Imperfect and Perfect Creation

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My ideas about how to create what you really want in life

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



When we are asked to create something we want, we think of something that gives us happiness. However, happiness is an emotion. Unconditional love, on the other hand, is not an emotion. When we can't see clearly, or as Jesus might say, we have a splinter in our eye, we are in pain, like a bleating lamb trapped on a rock ledge. The lamb will want security, the fluffy warmth of the mother. But, take the lamb away from danger, and it will soon want to explore, to grow, and leave the security of the mother, which it craved for when in danger.

Jesus would say this in another way. Take the plank out of your eye. See clearly first. Thinking about it another way, a very small splinter looks the size of a plank when it's in your eye. It blocks out most of your vision. Then imagine, someone else is crying out "oh help, I have a splinter in my eye! What can I do?".

"Here, let me help!", I hear you say. So you approach your victim, with a scalpel, carefully... then "whoops!" Now he's got no eye! Awww. But then the blind friend hears somene cry out "Help, I have lost the sight in my eye!" He wants to help. So, he approaches the victim with a scalpel...

You get the idea. Jesus had unconditional love, so he just went around healing things. If you get the splinter out of your eye, you are going to want to share your clear vision with others. But you have to tell people how to remove their own splinters.

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