Mondo, the Giant Elephant

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Mondo was a huge elephant, probably the biggest. After eating a lot of food he became very thirsty and so searched around for water. The children at the boating pond were not happy to find that all the water had disappeared

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



Mondo, the Giant Elephant

By Paul Davey


No one knew from where he came but he was here and here to stay. Mondo, the biggest elephant you will ever see. Why was Mondo such a large elephant you may ask? Well, in time may find out.


One day after wolfing down a tasty selection of fruit, twigs and leaves Mondo felt rather thirsty so he went in search of some cool refreshing water. And, as you can imagine, a lot of water was needed to quench Mondo’s monstrous thirst.


He came across a house with a fish pond in the garden. Mondo hid behind some trees and snuck his very long trunk through some bushes and into the pond. Nobody saw him and he drunk all the water. Luckily the goldfish that lived in the pond were on holiday.


Mondo was still very thirsty. So, he went looking for more water to drink.


He came across another house which had a swimming pool in the back garden. Mondo’s big blue eyes lit up with excitement. Once again he hid behind some trees and snuck his very long trunk through some bushes and into the pool. Nobody saw him and he slurped up all of the water.


When Mondo had gone a man came out for a swim. He looked at his empty pool and scratched his head, he was sure he filled the pool that morning.


Mondo was still very, very thirsty. So, he went looking for more water to drink.

In the distance he saw a play park. There were children swinging and sliding and digging in sandpits. Mondo got very excited because he spotted a boating pond.


Children with their parents were having lots of fun rowing boats and splashing about. Mondo was so thirsty he just had to drink all of the water in the boating pond.


So, he hid behind some big trees and snuck his very long trunk through a bush and into the corner of the boating pond. Nobody saw him and he drunk all of the water.


Boats were sitting, uselessly on the bottom of the empty pond. The boys and girls were very upset, some were crying. The parents were really quite angry because their boating pond had been emptied.


Suddenly a boy, whose name was Joe, pointed and shouted, “look everybody, behind the trees, a giant elephant.”


Mondo’s trunk was dripping with water. Everybody knew that he was to blame for drinking the boating pond completely dry.


Then, all the people stood around a nervous looking Mondo. Joe bravely stepped forward and said, “elephant, why did you drink our boating pond?”


In a very deep voice that made the ground tremble slightly, Mondo said, “I was thirsty, very very thirsty.”


Joe looked at Mondo and said, “well, you maybe thirsty but it wasn’t fair to drink all the water from our boating pond.”


“I’m sorry,” said the Mondo, “but when I’m thirsty where can I go to have a drink? I do need a lot of water to satisfy my thirst.”


“Why don’t you go to the seaside and drink the sea?” Joe said thoughtfully.


“Toooo salty and I might accidentally suck a fish up my trunk. I don’t like fish,” Mondo said shuddering at the thought of eating fish.


“How about the river then?” Joe said pointing towards the river.


“Fish, fish, fish and more fish! Have you ever had an eel stuck up your nose? It’s rather unpleasant you know,” replied Mondo remembering a particularly unpleasant experience.


Joe said, “hmmm, let me talk to my friends, please wait there.”


Joe and his friends had a long talk about what to do and they eventually came up with an idea that would help everybody.


“Elephant, what is your name?” Joe asked.


“Mondo,” said Mondo.


“Well Mondo, I would like you come with me,” said Joe.


Joe and Mondo went for a walk and stopped on top of the highest hill on the far side of the park.


Joe said, “Mondo, you are an enormous elephant, probably the biggest ever. From this hill you should be able put the tip of your trunk into the clouds.”


Mondo lifted his very long trunk up and up and up into the sky until it poked into a cloud.


“Now......” said Joe. “.....SUCK.”


Mondo did, and he filled his tummy with refreshing cool cloud water. After he had finished he said, “thank you, thank you, thank you! What a very clever boy you are. I’ll never be thirsty again.” 


Joe said, “in return for my clever idea I would like you to take some water from the clouds and fill the boating pond.”


“Ok,” said Mondo.


Then, Joe asked, “have you drunk water from anywhere else recently?”


“Yes, a swimming pool and a fish pond,” Mondo said with his head hung low.


“Then you must fill them too,” said Joe.


Mondo agreed. He refilled the boating pond and all the parents and children were happy again.


He refilled the swimming pool and the man was happy to have his pool back again.


Lastly, he filled the fish pond but the fish were still on holiday. So they never knew what had happened.



The end.

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