The Dark Man

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After his horrific childhood Dennis Ridgway now works at as an office worker while dealing with alcohol abuse. He soon finds out his nightmare from years ago catches up to him something he wishes
to drown out with alcohol. Will he face reality of his family curse or stay at the bottom of the bottle.

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017




I always have the same dream a woman screaming at me to go out the window while battling an intruder. I always felt I know her from somewhere long ago but never bothered to remember. The dreams bothered me so much that i have to take pills to keep me up but the alcohol always knocks me down.


My name is Dennis Ridgway and i'm just like you work, watch the news, sleep, and repeat. I live in an apartment building sixth floor room 602. I keep a 12 gauge pump action shotgun under my bed just in case of a break in even though i never fired a gun before. I work in an office building. Working on a computer answering phone calls. Gets boring but bills have to be paid.


Every morning i have to take a bus to work since i can't afford payments on my car getting it towed away. I'll get to work and head to the fourteenth floor, go to the rest area, and taste the shit coffee whoever made it. To make the coffee taste better i'll sneak a few drops of vodka. I'll usually sneak it in a water bottle.


But other than that i fucked around on the work computer until i get a phone call. The phone rings It's about time I thought answering the phone pretending to have a good day. “Hello, thank you for choosing ‘Benjamin Stocks’ how may i help you?” there was no answer only heavy breathing as if who ever was on the other side was a smoker. “I've found you.” the caller wheezles and hung up. “The hell was that?” i said to myself. I then shrugged it off as a prank caller and continued playing on the computer.


That night i left the building to the bus stop. I waited for the bus and it didn't take me long to notice something wasn't right. I looked at my phone it was only 10:36pm. In a busy city there should be cars and people all over but there was nothing an empty street. I still waited checking my phone each time i started to loose patiences for the driver to arrive. After checking my phone one last time i couldn't help but notice a man was across the street standing out of the beam of the street light. As i focused on the man he was tall maybe 6’3 at most, his arms reached to his knees, and seemed to be wearing a black fedora looking down with a black trench coat that went down to his ankles. He was barefoot.


Than a Blaring car horn blew startling me. It was the bus driver “Are you getting on or not? I don't have all night!” the driver said. I glanced back at where the man should've been standing but he was gone. I got on the bus and went to my apartment. I went into my room and the first thing i did was drink till i fell asleep.


That night i had the same dream but more clearly. “Dennis run! Out the window now!” The woman yelled but she wasn't just any woman but my mother. My mother was yelling at me escape while an intruder attacked her and something else a shadow in the background watching and standing still blending into the darkness. I looked at my hands i was a kid in my pajamas. I listened to her and went out the window.


I woke up after that it was morning and i had to get ready for work. I know something was off that morning i felt like i was being watched and seeing shadows out of the corner of my eyes. I was paranoid. I did my regular routine brushing my teeth while in the shower getting dressed and filling my water bottle with alcohol.


I arrived at working drinking the same shit coffee but still the same presence followed me an unwanted guest you can say. I focus on work that day like i ever did focus but this was different i felt anxiety. I drank the rest of my “water” and than my boss came over and drop a stack of papers on my desk asking me to stay late. I accepted getting annoyed but needed the the extra hours.


It was 1:45am i was finishing up shutting down my computer and getting ready to leave when i see a person standing in the other side of the room looking down. I came to realization it was the dark man from the bus stop. “You can't be in here! Im calling the cops!” i threatened him but no response. It seemed like forever standing there waiting for something to happen. He began to whisper something that i could barely hear “Ive….Ive..” he wheezed. “Speak up asshole!” i interrupted him. He looked up me in an instant and saw two punny bright white eyes and shrieked “I'VE FOUND YOU!” he put his arms up and started running towards me. I turned around and ran as fast as i can passing the elevator and going down the stairs. When i got to the bottom of the stairs and ran past my boss leaving the building.


By than i made it to the bus stop catching my breath and looked across the street where the dark man usually stands. Fuck that! i thought to myself and started to run again but this time all the way to my apartment. When i arrived i locked the door and started drinking like never before and passed out on the couch.


I was back in the dream more clearly than before my mother fighting the intruder then it hit me. The intruder was my dad he was drunk again always drunk after work hurting my mom from trying to protect me. But this was the night he killed her and than himself.


The shadow in the back also became more clear it was him that dark man. What was he doing here? Why now? I thought. The dark man than popped in front of me pushing me against the wall. Looking into his small white eyes. His skin was grey and soaked in like a drug addict. He smiled, his smile was so big it reached where his ears should've been and stuck in his sharp thang like teeth was flesh. “I'll always be with you!” He wheezed.


I woke up after that from hearing a knock on my door. I got up and walked towards the door looking into the peep hole. It was him the dark man looking down i could see his hat and coat. He then looked up at the peep hole it was my boss I was relieved. “Dennis are you home?” he asked loudly. I unlocked the door opening it. He wanted to talk about last night and if i was ok. I told him i wasn't feeling well and requested to stay home. He gladly accepted my request and left. I walked to my bed and sat down.


That whole time i thought about mom and dad. “Your father always love you.” she'll tell me. “But why does he hurt us?” i'll ask. She replied “Because that's not him when he drinks he become a ‘dark’ man.” so at that time when i was a kid when the cops were called for domestic violence I’ll always say that daddy was gone and the dark man hurt mommy.


He was an alcoholic and i'm just following his footsteps some fucking family curse. I'm not willing to have alcohol consume me like it did my dad.

I took out the shotgun from under my bed. It was the same gun that my dad used to kill mom and himself.


Later that night i was pouring the rest of my alcohol down the sink and heard a familiar voice “Im so proud of you.” I turned around and i saw a familiar face and i began to tear up. “Mom?” all these questions racing through my mind. “Hi honey.” she said calmy. “But how your dead?” i replied. "Honey im not dead. I'll always be with you." she explained smiling. Something was off and very wrong. "Mom? Whats wrong with you?" i asked worried. "Nothing dear i'm just glad that I've found you." My eyes widened looking straight at her. "What did you just say?" her smile became larger inhuman like and a sinister voice wheezed "I've found you." The dark man apperard like a shadow behind mom wrapping his jacket around her an absorbed her.


I now know whats happening That thing was pretending to be my mother so it can get to me. I looked straight at the door that leaves the room. I looked back at him one last time then booked it. I ran out that door going down the stairs. But when i reached the bottom I froze at the entrence to the apartment building. 


Somehow he was there. Outside of the building waiting for me but something was different. Where is his mouth? my gut told me to run all the way upstairs and get the gun but i know it would be stupid because he'll just meet me up there.


We staired at each other to what seemed like to be forever but I notice something was moving under his flesh where his mouth should've been. He begins to extend his jaw and the most horrific scene occurs. His flesh rips bleeding intensely showing underneath his sickening smile. His blood was black.


I only blinked once and he was gone. I was scared shitless i have no idea where he has gone but what i feared the most was happening. I felt a warm thick liquid drip and go down my shoulder. I began to cry shutting my eyes tight.


I heared him whisper in my ear "I've found you." He wrapped me up in his jacket and it all went black. The next thing i know i was in my room sitting on the couch looking down the barrel of my shotgun. I saw him on the other side of the room watching me. I know what has to be done and we both want the same thing. To escape.


I gripped the gun pointing it to the bottom of my chin with my finger on the trigger. He smiled bigger than ever before he was so excited like he gets off on it. closing my eyes i pulled the trigger. I know what this thing is now i thought to myself.


"He's the thoughts in my head, The Angel of Death, The Dark Man."


© Copyright 2018 Austin Walley. All rights reserved.

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