America is a Place

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A poem about America and its melting pot roots

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



America Is a Place


America is a place


Where little children scramble up the library steps toward the childrens room


While still bars quickly fill with loud patrons during play -off season.


Where children and grandchildren of immigrants remember


Placing that memory into action


  By helping the newest arrivals acclimate.


It's Mahjong players at the edge of Chinatown


 With grandchildren scampering at their feet


It's holding onto the old culture while making it a permanent part of the new one.


Where “We the People” is more than a catch phrase


It and the rights that follow being ingrained into our hearts


  And the very breath of equality that lives


Above this soil.


Here there is justice and truth.


We believe that dreams do come true.


And our people have proven it over and over and over again.

Whether you come from the villages of Zimbabwe


Or the bustling cities of Hong Kong


Once you touch our soil


Swear your allegiance


You are ours


One of us


This gang of mixed up, muddled, loud, argumentative, patriotic, melting pot American misfits.


No matter how you look,


What challenges you face,


What caste you belonged to,


Here it doesn't matter

You are equal


We were once many.


Now as always we stand as one.

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