Yucky Doo Doo Doggy Poo Poo

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A father and his daughter go for a walk in the park, a naughty man does not pick up his dog's plop plops.

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



Yucky doo doo doggy poo poo By Paul Davey




“Whoops, be careful Ruby, try not to tread in the doggy poo poo,” said Daddy as they walked through the park.


“Ok daddy. Who left that poo poo there? Naughty doggy!” said Ruby.


Daddy said. “The person who takes the dog for a walk should clear up the poo poo, it’s not really the dogs fault.”


Then they both saw a man with a dog and the dog did a poo. The man did not clear it up.


“Excuse me.” Daddy said politely. “Do you think you could put that dog poo in one of the bins provided?”


The man gave daddy a sneering look and said nothing. He carried on walking his dog.


“Daddy, that man didn’t put the poo in the bin,” said Ruby.


“I know, he is a very naughty man,” Daddy said.


After their walk in the park avoiding several poo poo's Daddy and Ruby went home. They had cheese sandwiches and drinks for lunch.


The next day the same thing happened. Daddy and Ruby were walking in the park. The same dog did a big poo and daddy politely asked the man to put the poo in the bin. The man gave Daddy a sneering look, said nothing and continued walking his dog.


This happened for several weeks. Daddy was fed up with asking the man to clear up the poo.


One day Ruby and daddy were walking in the park again. It had been raining and the path was a little slippery. They saw the same man with his dog walking along the path and once again the dog did a poo and the man did not clear it up.


Daddy said. “Excuse me, I really think you should clear that mess up, lots of children play in this park.”


And then, as the man turned to give daddy the usual sneering look he trod in the poo and slipped up in the air. “AAAAH!” The naughty man shouted.


The naughty man landed on his back in the poo, ‘Splat!’ The dog ran away with his lead trailing behind him.


Daddy and Ruby started to laugh. ”Funny man,” Ruby said.


“Fiddlesticks!” The man shouted. He got up and called his dog, “Buster, come here!” He bellowed across the park.


The naughty man turned to daddy and Ruby and said. “I suppose your happy now, eh?”


As he was talking to Daddy and Ruby, Buster returned and thought the naughty man’s leg was a tree. Buster did a wee on the man’s leg.


Daddy and Ruby laughed again. “Funny doggy,” said Ruby.


The naughty man picked up Busters lead and they both walked quickly out of the park.


“Funny man’s got poo poo on his back and a wet leg,” Ruby said.


They both laughed.


“Maybe that will teach him a lesson,” said Daddy.


“Maybe he will clear up Buster’s poo poo now and put it in the bin.” Ruby said.


“Let’s hope so.” Daddy said.


Ruby and Daddy walked home with smiles on their faces. They had cheese sandwiches and drinks for lunch when they got home.







The End.

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