Sail to the Sky

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Beat with yourself the odds in life.

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



Elongate your hands you will grip the sky

Though teeny and remote you are, you must try

Your steps may be in the hole and fall

Be firm like a tree, stand and tall.


Dilemma and jeopardy saps your whole

Your copious determination will beat that all

Don’t feel castaway and lose hope

Sheer tenacity within, all losses you’ll cope.


Chase your dreams and grasp the sky

Don’t ever forfeit until you try

Relish the bliss and make a fly

That plenty money can’t really buy.


A light to come in perfect time

Seize the chances and take as prime

Believe and dream until at dawn

And rise in the moon fills with no thorn.


It doesn’t matter whatever you choose

If you’re satisfied, you will never lose

You can be something but not everything

So never surrender, sail to the sky.

© Copyright 2018 Mr. Keating. All rights reserved.

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