Killing A Fly

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When three wizards use magic on fly these things happend....

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



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 Killing A Fly









Raj Shivam





<<<<<<<<<< <<<< :Preface: >>> >>>>>>>>>>

Lisa and Shiama are tween Sisters and Raj is his cousin. Austin who is Lisa’s Boyfriend shifted to there Neighbouring home.

When some wizards uses magic on fly, Following things happened:-














<<<<<<<<<<<<:CHAPTER 1:>>>>>>>>>>>>

“Come on! Hurry up. When I was in your age I did things faster than you think” said dad.

 Do you use magic? Asked Lisa.

Dad smiled and vanished, and after few minutes he returned

Oh god! You haven’t cleaned your room yet said dad and again he vanished.

Suddenly they felled inspired and started to clean the room. They weren’t presidential so they have to clean their rooms and because they were failure in magic so they cannot use it. Dad announced that he will buy them phone if they act normal and be good, so next morning they get up early and picked broom and cleaner in their hands and get on work to get new phone. Then a strategy happened Shaima breaked jars of gumball and Lisa slipped on it. The heater was on. Broom felled on heater and catches fire due to which black smoke rises in air. Because it was morning everyone was sleeping .They both were screaming Lisa opened window. Dad waked up due to their scream. The windows were covered with curtains so the light coming from out mix with smoke and looks terrible, He saw black smoke started and screaming too, he thought that it was UV rays. Suddenly his brother come and corrects everything with his magic wand.

Oh these flies are crossing limit said Lisa.

Hey you sat on my wand said Raj.

Oh sorry said Lisa I split in 3 parts.

Can't you see it is in 4 parts not 3 said Raj.

No it is 3 said Lisa see zero,one, two and three...

Counting start from one not zero said Raj.

Oh really! Said Lisa.


Lisa check who is on the door Said Dad .

She opened the door it was a courier.

Raj your new wand is here said Lisa.

At that moment Lisa’s boyfriend Ankush entered.

Hi Lisa Your hair is very curly said Ankush.

Let me explain why, when she was child she wired her diaper on her head that’s why her hair in curly said Raj.

I don’t believe you said Ankush.

I can prove, take your nose closer to her hair said Raj.

Raj another word and I will break your jaws Said Lisa.

I also want to wear diaper on head said Shaima.

Well many time we have to play according to condition said dad.

At night:-

They were having there dinner together suddenly a fly bites Raj and then it bites Shaima and was wandering around then Lisa.Before fly bites Lisa she casted spell on the fly and because she was bad in magic her spell reacted on fly and the fly get infected and became bigger than usual. The fly exit from the window and entered to Ankush home and bites him.



::::::::::::::::::::: NEXT MORNING ::::::::::::::::::




Hey can I came in?Asked Ankush.

When he was coming in he stumbles and brooked the flower pot and lied on floor

Are you alive Ankush? asked Raj.

Shut your gutter said Lisa to Raj

Raj I like you and I don’t want to lose so please shut up said Ankush Or I will kill you

You want to fight with me; fight with me in mini militia said Raj Oh you don’t have android phone.

Oh fight with me in real life said Ankush Wait you don’t have a real life.

Oh you are very smart Ankush said Lisa

Oh you too are very smart said Ankush

Thanks said Lisa

You think so but you are not said Ankush

Can I have something to drink? Asked Ankush

Yeah we have cold drink, juice, water... said Shiama

Then I will try one by bye said Ankush

Don’t be crazy we will never give you anything said dad

Then bye said Ankush

I think I am in love with Ankush said Lisa

And why do you think so asked dad

Because today when saw him I started felling music of love said Lisa

You mean at morning when he came that time said Raj

Yeah said Lisa

No Shiama was playing Music that time Love story by Taylor Swift said Raj

Oh! Really? Said Lisa Now I don’t love him. 

If he come again don’t tell me I am in my room said Lisa.


Hey! Where is Lisa? Asked Ankush to Raj

First of all I am not Hey and second I don’t know where she is said Raj

Suddenly Ankush Faint.

They take Aukush to hospital where doctor write some test and result came was abnormal but Ankush get discharged. Many things were happing to Ankush body suddenly many fly gathered around him which seems like Aukush was controlling them. The next morning when Ankush parents woke they didn’t find Ankush in his room. And that morning was really horrible. Everyone started running here there and when the wizard family saw it they also get terrified.



_Raj Shivam_

<<<<<<<<<<<:to be continued:>>>>>>>>>>>

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© Copyright 2018 Raj Shivam. All rights reserved.

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