merge your souls now to be as one body

Sharm : ok but who inside who

Leta : it is not like that it is a mix like milk and juice

James : now I think we did  it

Leta : zakem you see them clear

Zakem: yes in room centre

Leta : now catch a sword and try to break this bottle glass

James : what sowrd

Sharm : in soul world you can make your wepons by think in it and if you have faith the weapon will be real

James : thought in silver sword my it work

The sword appeared in james and sharm hand

James : wow great

Leta : hit the bottle spiritual shape

James : what ?

Leta : every thing in world has a spiritual shape you can hurt its physical shape if you can hurt its spritural shape

James and sharm start hitting but after 10 time nothing 

Sharm : why we try this I can hit gen or human souls why using a bottle

Leta :  if you did this your hits to haryngar body and soul will be very strong this is hardest level of souls fight when you effect physical thing

James : ok try again

This time the bottle effected a little after effected more then after 20 his

Sharm : its broken yeah

James :we did it

Sharm : I feel pain in my head

Leta : that what iam afraid of, you cant merge for long  time

James : pain here too

Leta : ok split this enough for today

Zakem : do you think sharm can do it like raven

Leta : I hope day by day he can hold it longer

The phone ringed

Leta : hello who is this

Mady : mady I call to thank you and james , my son now is ok and we left the hospital

Leta : that’s great iam happy to you

In the kitchen james searching for something to eat he opened the closuer but a bottle falled down and smashed the oil inside it every were

Sharm screaming : oh please wash this oil from you body

James  : ok ok

Leta came fast :what happened ?

James : I broke the olive oil bottle and sharm screaming from it

Leta :so olive oil hurts gen

Sharm : like fire in a paper

The days passed day after day and james sharm knight now can fight with sword will and can hold the merge for triple times longer

Zakem : you this time enough for a battle

Leta : no but I wait more from sharm

Wind came through windows and noise

Zakem :the scouts they came early

Leta : no time for drugs sharm cause pain now ,james lets do some fight as husband and wife

They start shouting , sharm and zakem get in stomic and legs making some pain

Scout 1 : do you see smell something

Scout 2 : no

Scout 1 : I smell a sword and why sharm colure looks different

Scout 2 : the woman smell strange

Scout 1 moves very near around leta 

Scout 1 : this is strange I  feel better hello zakem

Zakem : hello sir

Scout 1 : is every thing is ok

Zakem : yes sir

Scout 2 : this woman looks nice to me I may visit her at night since last time I hunted a woman body I mess human woman soul taste

James couldn’t hold him silf he closed his eyes and took a sword

Scout 1 : watch it he is a fighter

Sharm : no escape lets fight

The combat between sharm james knight and the scouts was like hell , and the house start shaking

Scout 1 : wait the king knows when we leaves sharm all your people will suffer

James trying to cut his head

James  : you are not leaving

Scout 2 weaseled the 2 giant dogs with red eyes came through the walls

Zakem : we all gonna die, and I cant leave your body to fight

Sharm james moved back slowly to the corner doesn’t know  what to do

Suddenly the old man appeard with his light stick saying

Abed : hi every body did I missed any thing?

The scout 1 attacked him with sword but he moved like thunder and hit him on back of his head the huge scout fallen down

Scout 2 : dogs of hell kill him

This time sharm james knight blocked both dogs on his sword, abed fight back scout 2 stick vs sword fight although he looks old but his soul fights like 100 men

Abed : james hit on the head but don’t kill

The scout 2 : me who will give kill, and he aim abid with his sword but he avoid it and with huge hit like a hammer came on scout 2 head

Sharm : these dogs are strong

Abed hit ground with his stick the dogs stooped

Abed came down to the scouts sleep bodies and start staying somting in their ears

The he said wake up go back tell that every thing are ok

Like robots they did what he said and left

Sharm and james splitted

James : who are you?

My name is abed and my body is in comma in Egypt

My soul now go here and their helping people , good gen and fighting bad gen

Leta : and what you spelled in the scouts heads to control their mind?

Abed :in my religion islam we don’t use spells like you or perfumes , we just read quran all our knowledge in fighting gen , ghosts and bad spirits from quran our book

Leta : we use bible in healing but not fight like you

Abed : Any way our enemy is one so we are in same side now as I see these two scouts works for bad guy sure

Leta : haryngar king of gen under this area

Abed: I heard about him as I work in healing haunted people in my country but their many kings of gen and no one of them has huge army like him

James : you will goin us?

