The U.S.A. Guy

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For all the USA guys out there!

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



The U.S.A. Guy


Ok, to be honest nobody refer to me as the U.S.A. guy

I specifically made that title myself to use it in this writing

It seems a nonchalant word so I like it

Who's that guy?

Oh, that guy? He's the US guy!

Don't forget the A too!


Never in my life would I think I'll be that guy.

But as I got older, and wiser (I hope), and have a family, I somehow managed to have

put myself in three distinct position on some very basic societal issues.

I'm tempted to say I'm the triple offender. Mind you eventhough I believe I'm the right one

the idea of me vs. everyone I know still feels heavy most of the times.

The U.S.A is not short for the country we all know so well, but it stands for something else that

brings me with joy. U for unschooling, S for stay-at-home, and A for atheist.

I made these three decisions out of my love for my kids, time and truth.

Being the USA guy is fulfilling, so muh more than the schooling, going-out-of-home, theist parents (for me mind you, not trying to argue with the non-USA people, being there myself once).

The only thing wrong about being the USA guy is the lack of validation and recognition from society. If I become a caregiver for someone else's children and home I got paid. If I become a caregiver for my children and home I got no pay. What does it say about a society that pays for someone to be away from their beloved ones and scorn someone to be with their beloved ones? A sick, unenlightened society I'll say.

Like a black woman in the movie Hidden Figures said, 'What I can change, I change. What I can't, I endure.' Fortunately, my life is good, my kids are happy, my house is not a mess. This is my world and I'm content.

For all the USA out there, you're not alone. Hope you have a nice life along with your family.














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