Song for Sam

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I am not really good at romantic stories but I gave it a shot anyway. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017




“Zach..! Where are you?” “I’m right here mom…” Zach went out of the bushes. “Dad & Mom is going to work, okay? You just play in the shore, but do not go to the deep, you understand? Mr. Robins is coming; we’re going to be busy today.” “Yes… I got it…” Zach’s mom & dad went out of their house to go to the resort’s hotel. His mom is working as a receptionist & his dad is a lifeguard. The resort was owned by a rich family; the Robins. Zach’s mom & dad were working for the Robins for almost 10 years, which was 2 years before Zach was born. He grew up on the resort. The Robins had given Zach’s family a house at the back of the resort’s hotel which made them the care taker of the resort. Zach went to the hut near the shore; the hut was behind a couple of the trees which made it isolated from the crowd. Zach was used to stay there by himself all day. He was digging on the sand to bury his feet when he suddenly heard something. He turned to his back and he saw a little girl in a nice pink dress holding a pink lunchbox. “Who are you? What are you doing here?” Zach rudely asked. “Hi, I’m Samantha Robins. I…I was hiding from my nanny…” “You should go back there, don’t keep her worried about you.” “But she’s with our driver, she’s in love with him, I don’t want to disturb them… Is it okay if I’ll join you?” “No…” “But this is my dad’s resort, he said I can do whatever I want.” “You’re Mr. Robins’ daughter?” “Yeah… So can I join you now?” “Right… As you wish…” Sam went to the hut and looked at Zach’s feet. “Why do you bury your feet?” “To relieve stress…” “Wow! Can I try it too?” Sam asked. “Why? Are you stressed?” Zach asked her back. “No…But why are you doing that? Are you really stressed? You don’t look stressed to me…" Zach’s mind went empty. Sam dug herself a hole in the sand & buried her feet. “Wow. This is awesome!” Sam said… “You know, you shouldn’t be here.” Zach told Sam. “And why?” Sam asked. “Because… there are big crabs hiding under the sand that will bite your feet & cut them into pieces.” Zach was trying to scare Sam. “That’s not true, you just want me to leave …” “No, it’s true. There are crabs…that…ahh!” Zach pulled out his foot from the sand. A crab was biting his toes. “Wow! Your story was real, but a little crab though.” Sam said with a teasing face. Sam was laughing at him and Zach looked at her madly. “Hey… Don’t be mad. Wait, let me take it off.” Sam went to Zach and pulled the crab out of Zach’s toe. Sam looked at Zach’s face. “It’s gone… How do you feel? Does it still hurt?” Sam asked. “ No, not at all… Thank you…” Zach answered. “Sam! Dear! Where are you …? They heard a man’s voice. “That’s my dad! I gotta go… Bye…” Sam ran out of the hut & went through the trees. “I’m here dad!” “Where have you been? I’m so worried .” “I went to a hut…” Sam & her dad’s voice fainted as they went far. Zach was left smiling. He looked at the bench where Sam sat & saw her lunchbox. “She left it…” Zach took the box & run to the resort’s hotel. He went to her mother & asked; “Mom… where’s Mr. Robins?” “They’re probably at the parking lot, they’re leaving. Why?” Zach run & left no time to answer his mom. He went to the parking lot and saw Mr. Robins’ car leaving the resort. “Wait! Mr. Robins’!” The car already left. Zach went back to the resort’s hotel & saw her mom. “Mr. Robins’ daughter left this…” He showed the lunchbox to his mother. “Oh… So that’s why you’re looking for him. Wait I’ll call him.” Zach’s mom dialed Mr. Robins’ number on the telephone. “Mr. Robins, good afternoon. Your daughter left her lunchbox at the resort. Shall we send it to your house?” “Oh…Wait… Sweetie, your lunchbox was at the resort.” Mr. Robins told Sam. “Uhhm… Mrs. Adams. Who found the box?” “It’s my son sir…” “Hello…? Mrs. Adams? It’s Sam, can I talk to your son?” “Sure ma’am,. Here…” Mrs.Adams gave the phone to Zach. “Hello? Sam… Your lunchbox is here.” Zach said. “Take it. There are candies inside it. You can take them. Just keep the lunchbox for me, will you?” “Okay… I will. Thanks.” “You’re welcome… Wait; be careful when you bury your feet next time. Crabs might cut them into pieces… Bye…” Sam turned off the phone. Zach smiled. His mom looked at him and teased him; “Looks like someone’s got a crush on Mr. Robins’ daughter.” “What? No…” “Did I say it was you? Ooops… You’ve just admitted…” His mom laughed. “Mom, stop it… It’s not true, okay…?” Zach turned and went back to the hut, smiling. He ate the candies. He went back to their house and washed. He kept the lunchbox on his closet.


