This Could Have Been Us

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kate Williamson is strong on the inside but sometimes she forgets to show it on the outside. With an abusive boyfriend who doesn't take no for an answer and a new stranger who seems fascinated with her, Kate's life is changing in so many ways. This new stranger who seems to want nothing more than to protect her, crashes into her life and all she can do is let him; until she wants to return the favor and keep him safe but that could mean losing her new found happiness.

Table of Contents

Chapter one

I sit at the bar taking small sips of white wine. As I put the glass down a strong aching pain fills my wrist. I wince and frown at my al... Read Chapter

Chapter two

When I open the door to the crap hole that I live in with Rachel; she runs up to me immediately and attacks me with big hug. "Kate, w... Read Chapter

Chapter three

 I stand with my hands still over my face for a few minutes. The sting on my face is nothing compared to what I feel inside. Eventua... Read Chapter

Chapter four

I stand there, all deer in the headlights behind the counter. What is  he doing here? On the other side of the counter stands my lit... Read Chapter

Chapter five

I wake up to my alarm on my phone buzzing. I don't want to get up. At least it's Friday though and I have my date with Tristan tonight... Read Chapter

Chapter six

After we drive for a couple more minutes he stops the car at a charming restaurant that reminds me of a log cabin even though we are i... Read Chapter

Chapter seven

I walk into the door and find Rachel sitting on the couch watching a movie with her boyfriend, Sean. I remember I used to be super jea... Read Chapter

Chapter eight

What is he doing here and why do I feel so shy all of the sudden? I put my head down and practically lay on the table. “Oh my god,... Read Chapter

Chapter nine

I open the door and look around but don't see Rachel. I turn back to Tristan. “Maybe she's not home,” I shrug at him. “Are y... Read Chapter

Chapter ten

I don't know how long we've been laying here but I fear that I'm squeezing the life out of Tristan. I can't imagine he's comfortable w... Read Chapter

Chapter eleven

I slowly turn around and there standing in front of me is Michael. He's wearing his usual clothes; a pair of tight blue jeans and a ti... Read Chapter

Chapter twelve

I lay on my bed, looking up at Tristan. He looks down at me and does circles with his thumb on my cheek. “I'll be right back” He... Read Chapter

Chapter thirteen

I wake up to the alarm on my phone buzzing by my side. Uhh I don't want to go to work. I only have to work until twelve all week... Read Chapter

Chapter fourteen

This week went by so fast. I can't believe it's already Thursday and I have Tristan to thank for that. I'm walking to the bus stop now... Read Chapter

Chapter fifteen

Tristan pulls out of me and flops down besides me. I turn my head so I'm looking at him and smile. “What?” He asks, smiling back... Read Chapter

Chapter sixteen

On my way to the kitchen to get my phone Lilly finds me. “Kate! Come play with me,” she says, grabbing my hand and pulling me in... Read Chapter

Chapter seventeen

After the show ended I went back to my bedroom and plugged in my phone; which is dead now. Then I go to my mom's room and help her wra... Read Chapter

Chapter eighteen

I stare out the window and a smile comes on my face. Then I feel Tristan behind me and his arms coming around me. He leans down and re... Read Chapter

Chapter nineteen

I wake up and it's dark outside. The light next to Tristan's bed is on but he's not here. I sit up and look around. Tristan's room is ... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty

Tristan walks me back down to his car so I can get my bag. I need to take my contacts out. When we get back to his apartment I take my... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty one

  When the elevator arrives at Tristan's floor we step out.  “Hey what time is it?” I ask. I should... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty two

  After Rachel and I are done watching tv I go and switch my wash. Then I walk back to my room and take my contac... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty three

  I wake up with the feeling that I'm not alone. I open my eyes and Tristan is sitting on the chair next to my bed. What th... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty four

  I flop down on Tristan's chest and nuzzle my head into his neck. I breath in his almost into... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty five

  I wake up and its way too bright for my liking. I pull my blankets over my head and curl up. I was having the b... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty six

  The next few days go by fast. All I've really been doing was starting to get Christmas gifts together for my family and o... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty seven

  As my breathing steadies I stay on Tristan's lap and slowly run my fingers through his soft hair. Tristan's eyes drift up... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty eight

  Tristan walks back into the bedroom a couple of seconds later and sits down on the edge of bed and looks at me.... Read Chapter

Chapter twenty nine

  I sit down on one of the bar stools in Tristan's kitchen. He has made us pancakes with bacon. I start eating as Tristan f... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

  I stand in the elevator, completely shell-shocked. Just last night I was the happiest that I've been in so long ... Read Chapter

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Keke Serene

Nice start here, just wish there was more imagery!

Mon, December 10th, 2018 3:49am

Keke Serene

Nice start here, just wish there was more imagery!

Mon, December 10th, 2018 3:49am

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