The Dark Man

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After the loss of his family Ethan Thomas now must face another nightmare.
Something that would question his sanity.

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



My is Ethan Thomas and this is my story. I used to work as a Police Detective. I met this girl at a local Coffee Shop. We started dating. We were married six months later. We went to Blue Ridge on our honeymoon.

Our son was born nine months later. Six Months after that, I buried them both, after being murdered in our home. I killed the fucker on sight not arresting him. He was my best friend. I started drinking, a lot. I lost my job due to drinking on the job. I stayed in my house lost in my horrible looping nightmare of a past. Every morning I look in the mirror only to see a deadbeat alcoholic. Pale white skin, with bags under my eyes. I grew too tired to shave my face, now i have patches of hair on my face like a bum in the streets. My hair grew long, tangled and greasy due to my lack of self esteem.


I had to find a job, bills have to be paid. No one would hire me except this gas station that was near my neighborhood down the road. So i took the job, i don't want to waste the gas on my car. It wasn't far only about 10-15 minutes away. I always leave work around 8:30-9pm. One day at my new job this ass-hole prick started getting tough with me. He was wearing a grey hoodie with the hood still on his head with dark blue jeans and dirty white sneaker. He also had two silver piercing on each side of his bottom lip. I was drinking on the job again causing me to be more angry at the teen.


When he shoved me from over the counter i grabbed his head and bashed his forehead on the counter between us causing his head to gush and bleed bright red. I pulled him over the counter to my side and began punching over and over again busting his nose and lip causing his piercings to rip n tear as i punched. Thankfully my boss was there to pull me off. I could've killed the kid. After that the boss kicked the punk out telling him not to come back thank god the cps weren't called or i'll be in jail for assault. My boss never fired me. He just said to go home and sober up. I listened.


When i was walking home I notice something weird. A man in a trench coat, wearing a fedora waiting at the bus stop across the street of the sidewalk I walk home on. I couldn't tell who it was since he wasn't standing in the street light in the dark facing me. I thought of the figure as the alcohol fucking with my head It, but it sounded normal a man waiting for the bus.. I shrugged it off and continued my walk home to get some sleep.


The next day i got up all sobered up, getting ready for work. When i walked to work on the same sidewalk as last night I felt a strange feeling like when you get chills for no reason. I looked at the bus stop where the strange man was seeing he wasn't there. I guess he got his ride, but it's weird how he hid from me probably thought i was a mugger, I wouldn't blame him since i looked like homeless mugger.


Later that day i finished up and walked home and i noticed the same man was there from last night but was closer. He was standing in the middle of the road facing me. What the hell is he doing I thought. He's probably getting home from work like me I thought again but that wasn't really on my mind. I speed walked home and when I got there I made sure I wasn't followed and locked all my doors and windows.


The next morning I've noticed they were scratches on my back it worried me a little bit but I ignored it. My phone rang from downstairs when I answered it was my boss “Hey, Ethan do you mind working late. jose called in sick and i need someone to stay till 12:00 am?” He asked so instead of arguing about my lazy ass coworker I answered “Yea, sure not a problem.” “And NO drinking.” he demanded “I don't want another incident while i'm gone got it?”. “Yes sir.” I answered. We both said our goodbyes and hung up. I got dressed for the long day ahead of me. When I walked to worked I ignored the bus stop that was across the street, it was a slow day at work and when it hit 9:00pm something told me it was gonna be a long night.


It was 11:30pm, I disobeyed my boss and began drinking while reading the newspaper of strange kidnappings that the authorities think they're connected I started to hear tapping at the window to my right when I looked it was him, the stranger from the bus stop. I fell out of my chair and hit the floor from being tipsy and shocked at the same time. Not a good mix. After looking up at the man I moved back as fast as a Mongoose moves from a Kobra. He was just standing there i couldn't tell what he looked like due to how dark it was outside all i could see was his trench coat, fedora, and his dark grey boney hand with fingernails that was tapping on the window.