After 10 years, Zach graduated High School. It was 3 days after his graduation; he went to the hut where he used to spend his free times. He was burying his feet when suddenly; he felt something on his toe. “Aw! What in the world…” He pulled his foot & saw a crab biting his toe. He took the crab off his toe & suddenly remembered about Sam. “Sam… I wonder if she has also graduated right now.” He uttered as he was holding his red toe. He was smiling while looking at the sea. It’s sunset and the view was very amazing. “Will we meet again?” He thought. He went out of the his daydream when his phone rang, “Yes… Mom… What is it? What? Sam’s coming? Okay… I’ll be there…” He hung up & shouted; “Oh yeah! Lord, is this my graduation gift?” He went to their house & took a shower. He changed his clothes and went to the hotel. “Mom… Where is…” “Hi, Zach…” Zach looked up and saw Sam on the stairs. Sam went down and walked towards Zach. Zach was stunned by Sam’s blonde, wavy hair, pinkish cheeks, gray eyes, pink, heartshaped lips and all of her. “H-Hi, Sam…” “What’s with you? Why do you look so…shocked? Hey, it’s just me…” Sam smiled. “Oh…yeah… I…just can’t believe that…you’re really here…” Sam looked at his feet. He was wearing a slipper which showed his still reddish toe. “What happened to your toe? A crab had bitten you again?” Sam asked while smiling. “Uhhm…Yeah…A while ago.” “Oh… haven’t I told you to look out for crabs when you burry your feet? Well, I missed that hut… Uhhm…Could you wait for me there? I’ll just fix my things at my room… Please? If that would be okay?” “Ah, sure… It’s fine…” “Okay… Thanks Zach… I won’t take long…” “Sure…” Zach went out of the hotel. “Zach… You missed her, don’t you?” “Yeah… I guess… I gotta go, mom… Maybe I’ll be late tonight.” His mom smiled while looking at Zach. He went to the hut and waited for Sam. After a few moments, Sam came to the hut. “Wow… It still looks the same.” Sam said while looking at the hut. “Yeah... It's because I took care of this.” Zach told Sam. “Uhhm… what’s behind you?” Sam asked; looking at Zach’s back. “It's your old lunchbox. Here. I’m returning it.” “Wow… You still have this after 10 years? I… Thank you…” Sam said, amazed while reaching for the box. “Yeah… you told me to keep it, right? So… I did…” He told her proudly. “You’re awesome… Wait, I really have to burry my feet. I missed it a lot.” “Really? Come on.” Zach & Sam buried their feet and talked about the things that happened to them after they first met until the present. “So, that’s why you’re spending your vacation here…To forget about him?” Zach felt sad about hearing Sam’s Story about her ex-boyfriend. “Yeah. Maybe… Being away from him is like breathing after you’ve drowned.” Sam said sadly. “Well, you know… Guys should not leave their girl crying. I mean, you shouldn’t be. There are many reasons to be happy, to enjoy life. There are many people around… who loves you …truly…” Zach looked at Sam’s face. She was staring at the sea… It was already dark, but her face seems to glow that Zach could clearly see it. Sam was crying… Her tears were glittering because of the light from the moon. “Hey… It’s full moon… We should take a walk on the shore… It's really nice out there.” Zach invited. “Yeah… Sure…” Sam wiped her tears and stood up. Zach went out of the hut & offered his hands to Sam. “Come on… Let’s go splash some salty water.” Zach told Sam. Sam smiled & took Zach’s hand. They walked on the seashore and enjoyed the soft sea breeze as well as the moon’s radiant light & the “splash” sound of the waves. “It’s really nice out here… It’s cool…” “I told ya’…” Zach proudly said. “Hmm… I was wrong… I thought it was cool, but I realized that it’s really pretty hot…” Sam went to wet her feet with sea water. “What? It's hot?” Zach asked; confused. “Oh yes… That’s why I want to do this!” Sam splashed water to Zach. “Oh … You want some splashing, huh? Here I come..!” Zach & Sam splashed sea water until they got wet… They enjoyed the night splashing and chasing each other on the seashore, until they got tired. “Whooh! That was quite a splash.” Zach said. Sam laughed while Zach looks at her wet face. Zach looked at his watch. “Wow… It’s 8 already… I haven’t noticed.” “What? That was fast. But I enjoyed it… I gotta go. My dad might have called me… You should come home too… Don’t keep your mom worried about you…” “Yeah…” They both stood up and shook their shirts to remove the sand that stuck