A Light Note on Quarter-Life Breakthrough

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A light note if you will

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



A Note on The Quarter-Life Breakthrough


In Chapter 1, page 13, last full paragraph, Smiley wrote:

"If you're not sure what your purpose is right now, I don't recommed going on a road trip around the world to read lots of self-help books and "find yourself." You're just going to waste lots of money on gas, become even more confused, and probably end up wanting to renounce all your material possessions and move to Thailand (yes, this happened to a friend of mine).

Now, I have found the book very useful and inspiring.

But this paragraph always left me somewhat asking, why not?

If you have the means, going on a road trip around the world and reading self-help books can't be that bad. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's alright.

Will one waste money on gas? Yup. But so does millions of other people.

Will one get more confused? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe one get even more clear.

And the last part really feel judgmental to all the people who have had the experience of renouncing material possessions, me included.

At different point in my life, I give away 99% of stuff that I owned and I did go to Thailand (for a trip).

So what?

If your friend feels that that was what he wanted, I don't see why you would make him/her look bad.

Thailand is a very nice country, and one of the most visited country on earth, and for good reasons.

Renouncing material possessions rings with simplicity, downsizing, clarity, and it's something I admire in people.

As anyone who tried to renounce their possessions can testify, it's a hard thing to do, I'm not sure many people can do it.

Ditto with moving to a foreign country, learning new culture and language, away from friends, family and one's native culture.

So I think your friend did two amazing things.

If anything you should have admiration and respect to him/her too.

As he/she should have admiration and respect to you.


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