My heart feels

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Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



Why does my heart feel unfulfilled;
why do I feel loneliness?
Why do I feel pain and ill;
why do I feel distress?

My heart feels at times in turmoil
and at times, the sense of longing
So overwhelming I’m unable to foil
the aches so acute, seems it’s dying.

Why does my heart feel despair;
my feelings so confused, I can’t bear?
Why does my heart feel impaired;
as if held tightly, as if about to tear?

My heart lies so deep within
much more than just a life-giving organ
It seems so thick yet so thin
so far yet so near; sometimes so forsaken

Sometimes, it makes me shed tears
other times, I’m filled with cheer
Sometimes, my glees are here
other times, it feels as if nothing but fear

So much I do endear, so much I do object
So much I do cherish, so much I do reject
So much I do yearn, so much I do reflect
Always longing and wanting; oh so abject

The depth of my heart’s bottomless
the more it feels, the more it wants to feel
Its fill and capacity ever so boundless
like a film in a never ending reel

My heart feels but in contention with thoughts;
for the heart and mind are mostly at odds
Seems it has a mind of its own or nought
but its reality of feel so alike seeds in pods

My heart feels anxiety and I am pensive
why I know not, but some things seem not there
Often with no logic yet it’s so expressive
Why? Perhaps longing is always there to bear

Why do my heart feel over-pouring joy
as though, no pain could stain; 
the vehemence as though there’s no coy
with brazen confidence as if there’s no disdain

For my heart is alive, and it strives
upon all dimensions of feel – sadness or delight
Knowing fully well it will always be deprived
but in there sheds God’s unseen light.

© Copyright 2019 J. Sam Barr. All rights reserved.

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