The Nonconformist Trilogy

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For all of you out there who strikes three times on three big institution: Religion, Office, School

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



The Nonconformist Trilogy


The free dictionary define a nonconformist as 'one who does not conform to, or refuses to be bound by, accepted beliefs, customs, or practices.' I guess that's as good as any definition of it. I myself have on occasion think of the word as a euphemism for 'asshole', 'weirdo', 'parasite', or whatever else one say to other who does not conform to what one do.

I could just as well named this article (or script or essay, honestly I have no idea, I just call this writing a writing) 'My Three Big Sins According to My Mom and Everybody Else' or 'What's Wrong With Me Is What's Right'

I don't try to be a nonconformist. Just like every single other nonconformist. We just happen to be the minority. A minority is always a nonconformist, they have to by default. Those who speak Finnish in Indonesia is as nonconformist as those who speak Indonesian in Finland.

So I just happen to be a nonconformist in where I live. In a place where my nonconformities is common I will name this writing 'The Conformist Trilogy' instead.

So what are my three nonconformities?

Here goes nothing, and by that I mean everything:

  My first deformity, I mean nonconformity:

I'm against believing in something just because my parents and everyone else is believing in it.

Where I live, we are told that we should believe in Zeus (not his real name), and we should go to a temple to do some ritual to praise him and that's that. Instead, I read his book (Zeus') and I compare it will all other deities' books and I analyze them using critical thinking (and critical feeling if you will). And when I find that Zeus is probably (by that I mean totally) just a myth and a masterpiece of human imagination, I stopped my relationship with him, except as Hercules' dad in Disney's Hercules.

  My second nonconformity:

  I'm against working for money, and more I find my calling in being a full time father and a houseperson.

Houseperson is someone employed to do household task. Well I'm a houseperson to my own house. Where I live, almost everyone, including the working working class have a houseperson. They got paid real cheap and often stayed with us for the rest of their lives. Only going back when there's some big occasions in their village. (For more on this subject read my writing 'Marsin'). I don't want a stranger cleaning my house, cooking my food. I love doing this things and I love doing it for my family. Some will say I'm a househusband, some will say I'm a stay-at-home dad. But I really just a home lover if there is such a thing. I'm a homebody from the day I was born and until the day I die. I got good job in a good company with not so bad of a wage. But I always prefer having more time than having more money. Including my own kids. Instead of giving them so many expensive toys, I would rather being with them. Above greed, prestige and constant craving of the new I want them to value simplicity, contentment and togetherness more.

and finally, my third and last nonconformity:

I'm against telling my kids what they should learn just like I hate when people told me what to learn and punished me when I don't want to learn what they want me to learn

  I live in a society, in a time, where even when it is obvious that schooling is failing the best interest of the kid, we continue to do the same pattern. For you the reader, have you ever in your life been asked by a teacher 'What do you want to learn today sweetheart? In what way?' My guess is never. We just got up to a room full of kids and then we 'learn' something. Believe me when I said I've forgotten everything I learn in school and college other than basic writing, reading and counting. I do however still remember the bullies, the chemist teacher who slapped my classmate repeatedly in front of the class (and got no single punishment for it), and the agony of learning trigonometry eventhough no adult I know need it to be succesful in what they're doing. You know the difference between a crazy person and a thinking person? The crazy person keeps doing something that is wrong, and the thinking person start doing a different way when he experienced firsthand that something is wrong. My school days is decades ago but even this very day I learn about the same hostile environment for kids happiness everywhere (except Finland maybe?). So my kids don't go to school and no one told them to learn anything. They learn by themselves and they're doing fine.

So there you go, all my nonconformities that in, dare I say it, enlightened society, will simply be a normal, usual, majority ideas, thoughts, occurences.

A society that foster critical thinking, family over money, and free learning.































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