A Writer's Garden

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Take a little trip across a walking bridge and into a writer's garden.

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



There's a bridge across the pond

To Writer's cottage

It has walkway's made of Oak

With Maple rails.

There are dovetails at the joints

Firmly bonded

And nowhere will you find

The likes of nails.


Beyond the bridge

There's a pathway through a garden

An English garden

With a fountain at its center.

In the summer

It becomes a writer's cove

And when in need of inspiration

They will enter.


There is a cottage to the east

Of the garden

With a massive maple tree

Just for fun

And a breeze

Brings relief in the evening

To calm the humid air

Of summers sun.



Fall has worked its way into the garden

And leaves are leaving trees

And taking flight

They are landing on the bridge

And in the pond

Giving writers the inspiration

To write.


So they write about the bridge

In the painting

And conjure up some stories

About that space.

They'll neatly weave some words

To show what they've seen

In their minds,

In this writer's garden place.




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