on it. “Bye Zach… Thank you for making me… smile…” Sam said. “Well… you’re always welcome… See you tomorrow, Sam…” Zach said. “Good night, Zach…” Sam said while walking backwards. Zach watched her until she got in to the hotel… Zach realized that he was already smiling. He went home and got inside their house. “Wow…My son looks happy… Unusual…” Zach’s dad said while looking at Zach’s smiling face. “Come here… Let’s eat & talk about Sam…” His mom said… “Hey, we’re just friends…” Zach told them. “Sure, you are… Very close friends… aren’t you?” “Dad… We’re just friends… Really… What’s with the smiles?” Zach asked his parents while looking at both of them. “We’re just happy for you… And Sam…” His mom said. They ate dinner while talking about Sam… After dinner, Zach went to his room. His room was near the terrace. He looked outside of his window and found the scenery inviting. He went to the terrace and brought his guitar. He played songs which made the moment even more wonderful. Suddenly, he noticed someone standing near a tree. Zach stopped playing & stood up to look. “Who’s there…? My mom is already asleep… Is there a problem?” He thought that it was a guest in the resort. “It's me. I can’t sleep… Can I watch your concierto?” Zach saw that it was Sam. “Ah, sure… Wait…I’ll come down…” Zach came down & opened the front door. “It's already late.” Zach said. “I can’t sleep… So uhhm… I thought I could disturb you.” Sam smiled. “Oh, come… Let’s go upstairs… The view is perfect at the terrace…” Zach held Sam’s hand as they climbed the stairs. Sam was a little electrified with Zach holding her hand. It was warm and soft. Sam couldn’t help but smile. They went to the terrace and sat on the chair. Sam looked up and saw the moon. “Wow… It was amazing…”“And also the beach…” Zach added. Sam looked to the beach and saw the waters sparkle. “Yeah… And it sounds pretty cool too.” Sam said. They sat on the chair. Sam looked at the guitar. “You’re good with the guitar.” Sam said. “Oh… It's just a hobby…” “Can you play a song for me? Please?” Sam said. Sam looked at Zach with her beautiful gray eyes… “Okay… Your eyes… they’re really…cute…makes me wanna play for you… what song do you want?” Zach took the guitar and plucked the 6th string. “Uhhm… can you play Faraway?” “Oh, Nickleback? Yeah…Hold on…” Zach tuned the guitar & started to play the song. While Zach was singing, Sam was staring at him with a sweet smile on her face. Zach finished the song and he handed the guitar to Sam. “It's your turn…”“Oh… Okay… I will play just because you played for me. Don’t laugh…I may not sound good…” Sam took the guitar and played Safe & Sound. While she was starting, she told Zach; “It's Taylor Swift’s song.” She played & sang the song. Zach was amazed with her voice. “Wow… That was… totally cool…”Zach said when Sam finished the song. “Really? My dad and you were the only persons who said that. But, thank you though.” Sam said while hanging some strands of her hair on her ears. “You really have a good voice. Do you really sing?” “I only sing for my dad. You’re the second person to hear me sing.” “Oh, wow… It was an honor. What about your mom?” “She’s uhhm… She’s already… uhhm…gone.” “Oh… I’m sorry… I didn’t…” “It’s okay. My dad and I actually kept it because he doesn’t want other people to talk about it. It gives him heartache… My mom died five years ago. We were in Canada that time. It was winter. I found my dad on their room, crying. He was really devastated.” “Do you miss her?” “Yeah. A lot... But, I know she’s up there somewhere, watching us.” Sam said, looking up at the starry sky. “Yeah. She is… and she’s probably saying ‘don’t be sad Sam’ right now.” “Yeah.Maybe.”Sam put the guitar down and sat beside Zach. “You know, I really feel more like myself when I’m with you.” Sam said. She lied down on Zach’s lap and fell asleep. Zach felt his heart beating fast like never before. “Wow… you really make me…” Zach bent to look at Sam’s face and he saw that she was already asleep. He carried Sam and took her back to the hotel. He asked his mother’s sub-receptionist for Sam’s room key and the receptionist hurriedly opened Sam’s room. Zach put her on her bed. “Good night Sam…” He whispered. When he stood up, he saw the lunchbox on the table. Zach smiled of what he saw. He then left the hotel and went back to their house. He went to bed and stared at the ceiling while his mind was on Sam. He fell asleep with a smile on his face.


