Half Child: Wasteland - A Cut Chapter of the Story

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A cut chapter of the story in Half Child, written in the first versions then trashed and replaced with Half Child 2.

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



This chapter was cut from the original Half Child story before it was made into Half Child 2. The story was originally going to be into chapters but was then decided to be chucked into complete stories, the only exceptions being Half Child 1. 


Maron stepped out of the long and tall drianage pipe that led into a tunnel. When he dropped into the tunnel, it seemed to get higher and higher full of waste. The combine was flushing the system and he was going to be smothered in waist. Maron started running to the end before he was flushed out, smothering him but not for long. When he dropped out of the tunnel, he walked foreward to a cliff where he got an immense view of the Wasteland, a large field and tunnelsystem full of eyehounds, left over and mutated xen creatures and chock full of zombies. The towers there with in ruins and shambles and after the flush, most of the creatures were even more mutated. Maron jumped off the cliff and landed somewhere he could keep his footing. When he found a spot, he looked to where he could escape the Wasteland. He saw a massive drainage pipe and someone walking out of it. He kept looking and decided the drainage pipe was his best bet, he walked to a ladder and climbed up, seeing the person run away. He continued climbing until he came up to a thin tunnel and met with the person. There he talked, the man told him where to go, and he followed the directions. He came to a ladder and climbed it, then it leading to a doorway and when he entered, he was in a sewer leading to the city. He climbed it, and came out of the manhole. He then saw the entire city, groggy from the wasteland spewing in and the combine constantly harrassing it. 

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