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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: March 26, 2017

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Submitted: March 26, 2017



A trump story

They are ruling us

This is final stage of elections Hillary has the advantage , trump losing but suddenly he start wining every where , Hillary lost many states it seems what the Americans was afraid from is coming soon

No one imagined this day will come when trump and his naughty family will live in the white house

This is day is too hard for every one dreaming with freedom in usa but shit happens

Tem was one of the best of body guards of obama

Now he will serve the new president and this the  webday he will come for first time to the white house

All security team was ready inside and around the white house

Jack : tem will ivanka stay here too

Tem : I don’t know  and this is not our problem now

Jack : you still have this nightmare

Tem : yes something run after me each night I cant see its face but its scary

Jack : they arrived

Tem in radio : all team get ready code orange , if bird fly above white house shoot it , all world watching now

Many security cars arrived before president , obama and his wife waiting at white house door to welcome trump and his family

Trump car arrived with his wife and another one for ivanka and baron

Tem : west side team report

Response from radio : all clear

Tem remembering when his manager told him to move to white house and how was the time nice and quit with president obama till one month ago when this vision started to wake him up something needs his brain and chasing him for it , he is running like wind but the this thing still after him

Jack : tem wake up they are already inside

Tem in radio : all tem bird is safe lock the cage

This moment was first time he gets this near from trump and his family , trump was perfect example for the rich man who loves money more than any thing and you feel that he hides something behind this yellow smile all time

His wife you can see sadness in her eyes even she is the first lady now but something she missed make her a fake happy woman

Ivanka was the simple girl that lived a rich life for long time so being in white house is not the big surprise to her just another castle of her father

Baron was just a kid and cant act as president son he is just a kid

But why iam afraid to look in trump eyes like that

Tem was asking him self why all this fear

Jack : tem the first lady will have  a tour in the white house rooms

Tem : let ms nancy show her every thing , I will go to cctv room to check every thing

Tem went to the cctv room in his way he met ivanka

Tem : can I help you ?

Ivanka : and who are you ?

Tem : iam tem white house security officer

Ivanka smiling : just make sure we are safe

Tem : at your service

Ivanka : ok sure

Tem left to cctv room wondering how he felt this cold when he speaks to ivanka with all her beauty

Tem : hey Anderson how is your work ?

Anderson : sir all cameras working fine but we will wait to night to test infra red cameras and the new heart beating detection cameras

Tem : lets see this idiot from sony told us it can detect a heart of rat inside rock from 1000 meter

Anderson : we will see

First day light has gone and trump family looking around for every thing in white house tem was preparing to leave when ms nancy called him to meet president

Tem : do you know why he needs me ?

Nancy : no he just asked about security officer here

Tem : ok

He walked with steady steps to trump office knocking the door and the voice came from inside get in

Tem : god evening sir

Trump : have a seat tem

Tem : thanks sir

Tem has set down avoiding looking directly to trump eyes something makes him afraid

Trump: I heard much about you Tem and your efforts here

Tem : thanks sir

Trump : but with me some issues will change

Tem : as you wish sir

Trump : I love to stay alone for while every day with no sound or voice in a quit place so I want you to prepare a room for me totally isolated with no cctv or any security items in it

Tem : I can arrange this with ms nancy

Trump : but do it quickly

Tem : sure sir

Trump : you can leave now

Tem : at your service sir

Tem leaved and many things in his mind why he need isolated room and why this cold I feel in my body when speak to him

Any way I must go home to get rest and Anderson will do the night watch with jack

Day after day passed and matters of people getting worst in usa because of trump rush strategy now many fights in streets black vs cops , trump supporters vs anti trump , muslims are not welcomed , Mexican wall trouble , middle east wars , finally Russian president  putin now is trump best friend and this annoying Americans

Tem was doing his job only watching this strange strategy of trump as another idiot in white house no more

Till one day president putin visited white house he noticed that putin security has strange guns , it has ultraviolet lamp and when he asked

Tem : why your guns have these lamps?

Sergy : our president afraid of vampires hahahaha

Tem : as you wish Russian but you will leave it here

Sergy : no problem

Suddenly puten opened the door of trump office and he was shouting

Puten : all what we agreed before gone now you play with fire

Trump : as you wish my friend


Puten leaved the white house quickly and he was angry

Jack : what happened tem ?

Tem : I don’t know but something bad will happen

Anderson called tem in radio : tem come here please

Tem went to cctv room

Tem : what is it Anderson ?

Anderson : I tried last night to install heart beat detector inside white house with no video monitoring only to make sure every body is ok

Tem : and what ?

