the person i'm not

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High school means a lot to a lot of people. To some it is the gateway to the new world full of opportunities and jobs waiting and to some the path to romance and weird experiments. I Seria for some reason fell in the studious category without my choice but that didn't stop me from helping people in the other category get what they want. I was the middle man for the job of breakups and makeups as my tomboyish nature gave the perfect platform for helping both the genders. But there is a lot that I think was left with me after 'the job' which was something only I had, being in this field. That is what I wish to let out and talk about. What all I have done, and what has it taught me.

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a bit about me

Submitted: March 27, 2017

  The coastal region of my little town Submarine, where I lived for 11 long years is famous for two things, well a submarin... Read Chapter