In the morning, Zach woke up when he felt the heat of the sunlight on his face. He stood up and went to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. Suddenly, he heard his mom calling. “Zach… We’re going out for work…” “Okay mom… Take care…” Zach said while brushing his teeth. Zach took a bath and he came down for breakfast. After eating, he thought of visiting Sam. He went to the backyard to pick some roses. He took red, pink and white roses. He cut them nicely even though he got scratches because of the thorns. He went to the hotel and asked his mom about Sam. “She’s in the restaurant… Table 12…” His mom said with somewhat worried eyes. Zach went to the hotel’s restaurant immediately, ignoring his mom’s sign of caution. When he arrived at the restaurant, he immediately looked for table 12. He saw Sam sitting and she looks sad. Zach walked towards her but he was halted when a tall guy with a black, spiky hair and an awesome figure sat with Sam. Zach turned back and went out of the restaurant. Sam saw him walking away through a mirror’s reflection. She turned to look and she saw that it was really Zach. “Mark, I’m sorry but I am already through with you. We’re over.” Sam told Mark; her ex-boyfriend. She immediately went out of the restaurant get to Zach. “Zach…Wait!” Sam yelled. Zach stopped but he didn’t turn to see who’s calling him. He knew it was Sam, but he can’t show his face to her because he surely looked sad.“Those were pretty roses. Can I have them?” Sam asked. Zach’s expression turned enlightened. He turned to Sam and handed her the roses. “Sure. Here.” Sam took them and she saw Zach’s hand. “Where did you get those scratches?” Sam said while examining Zach’s hand. “Roses are thorny…” Zach said while smiling. “You really took these roses even you knew you’ll be getting scratches? The person who was supposed to receive these must be really special… Here, I’m returning it. That person must receive these roses.” Sam handed him the roses. “No… That person have already received them… It’s for you Sam…” Zach said. “Really? Thank you.” Sam hugged Zach. Zach found himself smiling. He was trying to rejoice that moment but it seems like he wasn’t able to when he saw Mark coming towards their direction. “So… That’s why you’re dumping me, huh? Now you’re hooking up with a rat?” Mark said. Sam turned to him and looked at him madly. “Shut up Mark! You’re even more gross than a rat.” “What? Wow! So rats are driving expensive cars now, and living in a mansion?” Mark proudly said. “I don’t care about what you have! I don’t care where you live or how much money you can give! Like I told you, we are over… So please…Just leave me alone!” Sam yelled. “Fine! I’ll go… But don’t let your dad know about this. And don’t you ever show your face to me again, especially when you are pleading to get me back…” “Go away Mark!” Sam shouted. Mark looked at Zach angrily and left. “Sorry about that… He’s really stubborn. I can’t be stuck with business anymore.” Sam said. “It’s fine. I understand.” Zach replied. “Are you sure? Zach, I’m really sorry. What can I do to make it up to you?” Sam asked. “Well… Riding a boat with me will do…” Zach said. “Okay… I’ll go change… Please wait for me at the shore.” Zach went to the shore and rented a boat. He sat on the lid of the boat and gazed at the blue sea in front of him. It was just so calming. He suddenly thought about what Mark said. “He’s right… I am just a rat… And she’s a princess.” Zach uttered. The boat man heard him and he felt sad about Zach. “You know kid, possession is just nothing. If you really love her, then you better fight for her. Always remember that true love cannot be bought… Now, take your oar and have some nice boating with her.” The boat man walked to the other boat and tied it. Zach thought of what the man said. He was staring at the sea when somebody covered his eyes. Zach held the person’s hand and turned to see who’s trying to cover his eyes. “Hey…” “Can we sail now?” “Yeah sure, hop in…” Sam rode on the boat while Zach is pushing it to the water. They sailed until they are already far from the shore. “Do you love him?” Zach asked “Well, yeah. But, it was before. Now, I don’t think so.” “Oh…really…?” “Yeah. How about you, did you have any girl-friend?”“Uhhm… No… I haven’t got any.” “Seriously?” Sam asked, smiling. “Yeah… I swear I never thought of it.” “Wow… That’s… nice.” “Well, I don’t know… I haven’t eyed any girl, except for one.” “Oh, so you like somebody. Mind if I ask who that lucky girl is?” “Well… I liked her since I was young. And, I feel the same until now. I still like her.” “Oh…But that’s not an answer to my question…” “Don’t worry, I’ll tell you someday.” Sam looked up & smiled. “Promise, I’ll really tell you…So is he your first boyfriend? Mark?” “Yeah… He is…We were already 2 years together, but I never really felt something true from him. It was like…flat. I think his father just wants us to be married so he could get a partnership on my dad’s business. He really doesn’t love me… I can feel it…” Sam said. Her face turned sad. “It’s alright, you can let go of him already. You’ll get over him soon… See these salty waters? It’s already too deep. Don’t let your tears make it deeper…” Zach said, trying to stop Sam from crying. Sam looked at Zach and smiled. “So, why didn’t you courted her? The girl you like…” “Well, because… she’s far away.” “Well, distance should not stop you. You can send letters…” “Yeah…But, I want to talk to her personally.” “Right, it’s really better if you talk...”Sam and Zach talked until noon came. It was already scorching so they went back to the shore & headed to the hut. They spent the day burying their feet on the sand. The following days & weeks, they spent it together on the beach & on the hut & every evening; they stay on the shore playing guitar and singing songs which made their relationship even more than just friends until there is only a week left before the summer ends.