I would admit i was scared shitless, looking under the counter to see a baseball bat my boss kept just in case the place got robbed. I grabbed the bat and gripped it in a swinging position like a pro batter ready to hit a home run. I waited with bat in hand waiting for the stranger to make a move but he just stood there like a statue. I looked right where his face is supposed to be knowing there's something sinister staring back into my soul. Our little staring contest felt like ages. Then he smiled. It wasn't your average happy smile it was dark and sinister he smile was huge as if he were the joker. His teeth so pure white like as if he bleached his teeth. That's all of his face I saw was his smile in the dark as if they were glowing in the dark. It doesn't just end there his hand began to slide down slowly as if he was a window cleaner making that annoying slippering sound from whipping the spray cleaner off the window with a rag.


Just by watching him my heart sank feeling more dread than ever i couldn't move a muscle all i could do was stare i was in some sort of trance feeling the alcohol fade away still buzzed.. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?” I yelled at him finally getting the balls to confront who or what ever was outside that window. Still no response or movement. Than it happened, all the lights went out. There as a spare heavy duty flashlight under the same counter where the bat was. The power outage got me out of my trance and I reached for it grabbing the flashlight and jumping up, holding the bat in my right hand and the flashlight in the other. I ran towards the window where he was. Pointing the flashlight at it to see who he really was. Who ever it was left.


I was scared, scared and alone. I have no fucking idea where he was at than a light alarm rang once like a person have opened the entrance door. I turned my flashlight towards the entrance to see what I have hopped wasn't there a wide open door. He was in the building i wasn't alone anymore he-it was watching me I have no idea what was gonna happen to me. I was trapped I became a lost scared but also fucking pissed due to someone fucking with me. “COME OUT FUCKER!” I yelled out.  No Response. Just like I thought, It was so quiet i felt as if i was standing there for ages then i heard it. A low spin tingling gurgle that sounded like it came from across the room. I was trapped. I hid in the corner sitting on the floor where i was just sitting. Than a loud crashing and breaking noise came from over the counter as if he was looking for me destroying everything in its path and then silence.


All of the sudden i hear a familiar voice when the lights turned on. “Ethan where are you?” he called out. I got up to see my boss I jumped over the counter and told him everything. He looked pissed, smelt the booze in my breath and saw the bat in my hand. He said i was talking bullshit and that I had a crazy drunken rampage. He fired me that night. I know what I saw and something told me it wasn't over yet.


A week later no new jobs and no dark stranger. Sitting in my empty house I cooked myself a junk food movie dinner and drank a bottle of “Jack Daniels” I don't get a glass I just drank from the bottle. After watching a couple of horror movies it was around 12:30pm. I began to hear noises in my backyard, I had a garden back there so I shrugged it off thinking it was an animal soon the noise stop and I continued but it started up again. I got annoyed of the little bastards tearing up my garden so I got up and walked towards the back door where there was a window to the top left and on the ride side of the door was a lightswitch for the backyard where I can see the garden.


When I looked out the window with the lights off I saw a familiar shadow figure standing in the middle of my garden. I switched on the lights so i can catch whoever was messing with me but there was no one there. My garden was fine. So I shrugged it off thinking it was the almost empty bottle of jack Daniels I had earlier and turned the lights back off. Than began to walk away until I heard the noise again but I did not turn on the lights to see what was in my garden. I still saw that shadow figure in the middle of my garden. It looked like he was barefooted I couldn't tell out what or who it was but it was still like a deer in the middle of the road, it also felt as if I was being watched.


I turned back on the lights to only see nothing, I'm going fucking nuts! I thought. No more horror movies tonight. I turned back off the lights and walked away ignoring the sounds that came back from my backyard garden. I went to bed with the lights on in my room. I think I forgot to lock the door I thought to myself ignoring going back out locking my own door, i went to sleep moments later.


