The Robot and The Sociopath

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: House of Ghosts
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Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



Concept of the Script


Here we have a boy named Christopher Stewart. He discovered a room with a robot in it. He finds that the robot is broken so he spends some time fixing it really quick. After that he goes to add upgrades to it so he can use it to take over the entire school. While he’s gone getting the parts for the upgrades the robot turns itself on and waits there for Chris to return. When Chris enters the room he knows that something’s off after seeing that the robot is missing. Sensing something watching he glances around the room and finds the robot closing in on him. That’s when he bolts out of the room running down the hallway away from the robot. When he turns the corner he stops to try and catch his breath. After a few seconds he looks over the corner to see if the robot was still there but couldn’t see it. He turns back around and the robot’s right there behind him about to grab at him. Chris sets off again for the last time. After running down the last hallway into a dead end he turns around to find the robot halfway down the hallway growing ever closer with each and every breath he takes. After about 30 seconds the robot finally reaches him and instead does the unthinkable by giving him a hug instead saying “thank you for bringing me to life professor…” then he breaks Chris’s legs by accident through it’s sheer strength.





Shot 1 No dialog


Shot 3 [Chris] “Hmm, what’s this robot doing here?”


Shot 4 [Chris] “Poor thing, must have been left here a long time ago… I wonder if I can fix it”


Shot 5 [Chris] “Yeah after I got you all fixed up I bet I can give you a few upgrades to use you to take over the school”


Shot 6 [Chris] “Good thing I’ve got a screwdriver and a few other tools from the robotics club with me” Unzips backpack and takes out tools.


Shot 7 [Chris] working on the robot, humming in the process.


Shot 8 No dialog


Shot 9 Robot eyes glow red, then robot gets up and walks into the corner.


Shot 10 [Chris] “I’m back” he states “Hmm, where’d the robot go?” Glances around the room.


Shot 11 [Chris] “Oh no- Ahhhhh!!!” He runs out of shot.


Shot 12 Chris runs down the hallway then turns the corner out of the shot.


Shot 13 [POV shot] Glances around corner really quick. After that he turns around to come face to face with the robot.


Shot 14 [Chris] “Oh no!!! It almost got me, I gotta get away fast” He says while sprinting down the hallway


Shot 15 no dialog


Shot 16 [Chris] “Ohhhhh no!!! What am I gonna do!!!”He says terrified

the Robot walks down the hallway.


Shot 17 [Robot] “Thank you for giving me life Professor, It’s like  the first time every time”


[Chris] “How can it be the first time every time? And who’s this professor?”


[Robot] “You are Professor” while giving Chris a hug

A few seconds later


[Chris] “Owwww!!! My legs, You broke my legs”




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