It was a beautiful night. The moon is full & the stars are scattered in the sky. The breeze was cool & the sea was calm & sparkling, just like the first night they spent together.. “Sam… We’ve been at this for almost three months, and I am already sure of what I feel… Do you remember when I told you about the girl I like?” “Yeah, sure… I do… Who was it, by the way?” “Ahhm… well, that’s what I’m trying to tell you…That girl was… you, Sam… I know, I sound weird but I really have to tell you this… I like you Sam… Since the first time we met, until now, and I feel even more now… I’m already in love with you…& I’m sorry but I really have to ask this; WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?” Zach said & kneeled in front of Sam. “Well… I’m speechless… but…YES… I love you too, Zach…” Sam replied. Zach was so happy & he embraced Sam. When Zach let go of her, Sam pulled him and kissed him… Zach was shocked but he also wanted it. They spent the night singing songs under the moon’s radiant light. It was already dawn when Zach sent Sam in her room on the resort hotel. “Good night, Sam…” “Good night, Zach… I love you” “I love you…” Zach was about to leave when Sam called him back. “Oops,… you forgot something…” Sam said while pointing her finger on her cheek… Zach went back went back & kissed Sam’s cheek. Then, Zach turned and walked, but he came back again and kissed Sam’s lips. “Hey… That was two…” Sam said, smiling. “Good night…” Zach said. He went home and went to his room. He closed his eyes and fell asleep with Sam on his mind.In the morning, Zach woke up early and went to the hotel. He asked the cook to let him bring Sam’s food. He went upstairs and knocked at Sam’s door. Sam opened & she was surprised when she saw Zach bringing her breakfast. “Wow, Thank you…” “Well, anything for my beautiful princess.” Zach said. He brought the food inside Sam’s room & put it on the table. Sam sat on her bed & watched Zach arrange her breakfast. Zach turned to her and wondered… “Why are you looking at me like that? What are you looking at?” Zach went near to Sam and stared at her eyes. Their faces were just an inch away. Sam smiled & suddenly kissed Zach’s nose… “Oh, you want to play games, huh?” Zach tickled her. Sam covered herself with her blanket but Zach didn’t stop from tickling her. Sam was really laughing… They both stopped when her phone rang. Sam took her phone and looked at Zach. “It’s dad…” She smiled while Zach covered his mouth. “Hello, dad… I’m fine… Yeah, I am at the hotel… What? Like, right now? Why?... Okay… I’ll be right there… I’ll catch the next flight… Bye…” Sam stood up and opened her closet… “You’re leaving?” Zach asked. “Yeah…Dad wants me to be on New York today… It sounds really important…” Sam said. “Oh, so why did he want you to come so early?” “I don’t know. He didn’t tell me… I’m sorry Zach … Would it be okay to you if I’ll leave?” Sam turned to Zach, worriedly… “Well, yeah… It’s fine.” “Don’t worry, I won’t take long… I’ll be back in three days.” Sam said while packing her stuff. Zach helped Sam with her bags and sent her to the airport. Zach went home. He was a little sad & worried. He waited for Sam to come back, until a week already passed. He called at Sam’s house but the maid keeps on telling him that Sam was not there. Zach was really sad. Until the next day, Sam called him. “Sam … I thought you’ll never speak to me again… Where are you? Are you coming back?” “No, Zach… I can’t… I’m sorry…” “Why? Wait, are you crying?” “Zach, I hate to tell you this but… we can’t be together anymore…” “What? Wait, is this a joke?” “We’re over… I’m sorry…” Sam turned the phone off. “Sam!!!!” Zach called Sam again but her number is already out of reach. “No!... I don’t understand… Why is she doing this to me?” Zach was sad & he didn’t know what to do. He went to the hut and stared at the sea. A tear