The next morning I woke up with scratches on me again this time a burning sting like feeling, deep red scratches that burned like as if I was cut with a heated blade and felt the pain of my hangover headache. I also notice my lights were off. I began to feel being watched again so I hurried got dressed and left the house. I decided to relax and take a walk in the woods on a trail near the bus stop that was on my way to past job in the mornings. So I walked over to the bus stop to remember that dark stranger stood here. I shrugged off my bad thoughts of the stranger and walked on the path.


Minutes later i found myself lost and only for it to get worse by that the sun was going down. I found myself on a two-way path only to choose to go right. Later on i felt being watched again but this time from behind like as if i was being stalked. I turned around to only find him. The dark stranger was standing there like last time watching me without moving or even breathing he was silent like the night.


I began to run as fast as i could leaving that fucking freak behind. Somehow i see the back of my house and the garden. Damn it i thought this is how that man found me and how he left when i turned the lights on to catch him. But how could he run off like that without making any noise. I ignored the thought and reached my back door only to find it unlocked. He was in my house i thought i always kept this door locked at least that's what i thought.


I ran in and locked the door looking at the door to only see that shadow figure in the middle of my garden again like last night. I ran into my room to get my gun, my 1911 pistol. Its time to end this fucker I kept thinking to myself. Than it happened, the power went out and i knew he was in my house. I quickly checked all the rooms to see if I could find him but it was too dark so i ran into the kitchen to find flashlight under the sink.


When i turned it on I heard the familiar spine tingling gurgle behind me. I turned around fast to only see the man behind me flashing my light in his face to only hear a screeching noise from him. He hit my hand knocking the light away while this happened I accidentally pulled the trigger and almost shooting his face but missed by hitting his hat off. He turned away and slowly faceed me. To only realize he was really it. He wasn't human. He had no face whatsoever to what i could see was dark grey skin a bald head and small punnie bright white dots to only think of them as eyes.


But what happened next terrified me it gives me nightmares. I saw movement from where his mouth was supposed to be but there was no mouth only as of it was covered by an extra piece of flesh. Than he did the unthinkable his extra fleshed ripped open to only see the familiar white teeth from behind as it ripped he gave me his sick twisted smile like before on that fateful night.


“What the hell are you?” I mumbled to the creature. It began to laugh and with a deep dark tone voice but with a weasel of a smoker with tube in there throat he replied. “Don't you know? I'm you!” He lunged at me and I began Pulling the trigger only to be useless as they pass through his body and ripping his coat hitting the wall as if he were a ghost. He grabbed me by the neck and slammed me into the ground. I felt the back of my head bleeding from the force of me hitting the ground and his face came close to mine still smiling. That's when i blacked out only to wake up in my chair in the living room.


feeling someone grab my shoulders from behind, holding me down. I knew it was him. “What do you want?” i whispered knowing i was helpless. The response i got was "To only ease your suffering.” it replied “I know of your alcohol abuse, and now your dead wife and child.” it said. “How do u know all this?” I asked getting angry while tearing up. “I represent all your demons. Alcohol is just one of them.” It answered. “But how what do you represent?” I asked “Well from the looks of it, alcohol, violence, guilt, jealousy and of course suicide.” it answered once more. “I'm the thoughts you have at night. I'm the one you run away from thinking you can make it but we all know you have nothing left. Isn't that right Ethan? After all it was you that killed your family.” he said with a question. “This can't be happening.” I said whimpering to myself. “But it is. You killed your wife because you caught her cheating with your best friend and she admit your son was actually his.” said the creature. “THIS ALL YOUR FAULT!” I yelled at it. “THE VIOLENCE THE RAGE!” I yelled once more. “I TOOK THE THINGS AWAY FROM YOU THAT MADE YOU WEAK….or more like I forced you to.” it replied angrily but ended with a calm voice.


I looked at my 1911 pistol. I could tell he was smiling i'm sure of it. "If you really want to see your Wife, you should just die. But You mIght be heading to a different place than her, Ethan." It said while I aim the gun to my head not having any control over my body. But i knew the only way out. I pulled the trigger. I know what this thing is now I thought to myself.

“He's the thoughts in my head, The Angel of Death, The Dark Man.”

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