Anderson : I counted every body inside the building and their locations I found 4 extra hearts beating at night not at same time and not same locations

Tem : this mean some one hiding in white house

Anderson : the more strange one of them appeared in the isolated room of president

Tem : I will check for all this

Tem in radio : alpha team code yellow I need 2 men to check the isolated room walls , floor any strange thing tell me

Sound in radio : ok we are on it

Tem scanned every corner in white house he found nothing

Tem : john I will leave now and you will take the night shift here don’t let any body get rest I need you all awake all night

Tem had to leave because this was his date with dr Mathew the sociologic doctor

He wanted badly to know what this dreams he see

After driving for 30 minutes he called john

Tem : jack every thing is ok?

John : yes all ok

Her reached to dr Mathew clinic the tall white hair man he looks like an actor in 1970 wild west movie

But tem know him since his parents died in accident when he was at 7 and tell now he cant remember what happened in that day

Mathew : welcome my son it is along time since last time I saw you

Tem : sorry doctor you know my job

Mathew : you are working with this freak trump

Tem : yes iam afraid of his eyes I don’t know why

And iam feeling inside cold when speak with him or his family members and also this horrible vision I see  


Mathew : his eyes makes every body in this country afraid from future , tell me about the vision?

Tem : I was running from something I can see it well

Mathew : it was day or night ?

Tem : night

Mathew : let me help you remember just relax close your eyes and listen to my voice

Tem closed his eyes

Mathew : you now sleep in your bed and the vision will come forget the place forget you have a body your weight is light you can fly into the vision to watch your self

Tem found him self inside his vision and the strange shape running after him but this time he is watching another him self running

The road was muddy but he was afraid

Mathew : try to focus on the shape

Tem trying to remove the fog around the shape

A demon legs appeared then rest of body bit by bit going up to face it is a man face with blonde hair but suddenly ivanka appeared shouting in his face git out , tem panicked and waked up

Mathew : what happened ?

Tem : I couldn’t see his face but it has demon legs and blonde hair and ivanka appeared and banned me out 

Mathew : where were you ?

Tem : I think this muddy street where my parents died

Security phone ringed

Tem :what happened ?

John : we found Anderson dead and heart detector system damaged

Mathew : who is dead ?

Tem : I will continue later thanks doctor

Mathew : as you wish

Tem derived his car like mad till he reached whit house FBI , national guard and CIA every body was here

Tem to jack : where is he ?

Jack : the room totally isolated

Tem : why ?

Jack : he was dried

Tem : what this mean ?

Jack : doctor said he did not drink from 7 days or some one sucked all water in his body

Tem : this is strange , and the cameras

Jack : nothing he was set then suddenly turned to dried man and died , only the heart beat system control board melted from inside

Tem : any records can be restored ?

Jack : it guys said there is a backup some where Anderson hides out of official system for cctv and heart beating detector

Tem  : and the president and his family

Jack : they moved to the summer picnic resort after we found Anderson dead till we find out what happened


3 days and all trying to find out what happened or reaching the secret backup of Anderson and nothing found and after  one week president and his family moved back to white house

A new security guy was assigned to the job of Anderson

Tem : whats your name ?

Smith : iam smith

Tem :you know your job

Smith : yes sir it is a great honor to me to work here

Tem : install the new system and test it

Smith : yes sir

Tem phone ringed : hello jack

Jack : tem they found the secret backup of Anderson you will not believe

Tem : iam coming to you

Jack : waiting for you

When tem reached jack house he found the door is opened

Tem gets inside he found jack same like Anderson like dried fish he called security center for help but he heard noise inside he went fast to the kitchen where voice came from, jack old mam was their dying she is not completely dried she trying to say something tr tr don’t let him

Then she died

Tem waited for crime section to come then he ran fast to white house

At same time before 1day russia announced that they finished building first space cannon shooting nuclar heads to outer space to defend earthagains meteors

Same time trump attacked Russian actions in this matter saying this not for starwars and russia preparing to nuke usa

Nato stand with usa and the matters with russia gets hot

Nasa announced that they discovered a new planet out of our solar system has super magnetic power and in near future may pass near earth

Usa politics become aggressive against every body mexico , arabs , middle east on fire between governments and rebels , isis is destroying usa forces and finally the friendship between trump and putin has ended

Ww 3 at gate as trump accusing russia that they will use the space gun against usa

Tem went back to his office in white house waiting for news about jack

What did anderosn and jack saw and they deserved death for it

He decided to spend the night with smith watching cctv system

Tem : smith I will stay with you this night

Smith : as you wish sir

The night was boring nothing to watch on cctv screens tem felt sleepy he put his head on the disk and the vision started this time he was running but he saw him running after it was trump but with human head and body of demon , smith is at end of street tem shouted help but smith body start to change to be like trump with  a strange weapon in his hand

Smith : tem tem wake up

Tem jumped up shocked : what happened stay a way

Smith :you were fighting in your sleep

Tem : I will leave now

He derived to home like mad he did notsleep till morning came he went to dr Mathew

Tem to assistant : please I need to see dr Mathew not

Assistant : please wait to the next patient come out

Tem : ok no problem

He waited for 15 minutes till he could meet the doctor

Mathew : tem how are you?