Abed : my soul is free while my body is in comma but if I wakes up I cant let my soul this far  away from my body for long time, it is a small tinny connection between body and soul when you fight outside your body

Leta : ok we thank you for your help and we will move to mountains tomorrow zakem will collect his people also sharm

Abed : I can feel you prepare to a real battle

Leta : yes

Sharm : it is our revenge

Abed : I think I will leave now my son beside my body now talking with it I love to be their

Leta : go in peace our firend

Abed left like thunder

Leta  , james and the others spent the night preparing for travel , preparing perfumes for the trip and battle and next day morning  they left by train

At train station :

James : you think zakem and sharm can collect an army?

Leta : we depend on you and sharm merged as if poor gen of jorahia saw you fighting haryngar a revolution may happen

The took tickets and gets on the train the trip takes 4 hours to reach small village

Leta : zakem where we will go

Zakem : gen who escaped from jorahia after raven defeated they came to live here and make a small town above this mountain

After 2 days walking the reach a huge cave

Zakem : people here afraid of this cave they know that gen inside it

Sharm: lets go

James : ladies first

Leta entered the cave it looks sad cave rocks every where

Zakem shouted : sons of eagles are you here ?

Voice from end of cave : who are you ?

Zakem : Zakem son of enfar

James : the cave shaking

Sharm : they open the door

James : what door ?

Sharm : a hidden door you cant see

About fifty gen appeared with swords and their leader looks like zakem

The leader : welcome in our small town long time ago since we saw a human and gen tighter like you

Leta : it is a long story

The leader : iam darek the leader here please come inside

Inside the cave was beds made of gold and silver

James : why these beds here?

Sharm : you must sleep to entre the under ground world free

Leta :I was ready for this james drink this

James slept on a bed and leta on the next one

Zakem : now we all can move free

Darek : lets go down in mountain core

He takes leta and james souls hands and go through rocks down

It was impressive to james and leta see this floating houses flying horses and children of gen many types are here some fire covers his body , some his body rains water , some like cats , some like human but eyes different hair is golden like sharm , little number of sharm type , many like zakem

In darek house :

Darek : so why you came to us ?

Leta : we will kill haryngar and we need your help

Darek : we lost so many of our gen in last battle with him

James : this time me and sharm will be your black horse in the battle

Darek : even you merged what we will do with the sorcerer?

Leta : iam working on a perfume can disable his spells on sharm and james

Darek : we will help but if we lost this city will be uncoverd and all will be killed

James : trust me we will win

2 weeks and they prepare for battle , bodies of james and leta wakes for eat and drink then sleep again

Sharm now hard fighter when merge with james

Suddenly nohal appeared in the crowd

Sharm : how you get here?

Nohal : last call between mady and james I knew every thing from zakem head and I came to worn you

Sharm : from what?

Nohal : mady went to her friend yesterday and I met a gen in her friend house he works with haryngar and the sorcerer and I knew from his mind that haryngar knows that you are preparing for a war but he cant know where are you

Sharm : I must tell james and leta

When james and leta knew they went to darek house

Darek :you mean he knew and prepared for our attack ?

Leta : yes

Darek : we cant attack him now we will get killed

James :death in our path any way

Leta : I have a plan

After 2 days darek army become ready start moving under ground to gorahia with james and his fellows

They reached to same valley sharm and james saw it

Haryngar was ready with his huge army , poor gen were forced to fight in his army they put them in front line as they priceless to him

Sharm james merged on a flying horse , darek beside them with the army of resistance

Haryngar roaring then :

Haryngar : leave now or die all

James : we came to cut your ugly head and get the poor gen of gorahia free from your dark age

The sorcerer appeared from behind haryngar laughing

The sorcerer : you know I can split you any time

James sharm : full attack

The battle begins heads fly away from both sides haryngar sword kills 3 or 5 at once

James sharm flying with horse and zakem type fly to protect them tell they reached haryngar and with a big hammer on haryngar shield they start

Haryngar fight back with couple hits on james sharm shield

They continue fight while leta was rididng on back of zakem flying  to the sorcerer and his soldiers scouts with dogs of hell

Zakem : you think you can use the soul shape of perfume here

Leta : we will know

She through a bottle on scouts some fall down but not killed

Zakem : is that strongest you have?

