A Love glimpse through her eyes

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Have you ever been so mad in love with him who had no such feelings for you at first.. and with time, destiny had coupled you together? Then probably you've landed into the right poem.

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



When I saw you for the first time, I didn't think you would be prime.
What you did to me can’t be forgiven.
Boy, you have got my heart riven
With your sword of silence,Oh I need violence!
With your eyes, Oh it hypnotise!
With your smile, Oh I was lost for a while!
With your sharp stare, Oh be my pair!

What? I'm holding your hand?
It takes me to a wonder-land.
Do you feel the same too?
I clearly have no clue.
Your warmth, I’m loving this.
When will be our first kiss?

You called me your darling dear?
Oh baby,why did it take a year?
Squealing and jumping out of joy
For that's from my boy.

I love you, not like a love song baby.
I love you just as a friend maybe.
You love me? I suppose it's a miracle.
That has arrested the blood in my auricle.
Those deep discussions of decisions,
Darling, I'm done defending my illusions.
I love you too,the moment you've been waiting for
Come on baby, let's begin our affectional war.

Our first meet, no scene could ever compete.
Our first hug, my dreamlike addiction drug.
Our first kiss, unexpected one that I miss.
All these has been ‘our’ This is our ‘power’

Honey, The way you fiddle with your hair
Snow melting in my heart, I can't bear
Slaughtering? me just with your smile is mean.
Baby, let me breathe, stop being so sheen.

I’m giving you all my love.
Why is it not ceasing out?
But keeps on oozing out
This anomaly puts me in awe!

Don't get closer to me with that intense look.
I have nowhere to hide - not even a nook.
I can’t suppress anymore says my racing blood.
Baby, you plunge me into the fervor flood.

You pretend to be hooked up on a celebrity.
I pretend to be perfect saying she's pretty.
Deep inside my soul, pierce a hole
Yeah, I’m possessive so am I adhesive with you.

I'm sorry for I’ve made you worry.
I vow to be by your side ever, hurt you never.
I need to drain my life with you.
I endeavor not to make you blue.

Whether Live or Die, it's going to be together.
Our love will stay as evergreen as the heather.

© Copyright 2018 Snehapriya Murugan. All rights reserved.

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