Tem told him every thing

Mathew : do you know that trump announced from 10 minutes that if russia did not disable the space gun he will destroy it

Tem : that another crazy thing why he is angry about it

Mathew : it is just few days and we will know the real reason of this space gun , nasa said that this strange planet will enter our solar system in few  days and we see is putin saying the truth he will shoot the planet and if else will shoot us

Tem :world getting mad , white house getting mad I cant understand what is appening

Mathew : so lets continue

Tem : I came to you as I saw him

Mathew : who ?

Tem : who was running after me in my nightmare he was trump

Mathew : and what happened ?

Tem : his face was human but his body was demon

Mathew : wait a minute

He searched for a paper on his disk it has sketch drawing

Mathew : he was like this

Tem looking for the painting it was for same demon he saw in his nightmare

Tem : who gave you this ?

Mathew :  9 years old child draw it he sees this night mare many times but instead of trump he see their neighbor mr smith

Tem : where he lives ?

He gave him the address of the child

Tem searched in police database for smith the new cctv guy address he was the next house of this child

Mathew : you know him ?

Tem : he is the new guy in our work

Mathew : a common vision is not vision it is a truth

Tem : these are not humans who rules us

Mathew : but how can you prove such crazy idea

Tem : the backup of cctv of  Anderson

Mathew: what cctv?

Tem : I must leave now


Tem left to the hospital where jack body and his mom are their

He asked to see the report of the bodies  one thing he found may help

Jack wrote on his hand a number

This may lead to something

He searched by google it gave him acctv cam link

It shows a small room with hard disk on table and a mirror on the wall , he can see the road runners club on mirror now I know where is this room

This is the old accommodation of Anderson when he was in college only tem and few others  can recognize it

Tem went to the room the key just old days hidden near the door

He took the hard disk and went back to his home to see it

Tem played the videos of cctv and heart beat system

Every thing was normal , trump in his office ivanka and baron in kitchen , first lady in other office watching tv but wait why heart beat detector shows double readings there is 2 hearts for each one of them , other thing when baron was in front of a mirror why his face shaking some time in the mirror


Tem : what is this?

Anderson hided a cam in the isolated room and maybe this was his death cause

Trump was alone in the room but he wasn’t sit or stand he was flying in middle of the room

Trump : this how we do self healing

Tem shocked when he heard trump voice at his room door :how you get in here?

Trump smiling an evil smile : your security systems still very old

Tem : where is the real president

Trump : it is me but iam not human i was born here but we are not from here

Tem : what you mean?

Trump : my people lives underground here from thousands of years we came when sun was blocked by the iron planet that you call nibru , our space ships using his magnetic power as a fuel to travel in space

From long time we came to earth it was totally dark when nibru blocked sun for long time , we could buildour bases under ground as we cant live in sun with our original shape , we gave some humans in Egypt , Iraq , mexico some knowledge

But most of us had to leave as son was coming back and rest stayed under ground trying to find a solution to live here tell we succeeded in making the shape shifter and sun shield skin

Tem  : and what you want from us ?

Trump : our planet is dying we have to leave allof us to here so this time all of our civilization will come behind nibru with all our space army

Tem : so that Russia built the space gun

Trump : the idiot wanted to destroy nibru and before we reach earth but he will have no time as morning I will launch a nuclear attack on his country

Tem : but he will fight back and ww3 will burn every thing

Trump : and that what we work for from long time , all usa presidents who where from us or a human we control worked for this day when a global nuclar war happen just before nibru arrive , we don’t want any body have strength to fight us

Tem  : so you want a global war every body in it and you wait till we kill each other then you invade us

Trump : yes

Tem : and the sun , we found a solution for this don’t care for it

Tem was searching for his gun in his table downside trump : you searching for a gun don’t try my shield is invisible but strong enough to take bullets

Tem : you will kill me like Anderson?

