the crush

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hi i'm georgie, i am writing this story because i have nothing better to do, i hope you like reading what i have done so far.
xx georgie

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



The Crush
By Georgie Beswick.


Story plot:
Taylor is in her first term at a new school and has to catch the bus due to her parents work. She doesn't like the bus, but she has made some friends. One friend is Cameron or Cam, she has a small crush on Cam but thinks he has a girlfriend, Abbie. She tells her best friend Lucie everything and doesn't realise that the school's mean girl Isla was listening in. Cameron added her on snap chat a few weeks before and when Isla did tell him Taylor freaked out and called Lucie for help, she ended up messaging him and asking if someone had told him anything. Cameron replied saying nothing but then said that someone told him Taylor liked him. Little did Isla know that Taylor mainly likes him as a friend, she just has a small crush on him. You would think things would be a bit awkward between them now but they carry on like normal friends... but is there something that both Taylor and Cameron are hiding from each other? 

Chapter 1:
"Taylor, time to get up..." Jade said to her daughter. "Do I have do go? I mean what's the point anyway?" Taylor groaned. After a while Taylor was ready and running late to leave for the bus, luckily she got there on time. When the bus arrived, Taylor took her seat by the window, she got her phone out and put her headphones in, waiting until she got to school. But what makes it hard to keep focused on forgetting about her little crush is that Cameron catches the bus with her, whenever Taylor gets near his stop she gets her phone out and pretends to be doing something on it.  Oh, I should mention some of her teachers don't know she catches the bus so when the bus comes late due to traffic... boy Tay hates explaining it. Oh, while Taylor is on the bus waiting I may as well tell you a few details about the encounters between her and Cameron. They give each other the occasional "Hey" with Cam adding a small nod to it. Yes, sometimes they have awkward conversations but sometimes they have normal ones too. Cameron's friends keep telling Taylor to sit next to him for some reason and Taylor's best friend Lucie seems to think Cameron is trying to make her jealous. Taylor and Cameron are both in year 8 and in DAT (Design & Technology) there is a guy called Dean, he can be a bit of a jerk sometimes... ok a BIG jerk! But my point is at lunch when Taylor and Lucie were on the oval he said that Cam liked Taylor... and with a guy like Dean, it's hard to tell if he's telling the truth or not, Taylor doesn't know whether to believe him or not. There they go again, see this is what I was telling you about, ok, well I wasn't but I am now, Cameron and Taylor are sharing glances again... Taylor don't hold the glance for too long... ok good, wait... why is Yana sitting next to Cam? That little cow! She is older than him, Taylor, breathe. Inhale, Exhale, they are probably just friends! Don't worry, maybe you should trust Lucie when she says he most likely likes you ok? I mean there is a 65 percent chance he does like you, well maybe 50 percent since you accidentally friend-zoned him. Oh, you are nearly at school now, get your bag ready and get off that stinking bus! Oh, I forgot to say, Taylor has two other friends that are in year 7, Charlie and Alexia. Alexia is Yana's sister, but at least Alexia isn't a cow. Taylor? Look back at Cameron and Yana, they aren't even talking, you have the wrong idea! "Burnt Orange is not a colour Alexia!" Taylor and Charlie laughed "It is! Search it!" and within a minute the school bell had rung and they were rushing to morning tute. 

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