fell from his eyes. “Why, Sam?” He uttered. He went home and went to bed. His mother knocked on his door. “It’s open…” Zach said His mother sat on the side of his bed. “US Military Academy sent you a letter. Want me to open it?” His mom said. “Yeah… go ahead.” His mother read the letter. “You’re qualified! You’re requested to report at the Academy next week…” “Okay… I’ll go…” Zach said flatly. “Are you okay son?” His dad asked. He was standing near the door. “I’m fine, dad. I’m okay…” “You sure?” “Yeah… I just feel sleepy…” “Okay, you should go to bed. Come on honey… Let’s go to bed too. It’s already late…” His dad told his mom. They went out of Zach’s room. Zach fell asleep. In the morning, he wrote a letter for Sam. He went to the post office and sent it. He didn’t know that Sam was already at New Mexico. She was already at the resort. She looked for Zach but she couldn’t find him. She tried to ask Mrs. Adams; “He went out. He’s probably at the town.” “Oh… Okay, Mrs. Adams… I really have a short time… I just came to see Zach… But I guess he won’t be back yet… I think I should leave… My dad will be waiting for me.” “Oh, is that so? But, you can leave him a letter… Or a message…” “Right…” Sam took her old lunchbox and went to the hut. After a few minutes, she went back to the hotel. “Mrs. Adams, kindly tell Zach to go to the hut… Please…” “Okay, Ms. Robins. I will.” Sam went back to Ontario where her father stays. It was already sundown when Zach came back to the resort. “Zach… Where have you been? Sam went here…” “What? She’s here?” “Not anymore, she already left, but she said that if you’re back, I’ll tell you to go to the hut.” Zach’s mother said. Zach ran to get to the hut as fast as he could. When he arrived at the hut, all he saw was the old lunchbox. It was on the top of the bench where Sam used to sit. He opened it, but all he saw was sand. He was mad… He closed the box and buried it in sand. He went home and packed all his stuff. His father saw him and got curious. “Too early… You’re still leaving in five days, right?” “I’ve already talked to the commander, I can get there earlier.” “Oh… why did you suddenly became so rushed?” “Just… excited…” “Okay…” His dad left his room. Zach already finished packing. He lied down to his bed and stared at the ceiling, until he fell asleep… On the next day, he went to the bus station with his parents. He was about to ride on the bus but he suddenly stopped & turned. “Mom, if Sam goes to the resort… Tell her that I’m on Military…and tell her not to see me.” Zach went inside the bus… The bus started & it departed. After 6 months, Sam went back to the resort. Sam went to Zach’s mother and asked about Zach. “Did he come?” “No… He’ll be back on December…” “Okay… I guess I can no longer see him then…” “What do you mean?” “Nothing… I’ll go to the hut…” Sam said. She left the hotel & went to the hut. She was holding a pen & a paper. When she came to the hut, she wrote a letter for Zach. After writing, she dug a hole to bury her feet… But suddenly, she felt something hard at the bottom. She dug it & she was shocked to see that it was her lunchbox. She opened it and found out that her letter was not read. The envelope was still buried in the sand & still sealed. She cried when she realized that Zach went away because he hadn’t read her letter. She wrote another letter & sealed it on the envelope. She put the letters on the box & buried it on the spot where Zach used to bury his feet. She went back to the hotel & saw her dad waiting for her. “Honey… Let’s go boating.” His dad invited. They sailed at the sea until they got to deep water. On that afternoon, the sunset was beautiful. Sam was lying on her dad’s lap. They were watching the sunset together. “I love you, dad…” Sam uttered… As the sun went out of sight, Sam’s heart also stopped beating. It was the last sunset she saw.