Leta : this is death perfume

Zakem  : ok lets run I see the sorcerer flying  to  us

While this james sharm were fighting haryngar

Haryngar shout : release the soul hunter

A big cave in left mountain opened and a big dragon came out

James : what is that ?

Sharm : he is the last gen dragon type watch out for fire ?

The dragon chase them up to the sky james sharm diving with the flying horse trying to escape

Now darek reached to centre of battle haryngar saw him

He shouted darek come to me I will send you to your father in hell

Darek: I will send you first

Their swords clashed hard darek was a great fighter but not strong enough to kill haryngar

Leta was fighting with sorcerer with perfume zakem flying with her to avoid smoke of the sorcerer she saw darek wounded and fighting hard but haryngar very near to kill darek

The army will effect if darek died

At this time james and sharm escaping from the dragon

Sharm : he is blind

James : what ?

Sharm : he can see only human souls

James : so what ?

Sharm: split now take the horse and fly east

James : ok

After split the dragon cant see sharm he jump on his back and stab him in his nick with sword it falls down

Sharm : james iam here

They merged again and they saw darek almost defeated he lost his sword and haryngar preparing to cut his head

James sharm take the hit on their sword

Haryngar : look who is back , he shouted sorcerer

Come here stop playing with this woman

The sorcerer left leta and zakem and dive to haryngar

Sharm : no he will split us

Sorcerer : goodbye human gen knight and he started to say the spell but suddenly a great light shines in the sky and abed appeared with his stick

Abed : sorcerer time to die

Sorcerer left james sharm and fly away from abed but abed like thunder caught  him and  say something in his ear then fire started in his body whith screaming he fall down with mass pain

Abed : this will not kill your soul but will separate it from your body unless you leave now to your body you may live

Haryngar : noo don’t run bloody sorcerer

James sharm: this is time to die haryngar

haryngar fights like wounded lion and he through all his soldiers in face of james sharm knight but all beaten as james sharm hits rocks the ground with them

Leta on mountain watching the fight with zakem

Last defense group of haryngar defeated haryngar fights alone darek order his soldiers to stop it is now haryngar and james sharm only

Haryngar : you can defeat me but you cant defeat the doomed harynar

Leta : what he mean?

Haryngar opened his ring and drink something was inside it

zakem : I think the sorcerer made a doom spell to him this will kill him after short time but will make him 10 times stronger

haryngar become taller fire breathing and his weapons from fire

with his first hit shield of james sharm broken

james : we must fly away

abed : now this is bad

abed fly to sky too he called james

abed : make him fly up after you

james : ok

haryngar roaring and flying like wind , james sharm reached the black clouds and before them was abed

haryngar cant find them then suddenly hit on his back with james sharm sword , they came out from no  where then disappear

haryngar roaring and breath fire every where

at this time abed was reacting quran with nice voice but haryngar cant see him , again james sharm hit him in his legs and he screams from his wound

haryngar breathes fire every where again and again

james shar continues hits ,abed voice like fire in haryngar ears and he breathing fire every where then his body start firing

james : abed said give me 10 minutes and make hime breath fire as much as we can

sharm : I started feel pain we merged for a long time

james: only this one hit

james sharm cut his arm with this hit he breathed fire like insane but this time abed raised up his voice and fire start come out from every where in his body

haryngar : noo I suppose to live enough time to kill them nooooooooooooooo

his body exploded with fire

when the rest of his soldies saw his body falling down they surrender

abed : james I have to leave my body is waking now

james sharm : soon we will met

he left and james sharm came down to leta and darek , all gen of haryngar were celebrating as no more slavery at harygar and sorcerer service

darek : now you shoud be the king james

james : no this will be for sharm

sharm : no you led us to victory

james : iam a human cant stay here for ever

sharm : as you wish and see you happy soon

darek left back with leta and james and they left zakem and sharm in jorahia no more sorcerer black magic tight them in their bodies

they wakes up and left to the village

they took the train to home

leta : can you give me water

james : take it babay

leta : james who you do that ?

james : do what ?

leta : you gave me the water with your soul arm

james  smiling : the human one is tired


the end


 writer : Mohamed soliman saqr

tel : 00966560741621 / email : ,

© Copyright 2020 time traveler 2029. All rights reserved.

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