Trump : no I don’t like drying gun will use the old way

His face and body start changing to snake skin his arms muscles was huge and he has a tale

Tem remembered his grandfather sword on the wall

He jumped for it

Trump : sword hahaha ok try

Tem hit trump nick with all his power

Trump hit him back by his hand he through him to end of room

Trump : our real skin very strong to your swords

Found himself near window he jumped out to the  garden and trump after him smith was at house entrance so tem aimed to the fence

Trump : after him smith I had to go back now

Smith jumped about 5 meters jump he caught tem from his back and the fight started

Tem still has his grandfather sword

A great fight happened between them and tem wounded and sword cant heart smith body

Tem was on floor exhausted and smith talking to him with his head down to tem

Smith : iam just my boss I like to kill with my hands

Tem : your skin so strong

Smith : we are ……

He did not complete as tem but his sword inside his mouth saying

Tem : but your mouth dosent have skin inside it

Smith fail down and his body burnt from inside to outside and tem ran fast to  CIA , FBI asking for help but no one believed

A police general : we are preparing for ww 3 and you drunk saying shit get out of here

He went to white house but this time he was watching the area thinking what to do

Sure the alien trump took his human shape again and gave order to get another one from his kind to be the security office of white house

Only 2 hours left for day light and alien trump will nuke Russian space gun and earth will be invaded

He found a crazy solution  , he went to the Russian embassy

He shouting at the gate  I need to speak to the ambassador 

They opened to him and he met the ambassador


Tem : iam sorry sir but I need to speak to the Russian president

Russian ambassador : you came at this time waking me up to ask such strange request :

Tem : please our lives in danger all earth in danger just say to him nibru is coming

Russian ambassador face gets yellow : ok I will

He called Moscow with a safe line

Russian ambassador :sir he is with you

He gave the speaker to tem

Tem : hello sir

Putin: what you know about nibru and who told you?

Tem : I know about alien trump and every thing , after 1.40 hour from now your space gun base will bu nuked plase shoot nibru before this time

Putin : we cant it still out of our range we must wait till it is near we need one more day but we may have a solution

Tem : how I can help?

Putin : do your best to kill trump and his family all of them as they all can shape shift each other

Tem : why you did not uncover all this before ?

Putin : the matter is to complex to you to understand , they helped earth to raise up as a spare planet and now they need it , we have agreements with them or you think some genius made the microchip


Tem finished the call with him and as putin ordered the ambassador gave him 5 men of his bodyguards with heavy weapon that effect trump and his kind

Tem led them to old tunnel under the white house

Tem : sergy wait here till I open the door from other side

Trump wasn’t ready to this as he thought that smith made tem his dinner

Tem to guards : code red watch the main gate I need all forces guard the main gate

The soldiers moved as he ordered except one moved to inside 

Tem noticed him so this is one of them I must move quickly to get the sergy and the others in

He ran like wind inside white house to the basement and opened the door

They went first to baron room

Sergy : they use hologram while sleeping ,they don’t sleep in beds watch out

Tem : ok

They entered the room baron hologram was in bed but sergy has a scanner scanning the walls he found him sleeping standing beside the all he aimed his ultra violet gun then

The wall exploded and ivanka and Melina the first lady with their real shape ,baron wakes up unhide hem self and the battle begins

Tem : as I told you sergy

All solders started aiming altraviolet ray with special bullets to the aliens but they moving like devils so fast the first solder nick eaten by ivanka , baron hand inside another one stomic

Tem aimed to Melina head a normal gun but the bullet came back of her snake skin

She said

Melina : you cant ki….

Tem shot her in mouth she died and burnet

Ivanka and baron got mad but sergy shot baron in his mouth

And ivanka killed another one

She ran away when baron died

Sergy , tem and other 2 soldiers left facing all security forces now and ivanka , trump will escape

Tem : sergy to the windows

They jumped out windows to wall the climbed to the main office of trump at the window they heard a strange language between trump and ivanka he was very angry

Tem : the nuke case in his disk this is our target

Sergy jumped into room with tem and soldiers from 3 windows at once

Trump : this is your last day this is our day ivanka take a shot in her face but she eated the soldier arm the others shooting at her and trump

Tem : it is few minutes the sun will rise up and you cant fight like this in sun

Trump: enough  to me

Trump hits sergy with his tail and tem with his hand

Ivanka screemd one soldier could hold her for second and the other put the ultraviolet ray in her eyes she is blind now

Trum got mad and hit sergy in his chest broke it

But tem jumped on is back and put the gun in his mouth and gave him shot

Trum like wounded crocodile fail down

Ivanka still screaming

Tem carried sergy and get  down from window after he destroyed the nuke case

The guards reach the office they got amazed with ivanka the alien shape and trump alien dead body

Sergy : tem you must call our president tell him the demon is down take my phone you can call the ambassador

Tem told putin what happened

The day light came and vice president of usa bcome president

They hide every thing bout how trump died

the Russian space gun shooted his nuclear bullets to nibru most of alien ships behind nibru destroyed a few left turned back away from sun as their shield nibru destroyed

tem escaped to russia as he is now most wanted in usa

the new usa president announced that there are aliens on earth from long time and we will have a war with them soon so all world get ready to the battle

the end







© Copyright 2020 time traveler 2029. All rights reserved.

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