Singing For Hope

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Jane Raura has nothing at all. Nothing. But when Jane begins to sing, people watch her and give her money. Jane feels rich. When she gets adopted, everything changes. All her earnings go down the drain. Her family makes her feel more lonely. What will Jane do?

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



 I brushed my bruised hands on my ragged dress. They hurt badly, stinging ever so harshly. i stood up painfully. After the break in, I'd never healed when I'd escaped. Gashes, bruises and scars covered the sum of my body. I held my box that read "Homeless, please help" on it. My throat hurt too. Maybe I hadn hope somewhere.

  Screech! A car rumbled up to the side road. A young, teenage boy hopped out, followed by a small toddler. "Hey how you doing?" I shurgged. "As good as I'll ever be" He chuckled, and grabbed a wad of cash from his pocket. "Here, come to the cafe with me" I nodded. The best food I'd ever had in a while.

  "My name is Bill Camo, what 'bout yours?' "Jane Raura" I told him. He nodded and munched on a chocolate donut. "So, what are your talents?" "Well, I can sing" "Everyone can do that" He laughed. "No really" He grinned. "Okay then do it" I sang an old song that everyone loved. "Wow" He said, clearly shocked. 

  Later that day, the same guy came to my sign. "Sing" So I did. Lots of people crowded around me. After an hour of singing, Bill waved away the mob of people "All for today" He said. He turned to me. "I'll bring my guitar next time so we can rock it out and get tips" What I wondered if it was all for me or him too.

For almost a month, me and Bill performed. We got plenty of tips and I even let him take 20 percent of our earnings each 2 weeks. Bill didn't want it either though. Later, on April 1st, a surprise visitor greeted me an hour early. She wore a black coat and shoes. "I'm here for you to sing." "Uh our performance isn't untill eight". She sighed. "I have to go sorry" she said. "Wait!" I called. She turned and smirked happily.

I began to sing a beautiful, short song. She bobbed along to the beat. "Thank you deary." I grinned, another customer satisfied. That afternoon, I talked to Bill. "Bill, some person is coming early." He nodded. "That happens" "No Bill, really, she smirked and talked to me like it NEEDED to happen" He shrugged. "Thats how life works" "No Bill-" No use in bribing him.

The women came again, this time two hours early. "Sing" So I did. She walked over to me. "Can I adopt you?" Yes! I thought "Sure" I called enthuseastically.

At the lady's house, I remenbered Bill. "Oh no" I exclaimed. I had left him. For months and months, the ladies ordered me to do chores and sing every second. One day, I knew I had to go. I ran out the door. The lady dragged me back into the house repeatedly. "Help! Help!"

Later in March, 2012, Bill came back. "Jane?" he called. "Bill!" I screamed. "Hiw did you find me?" "Cloth", he answered, dragging me away. "Yes!" I yelled. I lived happily ever after with Bill."'

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