After 6 months, Zach went home. It was the day before Christmas. When he got to the hotel, his mom immediately met him. “Sam said you must go to the hut.” Zach was shocked with her mom’s face. He immediately went to the hut, but he saw nothing. He was frustrated. He sat on the place where he used to sit. He dug a hole to bury his feet. He was shocked when he saw the lunchbox. He opened it immediately & saw 3 envelopes. He read the first one;

“Dear Zach, I’m sorry for saying those things. I really didn’t mean to hurt you. I was just so confused that time. I don’t know what to do. My father called me because he wanted to show me the result of my test. I took it before I went to the resort. The doctor said that I have cancer. And he said that I only have 6 months to live. It was really unbelievable for me to have the same disease that caused my mom to die & that I am dying. I can’t tell you personally, so I’ve decided to at least tell it through a letter. I can’t afford to let you see me die so I told you that we can’t be together anymore. I’m sorry Zach… I’m really sorry…You’re probably wondering why I buried this on the sand. It is because I want you to remember that you can always bury your feet on the sand after you read this, in case you’ll get hurt… I just want you to know that I love you so much… I’ll be waiting for you…


Zach was devastated after reading the letter. He opened the next letter & started to read it…

“Dear Zach, I know it’s too late to stop you… But I guess, time really don’t want us to be together. I’ve received your letter from my maid, just a week ago. We were on Canada when your letter was sent to New York. I am so sorry.You said that if I’ll show up that day, you will not go to the military. But, unfortunately, I never knew about it. Everything is just in wrong timing. But, even if it’s like that, my love for you will always be every time… Today… it’s my last day, probably. I just came here to see if you’re home so I could talk to you for the last time here in the hut where we used to be. But, I guess the chance itself runs away from us. I wrote this letter to thank you for everything, to apologize to you & to say I love you for the last time. I am probably gone by sundown… so I am writing this letter for you to know all of the things that I wanted to say… I’m sorry Zach… Thank you for everything & I LOVE YOU…

Love, Sam”

Zach was really depressed. He was badly hurt. He was crying so hard that he couldn’t even breathe… But he tried hard to open the last letter;

“Dear Zach, Oh, Zach… I thought you’ve read my first letter… I thought you knew… Oh, I’m sorry… I should’ve called you…But, it’s all too late now… It’s almost sunset. I could no longer afford to do that… I’m sorry, Zach… I know I’ll be gone sooner or later. I can feel my heartbeat. It’s already slowing down. But even if I’m gone, I just want you to know that you’re one of the greatest gifts that God had given me. You’re the best thing that happened to my life. And you are the only person that I will never leave… I will always be with you… inside your heart… I LOVE YOU, Zach…


Zach cried… He can’t almost take air to breathe… He was chasing his breath while leaning his head on the lunchbox. He put all the letters inside the box & closed it. He sat on the bench & buried his feet and said. “Even if how deep I dig to bury my feet, or how long I stay like this, my “stress” will never be gone… I am so sorry, Sam… I will miss you… and I just want you to know that I’m not mad anymore. I’m just so stupid to leave you & to give up right away. I should have known… But, it’s all too late… It’s all done… Maybe it’s just what we’re meant to be… I hope that you’re happy, wherever you are… I LOVE YOU, Sam…” Those were the words he uttered. He went back to their house & headed to the terrace. He played the guitar & sang a song called “Little House”. While he was singing , he remembered the first night he spent together with Sam. “You’re the best thing I’ve ever had… I’ll see you someday… Sam!!”


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